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Weather. Weather, 3-4 ⋆ About This theme page presents lesson plans and materials to learn about the Weather in year 3-4 of Swedish Compulsory School Related topics: Seasons, Months Warm-up The Rapping Weatherman’s First Live Weather Rap – are seven videos of the Rapping Weatherman. Watch and check what the students understood. Vocabulary ESL – Weather reports tell us what the weather is going to be like. The Weather PowerPoint is a fully animated PowerPoint presentation, with audio for teaching or revising the weather related vocabulary.

Weather Forecast – English Vocabulary calendar with questions to interpret the weather signs. Songs How is the weather today? Games Acting Reading 23. 49. 157. Listening Writing Write about one of the these topics: Once there was a storm. Weather. What's the weather like? Weather forecast. 23. Rain and Hail   157. What Rain? 49. A Storm.

Weather Forecast - English Vocabulary Game. Weather - English Vocabulary.