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3D printing. EDUT 522 resources

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3D Printed Sculptures Look Alive When Spun Under A Strobe Light. John Edmark is an inventor, designer and artist who teaches design at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.

3D Printed Sculptures Look Alive When Spun Under A Strobe Light

One of his latest creations is a series of 3D-printed sculptures designed with proportions corresponding to the Fibonacci Sequence. When Edmark's sculptures are spun at just the right frequency under a strobe light, a rather magical effect occurs: the sculptures seem to be animated or alive! The rotation speed is set to match the strobe flashes such that every time the sculpture rotates 137.5º, there is one corresponding flash from the strobe light. What makes the sequence so incredibly fascinating is its proliferation throughout nature, such as in the branching of trees, the arrangement of leaves on a stem, the flowering of baby broccoli, a nautilus shell, or even the spiral of galaxies; and that's just to name a few.

You've probably seen Fibonacci's Sequence on countless occasions in your lifetime without even recognizing the pattern. What did you think of the art? 3Delicious. Oyonale. 3DXtras. 3DM3. 3DModelFree. Gems and Jewelry. Box of Goodies. I’ve realized that the only way to create realistic outdoor scenes is by adding lots and lots of nature elements. Things like trees, flowers, bushes, rocks etc. are essential in making the scene look “believable”. But I also know that creating these things by hand takes a very long time. And not everyone has time to sit down for hours on end and create tree after tree after tree.

Which is why I’ve done the hard work for you :) The Box of Goodies! Inside this box of goodies you’ll find 9 nature models that you can keep. As well as this you’ll find a collection of grass reference photos that will help you to better create it in blender. Eg. What will you do with yours? Drop your email address in the box to the right and I’ll send the Box of Goodies your way. 3D Model Download,Free 3D Models Download.

Human 3D Model/CG Models Free Downloads. 60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites. 3D models represent a 3D object using a collection of points in 3D space, connected by various geometric entities.

60 Excellent Free 3D Model Websites

A free 3D model definitely can save your budget and deadline. On average, a modeler saves over 2 hours of modeling time when they could get a free 3D model. Today, 3D models are used in a wide variety of industries. The movie industry uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures. The video game industry uses them as assets for computer and video games.The architecture industry uses them to demonstrate proposed buildings and landscapes through Software Architectural Models. Assignment23DPrinting. AISD Middle School Tech Ed - Google Sketchup. This page is for resources for the 3D modeling tool Google Sketchup.

AISD Middle School Tech Ed - Google Sketchup

Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like. The main page (including the download) is at It’s free so you can try it at home too! You can build models from scratch, or you can download what you need. People all over the world share what they've made on the Google 3D Warehouse. It's a huge, searchable repository of models, and it's free. 8 Tips for 3D Printing with Sketchup. I am new to the world of 3D printing.

8 Tips for 3D Printing with Sketchup

So in this guest article, you’ll hear from expert 3D printer/designer Marcus Ritland from Denali 3D Design. He shares some tips to help you create amazing 3D printed models by designing them in Sketchup. [Update June 2014] Marcus has written a book about 3D printing your SketchUp models! Listen to my interview with Marcus, or grab the book here: 3D printing with SketchUp. 3D example. Denali 3D Design Portfolio. A sampling of projects designed by Marcus Ritland for 3D printing.

Denali 3D Design Portfolio

My goal with this lamp was to explore the limits of the technology. The full story can be found here: The Story of Twisted Star Lamp. The Twisted Star Lamp, fresh from the 3D Printer 3D Printed Twisted Star Lampshade plus electricity! Composite image with design wireframes and photos of the Twisted Star Lamp.

Originally designed as a gift for a graduating medical student, this pendant has proven to be a big hit with professionals in the medical field. Education. Importance of 3D Printing in Education. 3D printing is a technology that allows users to turn any digital file into a three dimensional physical product. 3D printing also allows for massive customization and unlike with music and movies, everything that is printed is protected by copyright.

Importance of 3D Printing in Education

One of the good things about this printing technology is that it changes the dynamic of consumer culture. In other words, it turns users from being passive consumers to active creators. How beneficial 3D printing is in education ? Yes schools are still in the early stage of adoption of this innovative technology, but the exciting thing is what is to come. 3D printing provides several features that can revolutionize education here are some of them : Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom (9780989151108): Sylvia Libow Martinez, Gary S. Stager: Books. Shapeways - 3D Printing Service and Marketplace.