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Julie Queler

Starting a rehabilitation and recovery center for women was not an easy venture. Not only did it take capital, but also compassion and connection. This is how Julie Queler made her venture flourish. Julie was founding CEO of The Orchid Recovery Center. With The Orchid, she spent 10 years developing, empowering, and helping Women take back control of their lives. After selling The Orchid in 2013, Julie started JPQ2 Productions.

Julie Queler — CHLOE KIM - Olympic Snowboarder. MARY BARRA – CEO of General Motors – Julie Queler. One of the most prominent leading female figures of industry, and even of any sphere, Mary Barra has demonstrated a striking rise to a position of monumental power, and bold management of an institution that has reflected an ability to understand exactly what is needed at any particular time, as well as knowing how to lead a titanic corporation into the future.

MARY BARRA – CEO of General Motors – Julie Queler

Early Life Mary Teresa Barra was born in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1961. GAL GADOT – Actress: Wonder Woman – Julie Queler. Known around the world as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot hails from Israel.

GAL GADOT – Actress: Wonder Woman – Julie Queler

DOMINIQUE CRENN - Michelin Star Winning Restaurateur. When you talk of excellent culinary prowess, especially in the western world, male chefs seem to have been taking the accolade for a long time now.

DOMINIQUE CRENN - Michelin Star Winning Restaurateur

In fact, our modern society gradually got accustomed to this trend. While this male dominated culinary scene waxed stronger, a talented French female was busy designing her culinary empire that will serve as an eye opener and platform for females to exhibit exceptional cooking skills. This leads us to the profile of the renowned San Francisco based chef, Dominique Crenn. Crenn grew up in Versailles, France. Raised by French couple amidst memorable experience in a Breton family farm.

STACEY CUNNINGHAM - First Female President of the NYSE. Stacey Cunningham Cunningham has been the President of NYSE, since May 25, 2018, and has been Head of NYSE Transaction Businesses since March 8, 2017.

STACEY CUNNINGHAM - First Female President of the NYSE

At the point when news broke that Cunningham had been named President of the New York Exchange, it was somewhat impossible to elude her gender. Cunningham's ascent to the highest point of one of Wall Street's most prominent, male-dominated fields smashed a 226-year-old reign, however, the profundity of inclusion around her historical appointment found the business veteran off guard. She was heard on news talking about how she wanted to leave a legacy behind not knowing that she will leave a story worth a lifetime. Background Of Her Success As a very small child, Cunningham's father used to say he was a stock trader and she always thought he was saying he was a sock trader. She never knew what she wanted to be in finance — In her own words, she said it chose her. Breaking into the Stock Exchange On Succeeding In a Male-Dominated Arena.

KATHRYN SMITH - First Female NFL Coach. Remaining intensely focused on whatever task was at hand and making no time to consider the path she was forming or the walls she was forcing down along the way.

KATHRYN SMITH - First Female NFL Coach

Though, from first glance at the career she built and name she made for herself, no one would ever know how humble Kathryn Smith truly was. She has been called a ground breaking trailblazer, and someone who is undoubtedly making history, shattering the glass ceiling alongside female politicians and activists. Despite these titles, Smith has always insisted that is not the reputation she was going for when she started out on her career path. Since Smith became the first full time female coach of the National Football League, several women have followed in her footsteps and broken into the world of the NFL. But it took more than just wanting to be a football coach to actually become one at that level. GWYNETH PALTROW — Actress and CEO of GOOP. If you were not yet born during the days of movies like “Seven” and “Emma”, you would at least have heard of recent movies like “Iron Man”, “The Avengers”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Avengers: Infinity War”.


These movies span from the year 1995 to 2018 and all these movies and many more have been graced by the magnificent touch of an American Actress named Gwyneth Paltrow. If the name just rang a bell to you now, you may think her role stops at the above listed movies. But by the time you finish reading this piece, you will realize that you just read about a multi-talented and vibrant woman whose influence and mentorship has gone far and wide as an actress, businesswoman, socialite, lifestyle guru, singer, and food writer. Early life of Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow is the daughter of Award-winning actress Blythe Danner and Television producer Bruce Paltrow. Early Acting Career Gwyneth Paltrow’s Role in the Entertainment Industry. CHRISTINA TOSI — Baker and Restaurant Owner. Many know Christina Tosi for her now famous Milk Bar.

CHRISTINA TOSI — Baker and Restaurant Owner

A sweet treats legend in the culinary world, Tosi has been creating fun and inventive treats since she was a small girl working alongside her mother, aunts and grandmother. Tosi was born in Ohio and raised in Springfield, Virginia. Her Italian dad was an agricultural economist and her mother was an accountant. Baking and cooking were always a big part of Tosi’s life and she was in the kitchen from a young age learning all the family secrets to making the perfect pies, cookies, and cakes. Early Life Now famous for making cookies and cakes with crazy combinations, Tosi was an extremely picky eater when she was growing up. Starting Her Journey Into Food After graduating, Tosi decided to move to New York City and enroll at the French Culinary Institute to learn all about the art of pastry.