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Digital Marketing Agency in Calgary

Digital Monk Marketing creates SEO strategies for the automotive industry; we offer complete digital marketing services for automotive websites and increase online presence within a time frame. Contact Digital Monk the best digital performance marketing agency.

Google Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business - Here’s Why. We get asked by a lot of our potential clients if Google reviews really matter and the answer is a resounding yes!

Google Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business - Here’s Why

Google reviews can make or break your business because many people now consider them as much as a personal recommendation from a trusted source. But even before someone is reading your Google reviews, Google itself uses them to determine which businesses are the best ones to return in search results for your local area. So your reviews actually have an impact on whether or not someone even sees your business at all online! If your business relies on local traffic, it is especially critical to ace this so you can be found in the Maps area of search results when someone is searching for products or services like yours. In case you needed any more inspiration to strive for more Google reviews, here are some stats to blow your mind: -These days, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations -97% of consumers say reviews influence their buying decision 1.

On What Basis Should You Hire An Online Marketing Agency? – SEO Services Calgary. Many companies require an online marketing agency to help them navigate digital marketing.

On What Basis Should You Hire An Online Marketing Agency? – SEO Services Calgary

Some entrepreneurs find they do not have the personal expertise to execute an online strategy well. Sometimes a company does not need to hire a full time marketing manager. Often it’s simply a case of wanting to hire experienced, expert online marketing help without the worry of managing another team member or spending time constantly upgrade skills and tools to suit the rapid pace of how fast digital marketing changes these days. How to Boost Your Web Presence With a Digital Marketing Company in Calgary. If you run a business in this day and age, you know that digital marketing is crucial to the long term success of your company.

How to Boost Your Web Presence With a Digital Marketing Company in Calgary

Potential customers need to be able to find you and 90% of initial searches and research on products and services happens online. If your company cannot be easily found online, you will not even be part of the consideration process and in an increasingly digital world, you can’t afford to not be where everyone is searching. Content is the Key to a Great Marketing Strategy.

Google answers over four billion search queries every day and the results all include - you guessed it - CONTENT!!

Content is the Key to a Great Marketing Strategy

Content is the key to an effective marketing strategy. Whether it’s the copy on your website, blogs that answer specific questions your customers have, articles, videos, white papers, podcast episodes or social media posts, it’s all content that attracts customers to your business and inspires them to like, follow, download, sign up and the ultimate goal - make a purchase. Choosing the Right SEO Company for The Best Results – SEO Services Calgary. SEO is the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy.

Choosing the Right SEO Company for The Best Results – SEO Services Calgary

All of your online efforts, including content and social media, should be optimized for the right keywords and search terms that appeal to your target audience. For this reason, choosing the right SEO company in Calgary to get the best results is a crucially important decision. When you search for an SEO company in Calgary, you will find that there are many options, but it’s important to note that not all options are created equally. Some companies use a cookie cutter approach that is replicated for every client rather than truly digging into your business and understanding what is unique about it. SEO Company for Dentists.

Why Should You Hire the Services of an Online Marketing Agency for Your Business? – SEO Services Calgary. When you are looking to get your business seen online, drive more sales and grow your company, it’s time to hire an online marketing agency in Calgary to use their expertise to support your development.

Why Should You Hire the Services of an Online Marketing Agency for Your Business? – SEO Services Calgary

Strong digital marketing is not a nice thing to have anymore, it is critical to your business being found by your current customers and to get in front of potential new clients. You cannot afford not to excel at digital marketing, so you may very well need to look at hiring the services of an online marketing agency in Calgary. Hiring an online marketing agency in Calgary can provide your business with many benefits. You gain the expertise and experience of seasoned professionals who know what works. They can help you craft a great strategy and either support you through the execution of the strategy or take care of the many pieces for you. SEO Pays the Bills podcast & post. Email Marketing: A Declining Medium Gets A Fresh Twist For 2021. Over the past few years, there were rumours that email marketing was on its way out.

Email Marketing: A Declining Medium Gets A Fresh Twist For 2021

Open rates and engagement were declining and companies were moving away from email campaigns to keep in touch with their current and potential customers. Then the pandemic hit, and this changed dramatically, in very quick fashion. Over the last year, as many businesses swiftly shifted to digital channels, email marketing was back as a primary method of connecting with your audience. HubSpot recently noted that email marketers are sending 27% more emails than they then did pre-pandemic and that number seems poised to continue increasing this year. The great news is that there are so many tools and new twists to make email marketing as simple and efficient as possible, while increasing personalization, which is something customers are now expecting. Don’t believe us? -73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. Professional SEO Services for Generating Traffic and Sales. Your business needs to generate traffic to your website and your physical location, if you have one, as well as converting the traffic into leads that become sales.

Professional SEO Services for Generating Traffic and Sales

There are many ways to do this, but the most effective, and cost-effective, is through SEO services that optimize your site and content to rank high in search engines. Using professional SEO services helps to ensure that your efforts are effective, follow the newest trends and ultimately get you results that generate sales and return on your investment. How To Pick The Right Social Media Marketing Agency – SEO Services Calgary. For many entrepreneurs, social media marketing is something that they know they need, but they either do not have the interest, time or resources to create an amazing presence that conveys their brand and tells a compelling story.

How To Pick The Right Social Media Marketing Agency – SEO Services Calgary

The best way to bridge these gaps is by hiring a social media marketing agency in Calgary. When hiring a social media marketing agency in Calgary, it can be tough to decide which one to go with because there are so many options. One thing is for sure, you want to ensure you hire a proven and reputable agency so you don’t waste your time and money. Here are some tips on how to pick the right social media marketing agency in Calgary for your business: Alignment – Look for alignment in values. SEO Company for Dentists. Maximizing Social Media. In our recent blog about the Top Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2021, one of the most robust trends is maximizing social media.

Maximizing Social Media

There are several facets to this one but it all boils down to social media being used as a tool to sell rather than just for community building and early discovery. And with this shift will also come the need to really dial in on where your ideal customer is and focus mostly on those platforms rather than trying to be everywhere. It will simply become too costly and time-consuming to be on every platform. On that note, investing in social media is now a completely different can of worms. For both business owners and marketers, it will now be easier to justify the cost and resources required to have an exceptional social media presence. Tools that allow you to sell directly on the platform will prove conversions for you and bots can be used to track the next steps taken by a potential lead.

How Can A Digital Marketing Company Help Your Company Succeed? by Digital Monk Marketing. What is The Role of Social Media in Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Since social media is one of the most fronts and centre, highly discussed and referenced ways of marketing your business, many brands think of it as the base of their marketing strategy, but social media is really just one additional piece of your overall strategy. When working with a digital marketing company in Calgary, they should work with you to uncover your authentic brand, look at your ideal customer and fully understand your business goals. Working collaboratively, they should create your marketing strategy from this information. How A Podcast Grows Your Business. If you’ve been wondering about starting a podcast, you likely have many questions like “will a podcast benefit my business?

Will it helps us grow? Is it hard to do and worth the effort? Will anyone even listen??”. When Should You Hire An Online Marketing Agency? – SEO Services Calgary. For every business, the question of when to hire an online marketing agency in Calgary will come up and it’s different for every business. That said, there are some key milestones in your business where you’ll likely need more marketing support and it’s critical that you find an excellent online marketing agency in Calgary to help you during those times. SEO Services For The Auto Dealer Industry – SEO Services Calgary. The automotive industry is a tough one to stay on the top of the pack, and the top of Google rankings, but you have to be there if you want to be considered in the buying decision of consumers in your local area.

SEO is not just a good to have for automotive dealerships – it is your life blood. Over 90% of pre-buying research is done online before a purchaser ever contacts your dealership or even visits your website. So if you want to capture the leads you deserve, and your sales team needs, SEO for the automotive industry is what you must have. FINDING THE RIGHT MARKETING AGENCY. Search Engine Marketing Consulting — 3 Tips to Help With Your Local Search Marketing. For many types of businesses, your primary customer is local to your direct geographic area. You likely need to see customers in person for services, they prefer to pick out or pick up your products themselves or you have consumables, such as a restaurant, bar, music venue or coffee shop.

Either way, being found on Google when someone searches for your product or service near them, you need to show up at the top of the search results in order for them to consider you as an option rather than going with your competitors. The best way to ensure that you show up in the Maps area of a Google search, which is critical for attracting local traffic, you need to focus on local SEO, which is different from your overall search engine optimization, though they do work hand in hand.

A marketing consulting company in Calgary can be one of the best ways to optimize how you appear in search results, but there are some tips and tricks that you can do on your own: 1. Let An Expert SEO Company in Calgary Support Your Business – SEO Services Calgary. SEO is a very technical discipline. It requires specific knowledge and marketing tools to ensure it is done correctly and doesn’t inadvertently cause you to receive penalties from the search engines.

Best SEO for automotive industry. SEO and why we need it (Search Engine Optimization) There are some businesses out there who still feel SEO isn’t right for them. Whether they think their business is too small, or they think their business just won’t reap the benefits from search engines. Both claims couldn’t be further from the truth. These days the majority of businesses are discovered entirely online through searches. SEO Services Calgary: Take Your Business To New Heights of Success By Hiring A Digital Marketing Company. Business owners often reach a point where they are ready to grow their company but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. How a Digital Marketing Company Helps You to Promote Your Business Online – SEO Services Calgary. INCLUSIVE MARKETING. Take Stock of Your Brand - A Brand Inventory Checklist to Keep You Aligned. You're probably thinking, “Are you crazy?

Of course, I know my brand!” , but if sales are not where you want them, your growth keeps stalling or things are just feeling a little stale - it's time to get to know your brand, again. Even if you have a well established vibe, branding is not a set it and forget it thing. It's who you are and what your company stands for, so it's going to be fluid and it will change over time. Automotive Digital Marketing Agency in Calgary. SEO Services Calgary: 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant. As an entrepreneur, you are often a jack of all trades, doing many things within your business that you are not an expert in. In the early stages of starting a new business, there typically is just not enough budgets to hire out key tasks, so it falls to you to take care of them. Guaranteed Sales And Business With Auto Dealer SEO Services – SEO Services Calgary.

It can be very challenging to capture additional market share as an auto dealer. The automotive industry is known for being a difficult one to attract and maintain customers. MARKETING TRENDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2020. How you Could be Damaging your Search Rankings without Realizing it — DIGITAL MONK. We work with small and medium business owners often who are doing a lot of things right. Episode 20: Finding the Right Marketing Agency — DIGITAL MONK. Building a Website - WordPress, Squarespace or Wix? — DIGITAL MONK. Regardless of the size of your business, your website is the epicentre of it all. It’s where customers go to learn more about you, determine your legitimacy and possibly purchase your products and services. With 80% of purchases starting with online searches, your website needs to be informative, easy to find and easy to use. Many businesses find that the first (few?) Iterations of their website didn’t quite cut it. Or it’s simply that your business has grown, your digital strategy has changed or you are adapting with updates to SEO and lead generation techniques.

SEO Services For Dentists - Why You Need Them. Dental clinics used to be able to open up in a new community and immediately get busy because there wasn’t as much competition and just the drive by and foot traffic would keep them busy. How To Choose The Best SEO Company – SEO Services Calgary. How And When To Trust An Online Marketing Consulting Agency. Some Important Tips to Hire The Best SEO Company in Calgary by Digital Monk Marketing. How a Digital Marketing Company Can Help You in the Current Situation? Professional SEO Services for Generating Traffic and Sales – SEO Services Calgary. Episode 1: Marketing Trends for Social Media in 2020 — DIGITAL MONK. DIY SEO - Tips for Businesses Big & Small — DIGITAL MONK. How to Pick The Right Social Media Marketing Agency – SEO Services Calgary. Why You Should Hire an Online Marketing Agency for Your Business. Looking a Best Digital Marketing company in Calgary. How Can A Digital Marketing Company Help Your Company Succeed? – SEO Services Calgary.

Best Marketing Consulting in Calgary. The Benefits of SEO Outsourcing and What to Look for in an SEO Company. Monetizing Instagram. Features of a Quality SEO Strategy for Automotive Dealerships. Capitalizing on your Marketing Efforts with Effective End to End Processes — DIGITAL MONK. Coordinating with a Online Marketing Agency To Reach Your Goals. SEO Company Calgary - Using An Internet Marketing Company to Boost Sales.

The Story Behind The Brand — DIGITAL MONK. Digital Marketing company in Calgary. A Necessary Partner for Online Success: An Online Marketing Agency — DIGITAL MONK. Automotive digital marketing agency. Episode 18: What's The Deal With TikTok — DIGITAL MONK. Part II: How Big Business Can Leverage Their Brand For Social Change: Facebook Boycott — DIGITAL MONK. Social Media Marketing Agency in Calgary   Automotive Digital Marketing Agency in Calgary. Digital Monk Marketing. HOW A DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY CAN HELP YOU ADAPT TO MAJOR MARKET CHANGES. Facebook Ads for Advanced Users. Why Every Dentist Needs SEO. Facebook Ads for Advanced Users — DIGITAL MONK.

SEO for Automotive Industry. How Small Businesses Can Contribute To Social Change Movements — DIGITAL MONK. How Small Businesses Can Contribute To Social Change Movements : Julieandrews01. Are you need a Online marketing Agency in Calgary. Digital Monk Podcast: Search Engine Optimization with John Boote. Culture and Commerce — DIGITAL MONK. Digital Monk Podcast: Episode 10. How To Show Up As A Business. Why You Should Hire an SEO Company — DIGITAL MONK.

Why You Should Hire an SEO Company - Digital Monk Marketing - Medium. How Can A Social Media Marketing Agency Help A Business Grow?

Online marketing Agency in Calgary

Digital Monk Podcast: Episode 8: Working From Home. How To Grow Your Audience Using Hashtags — DIGITAL MONK. Digital Monk Podcast: Episode 6: Digital Automation. Marketing Trends for Social Media in 2020 — DIGITAL MONK. Digital Monk Podcast: Episode 5: Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks. Digital Automation - What is it and How to Get Started — DIGITAL MONK.