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AITSL Standards

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Standards. ARM_template_for_teacher_proficient_VCEMEA_2013.doc. AITSL Presentation by John Hattie about Professional Learning. This presentation by John Hattie with a focus on professional development and the “Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders” was part of a one-day conference “Promoting a National Professional Learning System: a call to action” organized by AITSL which took place on 28 October, 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.

AITSL Presentation by John Hattie about Professional Learning

The draft transcript of the presentation which was used and edited for this article (formatting, headings, hyperlinks, minor corrections) can be downloaded as an RTF text document from AITSL’s website. The video of John Hattie — and the other speakers — was published on AITSL’s Youtube channel. Enjoy the video above and read the edited transcript for further information about the cited studies, authors and organizations.

“Standards without an understanding of their impact and their assessment have zero effect” (John Hattie) Certification-of-highly-accomplished-and-lead-teachers.pdf. Certification evidence.