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Les antennes de Free Mobile continuent de déranger. 01net le 26/07/11 à 17h18 Il n’est pas toujours facile de passer en dernier.

Les antennes de Free Mobile continuent de déranger

Free Mobile, qui a obtenu la quatrième licence mobile, connaît bien cette situation. Alors qu’il est en train d’installer les équipements techniques nécessaires au lancement de son offre en 2012, il affronte régulièrement la colère de riverains qui ne veulent pas d’antennes-relais supplémentaires dans leur quartier. Cette fois, c’est à Bordeaux que ses projets sont contrariés. Le journal Sud Ouest relate les actions des habitants d’une résidence installée rue Amédée Saint-Germain, réunis au sein du collectif ICF St-Germain. Les banderoles anti-Free credit : collectif ICF-Stgermain Des faits similaires à Colmar et à Paris « Dans les grandes métropoles urbaines comme Bordeaux, déjà largement polluées, il n’y a pas, ni sur un plan politique, ni sur un plan technique, de nécessité absolue de nouvelles installations », dénonce le collectif.

Mais voilà, les projets de Free sont tout à fait légaux. Les rêves de grandeur de Xavier Niel, Enquête. Xavier Niel débriefe pour FrenchWeb le lancement de Free Mobile. The Man Who Set France Free - Tech Europe. AFP/Getty Images Niel: Free is the culmination of a decade of lobbying PARIS—Mobile phone prices rarely incite emotion.

The Man Who Set France Free - Tech Europe

But on Tuesday when French billionaire Xavier Niel presented his company’s new mobile phone offer there was a lump in his throat. The launch of Iliad’s Free Mobile cut price contract, which starts at €2 a month, is likely to shake up France’s mobile market and could well influence the way that future mobile offers are shaped across the continent.

For Mr. In France the 44-year-old has successfully leveraged his biggest asset: his scarcity. Unlike many of his peers, Mr. In the late 1990s Mr. The success of the ensuing offer established him as one of France’s business heavyweights and something of a consumer champion. Delving into the mobile business however is his biggest gamble to date. On Tuesday Mr. By the end of the show emotion was getting the better of Mr. It’s unclear what Mr. How France’s Free will reinvent mobile. Updated: Xavier Niel, the maverick founder of Iliad, the company behind broadband service, is about to redefine the mobile landscape, perhaps as early as tomorrow, when he launches the much-talked about Free Mobile.

How France’s Free will reinvent mobile

In doing so, he will redefine what the idea of a carrier in the 21st century is, thanks to a radical new approach. Utilizing a blend of Wi-Fi, HSPA+ 3G, femtocells and its all-fiber backbone, Free will offer unlimited voice, texting and data over the mobile networks; just bring your own iPhone. But before I get into the details of his new company, let me back up and tell you about Iliad and

Set it In Dec. 2007, while attending Le Web in Paris, I snuck out to visit Niel, the man behind Iliad, a Paris-based phone service that owned many entities including its most well-known offering:, a broadband service that offered phone (VoIP), video (IPTV) and broadband for a simple flat monthly fee. Going mobile And now the mobile service is ready. [Free Mobile] Les réactions de Jacques-Antoine Granjon et Marc Simoncini.