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What it's like to drive 61 miles using only Tesla's Autopilot. You should never rely exclusively on Tesla’s Autopilot software.

What it's like to drive 61 miles using only Tesla's Autopilot

That said, it is possible to travel for long distances on highways with Autopilot enabled, even though you should still make sure you’re ready to retake control of your car in case a major failure occurs. The Motley Fool’s Daniel Sparks recently took a 61-mile trip where he relied on Tesla’s Autopilot software to guide him and he found the end result “shocking” compared to what he’d expected would happen. RELATED: New Tesla Model 3 details revealed one month before its big unveiling “In a 61-mile drive, which passed through several cities, including the 27-mile-long stretch of Colorado Springs, I didn’t have to steer or use the pedals a single time,” he writes. “I even changed lanes when I normally would have — though by a tap of the blinker each time instead of by turning the wheel. Check out his full account of what it was like to drive 61 straight miles on Autopilot at this link.

Bouygues invente la « route solaire » qui produit de l’électricité. La « route du soleil ».

Bouygues invente la « route solaire » qui produit de l’électricité

C’est ainsi que l’on pourrait baptiser l’innovation annoncée, mardi 13 octobre, par la société Colas, qui prévoit de la commercialiser à partir du 1er janvier 2016. [LeWeb13] Une voiture autonome française 100% connectée. Car Tech 101: Three layers of autonomous driving. Google made a self-driving car, and it doesn't have a steering wheel. Google today announced its own design for self-driving cars, which will drive people around without a steering wheel or pedals.

Google made a self-driving car, and it doesn't have a steering wheel

It's the latest project from Google X, the company's skunkworks group headed by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Two people, no drivers The company has already shown off its own self-driving technology, which retrofits existing vehicles made by Toyota and Lexus. However this new version, which was announced by Brin at the Recode conference, is a new design that fits two people, and is driven entirely by computer using a variety of on-board computers and sensors. Google says the program is currently in a prototype phase, but that it plans to build around 100 early versions of the vehicles for testing this summer. It uses off the shelf parts, for now This latest prototype was made using off-the-shelf car parts, Brin says. "The reason I'm super excited about these prototypes is the ability to change the world and the community around you," Brin said. Solar Roadways. Solar panels that you can drive, park and walk on.

Solar Roadways

They melt snow & cut greenhouse gases by 75% ?!!! Solar Roadways will be featured this Saturday morning, February 14th on Innovation Nation on CBS with Mo Rocca. Here's a still shot from the show with Adam Yamaguchi on the Sandpoint Airport runway: a potential Solar Roadways pilot project for later this year. Adam Yamaguchi and Scott Brusaw We made President Obama's State of the Union Address - 2015! Julie and Scott in the White House's Blue Room. Solar Roadways made the list for 2014 - what an honor! We are excited to announce that Indiegogo has asked us to join their InDemand program: It allows teams to re-open their campaigns and continue raising funds for their projects.

We are very excited about this for many reasons: · We've had numerous requests since our original campaign ended: "Can I still donate? " · We're still in Research & Development, so we're not making a profit yet. Terrafugia. TF-X™ is the practical realization of the dream of countless visions of the future; it is designed to be the flying car for all of us.


In order to achieve this long-sought-after vision, Terrafugia will focus the TF-X™ program with clear goals that enhance the safety, simplicity, and convenience of personal transportation. We believe these goals are achievable today. TF-XTM Goals: Safety Simplicity Learning how to safely operate a TF-X™ vehicle should take an average driver no more than five hours.TF-X™ will give the operator significant freedom in flight – controlled in a manner similar to steering a car.TF-X™ will be able to fly in either "manual" or "automatic" modes between approved landing zones or airports. Convenience. Uber va proposer 2500 voitures sans conducteur de Google d’ici la fin de l’année.

Dans le cadre de son annonce du deuxième trimestre, Uber, spécialiste de la réservation de voitures avec chauffeur vient d’annoncer son plus gros pari sur les véhicules autonomes, indiquant qu’elle achèterait 2500 voitures sans conducteur de Google.

Uber va proposer 2500 voitures sans conducteur de Google d’ici la fin de l’année

En outre, les deux sociétés ont convenu d’un accord dans lequel Uber partagera les données de ses services de transport locaux avec Google, qui s’en serviront pour améliorer encore ses propres algorithmes de routage des voitures autonomes. Uber s’est engagé à investir jusqu’à 375 millions de dollars pour une flotte de véhicules de Google GX3200, qui sont la troisième génération de voitures à conduite autonome de l’entreprise, mais la première à être approuvée pour un usage commercial aux États-Unis. L’accord marque le plus important investissement de capital unique que Uber a fait à ce jour, et c’est également le premier accord d’entreprise que Google obtient pour sa nouvelle gamme de véhicules sans conducteur. from your own site. Voiture électrique. Voitures Electriques.