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Shadowrun dev reveals deadly dungeon dive, Necropolis. Necropolis puts players in a magical, massive tomb that changes according to the whims of the Brazen Head, a supernatural intelligence created by the powerful archmage, Abraxis.

Shadowrun dev reveals deadly dungeon dive, Necropolis

The Necropolis is a dangerous, deadly dungeon that feeds on the deaths of adventurers that attempt to escape, using their spirits to power its gears and their reanimated corpses to patrol its passageways.Necropolis comes from Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind the Shadowrun series. Utomik starts beta test of 'Netflix for games' with 145 titles for $5.99 per month. Check out more of our 20th anniversary of Pokémon coverage this week at GamesBeat.

Utomik starts beta test of 'Netflix for games' with 145 titles for $5.99 per month

Utomik is launching the open beta test for its game streaming service with a special offer of $5.99 per month for access to 145 video games. The Silicon Valley startup is the latest game streaming company trying to deliver a “Netflix for games” with a clever combination of cloud and client technologies. Utomik. To create the 'ultimate open world' two ex-Ubisoft devs are scanning the planet. Would the thrill of surviving in a post-catastrophic video game world be more thrilling, more real, if it was your city, your street and your home at stake?

To create the 'ultimate open world' two ex-Ubisoft devs are scanning the planet

Would it be more fun to explore if you were given the chance to climb the Matterhorn or safari in the Serengeti? The creators of the open-world action RPG ReRoll are banking on it by accurately creating the real world by "drone-sourcing" the planet. Using civilian drones and scanning the Earth one square-kilometer chunk at a time, the game's creators aim to "reproduce accurately, at scale, the whole planet and its different ecosystems, environments, countries and cities using small civilian drones.

" The planet Earth, they believe, is the ideal place for players to fight, survive and live in a virtual existence. GALACTIC SERIES FOR PLAYSTATION 4. Slickwraps and Justin Maller have teamed up again in a galaxy not so far away to bring you the new Galactic Series.


Ultra Hi-Def prints and precision cut, the Dark Lord and Imperial Trooper are wraps fit for any evil Empire. These prints include a Certificate of Authenticity from Justin Maller and a downloadable matching wallpaper. We understand accidents happen all the time. At SlickWraps, we care about your phone as much as you do. On a testé The Climb, le simulateur d’escalade en réalité virtuelle. GTA V Played On Motion Control Simulator Is Epic. We made GTA V work on the 401cr motion system.

GTA V Played On Motion Control Simulator Is Epic

It's waaaay more fun than I expected, and hats off to Rockstar for the super-detailed physics. The Last Update You Will Ever Need - Short Version. What Is Hyperspin? 4TB/ 5TB / 6TB Hyperspin Hard drives for Sale - 169 Wheels Pre-configured. Home Arcade Systems: Retro Gaming Made Easy. 4TB/ 5TB / 6TB Hyperspin Hard drives for Sale - 169 Wheels Pre-configured. Welcome – Hyperspin Systems. Welcome In this website you can find Hard Disk Drives and USB Flash devices with Hyperspin frontend, an attractive graphics environment that meets the emulators of the most important gaming platforms of all time.We offer the best and most complete collections of emulated systems so far, developed by highly qualified professionals, paying the utmost attention to detail that make them unique.

Welcome – Hyperspin Systems

Guaranteed and high quality products in all our Hyperspin Systems. We have made ​​every effort to offer a fantastic product at a good price within reach of all budgets.No matter where you live, we ship to worldwide! You simply choose your preferred device, we will send it to your home quickly and safely and at any time you can know the status of your purchase with tracking number.Share with friends and family this great compilation, you can relive the arcade experience and recreate memorable funny moments.

What Is Hyperspin? (PORT) (4.0+) (All Devices) (PS4 Remote Play Port) - XDA Forums. (PORT) (4.0+) (All Devices) (PS4 Remote Play Port) Hey guys, After the Z3 was announced in IFA 2014 in Berlin.

(PORT) (4.0+) (All Devices) (PS4 Remote Play Port) - XDA Forums

I noticed there was no major change other than the new PS4 Remote Play feature. The feature that allows you to use your Xperia Device as a Second Screen for the PlayStation 4 anytime and anywhere. [Steam/RomStation/Xpadder] La console unique ? - RomStation - RomStation. Aperçu - La Terre du Milieu : L'Ombre du Mordor sur PC - 23/01/2014. APPY Geek. APPY Geek. C'est derrière ce titre un peu alambiqué que se cache l'information « hardware » de la journée.


Et elle concerne les manettes de la dernière console de Sony. Vous ne le saviez peut-être pas, mais la Dualshock 4 est compatible avec la PS3 si elle est branchée. Mais vu la longueur du câble, cette feature n'avait que peu d'intérêt. Mais en cherchant dans les fichiers de mise à jour du firmware PS3, un utilisateur de Reddit a remarqué que Sony venait de rendre la manette PS4 compatible avec la PS3 en mode sans-fil. APPY Geek. Cyberith est une jeune start-up américaine qui a marqué les esprits de tous les salons jeux-vidéo ou technologie avec son interface VR Virtualizer, qui offre à l'utilisateur une liberté et des possibilités d'immersion encore jamais vues.


The Virtualizer se présente sous la forme d'un tapis circulaire entouré de trois piliers dont l'objectif est de permettre au joueur d'effectuer de véritables mouvements comme la course, le saut ou bien encore se tenir en position assise, le tout étant parfaitement adapté aux casques VR de type Oculus dont le point faible est justement le système de contrôle, souvent nettement moins immersif que le casque lui-même. Boot Windows directly into Steam Big Picture EXCLUSIVELY.

Hi, Last year I decided I was sick of hunching in front of a computer to play games after doing the same at work 8 hours a day, but was put put off console gaming because of slow speed, relatively poor graphics and lack of customisation and modding.

Boot Windows directly into Steam Big Picture EXCLUSIVELY

So I built myself a gaming PC purely to play games on Steam connected to an HDTV using an Xbox 360 controller. I was over the moon when Valve released Big Picture mode, but still annoyed that I have to reach for a keyboard and mouse just to start up Steam, as, even if I've turned on the setting for it, Big Picture didn't start when I set Steam to start when Windows boots. Cable Adaptateur Embout USB Manette Filaire Xbox 360. Can I remote play my vita on my friend's PS4? : vita.

Can My Computer Run these games. Collaborative communities for everyone! ControllerDiagram.gif (1100×872) Cronus Device > CronusX Crossover > XCM > XIM > PS3 > Xbox > Multi-Platform > Controller Mods. CronusMAX CronusMAX Core » CronusMAX. Dead Rising Collection annoncé sur X360. Download & Streaming : The Internet Archive Software Collection : Internet Archive. Collection eye The Internet Arcade is a web-based library of arcade (coin-operated) video games from the 1970s through to the 1990s, emulated in JSMAME, part of the JSMESS software package.

Containing hundreds of games ranging through many different genres and styles, the Arcade provides research, comparison, and entertainment in the realm of the Video Game Arcade. The game collection ranges from early "bronze-age" videogames, with black and white screens and simple sounds, through to large-scale... by Internet Archive The Open Source Software Collection includes computer programs and/or data which are licensed under an Open Source Initiative or Free Software license, or is public domain.

The Internet Archive Console Living Room harkens back to the revolution of the change in the hearth of the home, when the fireplace and later television were transformed by gaming consoles into a center of videogame entertainment. Download Switchblade Switchblade is FREE cutting-edge software that brings a fully configured game controller experience to the most popular PC games, beginning with World of Warcraft. SwitchBlade provides all the functions of a mouse and keyboard, providing an exciting new way to play World of Warcraft. More freedom. More comfort. BenQ Gaming Monitor. Game Mode Loaders Download special gaming preset calibrations used by well-known gamers so you can see what the pros see.

(*BenQ XL2720T, XL2420T only) DS4 to Xinput Mapping tool (Play any game with DS4 on PC) DualShock 4 Light Bar Decal : des stickers pour personnaliser sa manette PS4. INFORMATION : Si vous souhaitez la survie d'un accès gratuit aux sites web, nous vous remercions de bien vouloir désactiver votre bloqueur de publicité ou de nous mettre en liste blanche. Merci de votre compréhension afin de nous aider à continuer de vous fournir gratuitement de l'information de qualité.Plus d'explications Les DualShock 4 ont une nouvelle particularité que n'avaient pas celles de PS3 : une barre lumineuse colorée permettant d'identifier la manette. E3 2013: Nyko Debuts Accessories for Xbox One and PS4. A new line of accessories for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are coming courtesy of Nyko.

Available starting later this year, the manufacturer has unveiled a trio of peripherals to help you enjoy your next generation console experience. For those who want easy access to their smartphone while playing games, the Smart Clip lets you attach any iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry device up to 3.5 inches wide to your controller. Emulation, ROMs, ISOs et retrogaming - RomStation. Explorer son PC en toute simplicité. Flight Simulator and Licensed Cessna Pro Flight Sim Products. The Ultimate Learn-to-Fly Experience As market leaders in professional and enthusiast-based flight simulation, we are now, for the first time, offering a complete cockpit solution. The cockpit is styled after those found in popular general aviation (GA) aircraft trainers like the Cessna Skyhawk and the Piper Archer.

Used with an appropriate PC, screen, and either Microsoft Flight Sim X, X-Plane, or Prepar3D, the cockpit can help you become fully familiar with the controls, processes and navigation systems of the world's most popular light aircraft. Whether it's as a personal training device for a private pilot license, a flying school to improve the interaction of classroom studies, or advanced students looking to study for instrument ratings, our Pro Flight hardware has been tested by generations of flight enthusiasts and is trusted the world over as the number one name in flight sim. Forums - Steel Battalion controller and win 7 64-Bit drivers. Just wanted to draw attention back to this and also throw in some comments/suggestions: First off hacknfly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the person to finnaly make this dream come true.

Second, i posted on the google code an issue ive been having in getting the software to run correctly. Mainly that the software becomes unresponsive when first running it. My solution to this has been to close the software, unplug the controller, plug it back in and try again. Eventually it works, lol Third, by default the control scheme has the right joystik controling vertical aiming as well as full body turning, with the left joystik controlling horizontal aiming(the thumbstick is replication of "aiming").

FULL MOTION RACING SIMULATORS AND FLIGHT SIMULATORS. Gallery - Sony Xperia Z3 series offers PS4 Remote Play, GCM10 lets you mount a DualShock controller. GameKlip — Real Controller. Real Games. Gaming exoskeleton to pair with Oculus Rift headset at CES 2014. LAS VEGAS -- The future of gaming, at least to those banking on the rise of virtual reality, lies not just with better graphics or voice control, but with sensor suits and headsets that bring our real-world movements to life onscreen. At CES 2014, the PrioVR full-body tracking suit is on display and the company behind it, YEI Technology, is partnering with VR headset maker Oculus Rift to showoff a fully immersive gaming experience later this week.

Sailing toward the far-off sci-fi future of those powered exoskeletons in "The Matrix" or the video game series Crysis, the PrioVR hardware is a string of strap-on sensors extensive enough to make anyone look like an actor in a motion capture studio. Gaming Setup Tour: 44 Systems All Ready to Play (PART 1) Gaming, Tech, and where the twain shall meet.: PC meets Console. Gaming, Tech, and where the twain shall meet.: PC meets Console. GW2-Xpadder-Reference Guide.doc - Google Docs. Hawken Meets Steel Battalion. How to change or select which program starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP. When you double-click a file to open it, Windows XP examines the file name extension. If Windows XP recognizes the file name extension, it opens the file in the program that is associated with that file name extension.

However, you can change the program that is associated with recognized file name extensions so that Windows XP opens all files that have this extension in the new associated program. How To Play Any PSP Game On PS Vita (Mega Man Powered Up) How to set up Ice to add ROMs to Steam. How to Use a PS4 DualShock 4 Controller on a PC. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are both on predictably slow starts, with few major titles slated to be released until later this year. How to use PS4 Dualshock Controller "Wireless" with Android. iFixit Refurbisher s Toolkit Lets You Clean. Inscription à GAMONIAC. Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world. Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life.

JudgeHype Mobile. Les HD Collections de la PS3, c'est le bien ! - Liste de 25 jeux vidéo. List of games with XInput support. List of games with XInput support From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Many personal computer games developed for the Windows operating system support the XInput library from Microsoft. XInput is used to provide native support for the Xbox 360 Controller and other compatible controllers on Windows. Media Center PC Final Demo Video Part 6 - XBMC Games (PS2, Dreamcast, SNES, N64) Mega Games, la nouvelle façon de jouer, occasion et neuf. MPI CableRobot Simulator. Naos QG, la souris qui traque l'activité des Gamers. NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet And Controller by UtorCase on Shapeways. Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming. Oculus rift info FR. Oubliez les préjugés, les jeux vidéo sont définitivement bénéfiques pour votre cerveau.

PC Games with Gamepad Support ***List*** (user contributions are very welcome) - PC & Mac Discussion. PC meets Console. Steam Big Picture mode, with Emulators. "Steam Box" Playing PlayStation 3 on my tablet. PrioVR // Suit Up. Game On. Project Ascension : Un service pour réunir Steam, Origin et Uplay. PS4 to Vita Remote Play Overview + Outdoor Test on LTE. Manettes de compétition personnalisées à palettes Xbox / Playstation pour joueurs élites et pro. Siège de Jeu Playseat® Steel-batallion-64 - A Windows 7 64 bit "driver" for the Steel Batallion Controller. The Internet's Expanding List Of Every Video Game Ever. Vous êtes un rageur à la manette ? Voici (peut-être) la solution ! Xbox 360 S in our Most Popular Collection. XBox One BlueTooth Headset Mod.