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Plantes médicinales

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Herbal First Aide. Insect Bites & Stings Essential Oils – Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lavender Mix any or all with a little Olive or vegetable oil and apply Cedar Wood Essential oil – kills houseflies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches in a concentration of 1 % Poultice: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, & Lavender Essential Oil mixed with clay, add a bit of water to make a paste and put on the site.

Herbal First Aide

Apple Cider Vinegar – straight on the bite with cotton ball…(wasps) Baking Soda – make a paste with water Put Penny on the bite and hold for a few minutes. An Introduction to Medicinal Herbs: Their Collection, Storage, and Use - Natural Health. In recent years there has been a tremendous surge of interest in herbal or botanic medicine.

An Introduction to Medicinal Herbs: Their Collection, Storage, and Use - Natural Health

In consequence, a wide variety of ready-prepared natural remedies have found their way onto the shelves of herb suppliers, health-food stores, and even some chemists. While manufacturers are to be commended for presenting the public with an alternative to chemicals, it's important to remember that a lot of remedies can be made at home. While naturally treating what ails you may seem like hocus pocus, many wonderful cures are as common as what's found in your herb garden. Collecting Medicinal Plants No matter where you live, you will always be able to find plants that can be cultivated for their medicinal values. When collecting plants—especially those to be used for medicinal purposes—there are several golden rules to follow.

Rule 1: Correctly Identify the Plant Some herbs are almost indistinguishable from others that have totally different properties. Rule 3 : Always Pick from the Correct Area. Infusion vs Decoction. Do you know the difference between Infusions & Decoctions?

Infusion vs Decoction

If you are planning on using herbs to make your own teas and brews then you will likely encounter infusions and decoctions, both are time honoured methods for delivering the goodness of herbs in the form of tea. Infusions are made with soft plant materials such as flowers, leaves and soft stems. Decoctions are used for harder plant materials like roots, seeds and bark. Herbal Remedies". While some people may dismiss herbal remedies as quackery, the use of botanicals is well rooted in medical practice.

Herbal Remedies"

Ancient doctors methodically collected information about herbs and developed well-defined pharmacopoeias to treat a variety of ailments. More than a quarter of all drugs used today contain active ingredients derived from those same ancient plants. It's estimated that nearly 80 percent of the world's population use herbs for some aspect of primary health care. In the United States, more than 1,500 botanicals are sold as dietary supplements; top-selling herbs include echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, ginseng, ginkgo, saw palmetto, aloe, ephedra, Siberian ginseng, and cranberry. 30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine. By Tess Pennington Guest Writer for Wake Up World Herbs are a wondrous thing.

30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine

They not only assist in flavoring dishes and filling the air with delightful aromas, but they also hold medicinal properties that promote healing. Those of you who have herbal gardens of your own, no doubt have a few of these herbal friends already planted. Clevergirlhelps. 27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space. Playful as kids are, accidents happen.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space

And the accident that befallen me at 7 years old was the feeling of the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle kissing the skin of my leg. Grandma was around and saw it. Immediately, she took out a knife and slice the thick lower part of the aloe vera plant by the garden and rubbed the exposed end on the burn. Looking back, I realized that it was important to have medicinal plants around the house cause you never know when you might need them. So here are a list of plants that have the highest medicinal value compared to the other million species around the world worth planting around the house. Aloe Vera The aloe vera grows only under the sun with well drained dry or moist soil. Woundscutsburnseczemareducing inflammation Apart from its external use on the skin, aloe vera is also taken internally in the treatment of : ulcerative colitis (drinking aloe vera juice)chronic constipationpoor appetitedigestive problems.

AilmentsMs - What Grandma Knew - Home Remedies for Common Problems. This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet. You’ve stepped on it, ignored it, and tried to eradicate it from your lawn.

This Little Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet

However, this innocuous little weed is one of the most useful medicines on the planet, just begging to be harvested. There are two major types of plantain in BC, Canada: Lance and Broadleaf. Generally, all 200-plus varieties of plantain yield the same results. It grows especially well in poor, rocky soil (such as driveways) and is often seen alongside dandelion.

More often than not, you will see plantain growing in gravel pits and construction sites as nature seeks to regenerate the soil. Plantain has often been the go-to remedy for hikers plagued by mosquitos. Plantain is renowned for its healing effect on the digestive system. Because plantain is a gentle expectorant and high in silica, an infusion can be helpful for lung problems, coughs, and colds. Resources: - Prescription for Herbal Healing: 2nd Edition – Phyllis A. About The Author Thanks to Project.Nsearch.