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Sidewalk Labs. This Restaurant in Japan Gives Solo Diners Stuffed Animals for Company. Personne ne bouge ! (Arte) : une manière décalée de traiter les 25 ans de la chute du Mur de Berlin. Bicycle Lanes for Multitudes. Ursula Bach/City of Copenhagen An angled trash can on a stretch of the Copenhagen Cycle Super Highway is for those in a hurry.

Bicycle Lanes for Multitudes

Best of all, you can cycle on those routes for long distances without having to make way for cars and trucks at junctions and traffic lights, according to the official description of the Cycle Super Highways, which are under construction here as part of the Danish capital’s efforts to become carbon-neutral by 2025. Are they as good as they sound? These days it is hard to find a big city that doesn’t make grandiose claims to encourage cycling, and harder still to find one that fulfills them. Redesigning congested traffic systems to add bike lanes to overcrowded roads is fiendishly difficult, especially in historic cities with narrow cobbled streets like Copenhagen. Luckily for Copenhagen’s cyclists, their system has been more thoughtfully designed.

What are the Super Highways like? Copenhageners seem to agree. Scientific Evidence That Biking Makes Us Happy. I ride my bike for exercise.

Scientific Evidence That Biking Makes Us Happy

I ride my bike for transportation (even throughout an icy Minnesota winter). I ride my bike because it’s better for the environment and better for my community than climbing behind the steering wheel every time I need more bread or wine or toilet paper. But the biggest reason I ride my bike-- in all weather day and night-- is because it makes me happy. It’s meditation, therapy and pure hedonistic pleasure all rolled into one.

Rarely do I wheel my beat-up old Trek back into the garage without a smile on my face. I used to think this was just one of my own quirks, but new evidence keeps pouring in that bicycling boosts creativity, health and general well-beingifor many people. Goats Rented to Eat Weeds in Cities. Paris : la ville met fin aux cadenas d’amour ! - 19/09/2014. DETROIT, JE T'AIME by Nora Mandray & Hélène Bienvenu. Welcome to Detroit je t'aime's Kickstarter campaign!

DETROIT, JE T'AIME by Nora Mandray & Hélène Bienvenu

We’re a duo of French filmmakers and journalists, Nora Mandray & Hélène Bienvenu. We’re producing an interactive documentary about Detroit’s DIY spirit, and we need YOUR help to finish filming this Summer and bring Detroit je t'aime to the world this Winter. POUR ACCÉDER À LA VERSION FRANÇAISE DE NOTRE KICKSTARTER, CLIQUEZ ICI. Attention: il vous faudra revenir sur cette page si vous souhaitez contribuer. We've been featured in a couple of articles since we launched our campaign. . * DETROIT JE T’AIME will be broadcasted on a website made up of a series of web pages or “screens. . ” * When you decide you're finished with a page, you'll click on the next one. . * At anytime, a “DIY toolbox” will be available in the corner of the screen. . * You'll be able to share ideas from the film with your friends across social networks. 1. 2. 3. . * We're all Detroiters: coming from the 20th century, we’ve inherited Henry Ford’s idea of industrial work.

SMS walls, des murs d'expression publique. Berlin in den 90ern. New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013. New York City’s Mayor Michael R.

New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013

Bloomberg today announced the use of Quick Response or QR codes (which are something like a smartphone-readable barcode) on building permits, to provide New Yorkers with easy access to information related to buildings and construction sites throughout the city. Smartphone users who scan a QR code on a construction permit in New York, according to a press release from the mayor’s office, will get “details about the ongoing project – including the approved scope of work, identities of the property owner and job applicant, other approved projects associated with the permit, [and] complaints and violations related to the location.”

The QR codes will link users to a mobile version of the Department of Buildings Information System, and will give them the option to click a link that will initiate a phone call to the city’s 311 phone service, where they can register a complaint about noise, safety or other concerns. Street Art et démêlées : le cas Banksy. Légalité, propriété, pérennité, authentification : en matière de Street Art, ce ne sont pas les questions épineuses qui manquent.

Street Art et démêlées : le cas Banksy

Chaque semaine voit son lot de débats, de querelles, voire de procès. À tel point que certains journaux spécialisés comme The Art Newspaper n’hésitent pas à parler de « terrain miné ». Radiographie du cas – ô combien emblématique – Banksy. Bobbies entrelacés, bouquet de fleurs Molotov, héros de Pulp Fiction brandissant des flingues-bananes : depuis la fin des années 1990, les peintures au pochoir drôles et choc de Banksy ne cessent de faire le tour du monde. Malgré ce succès, l’artiste, dont on ne connaît toujours pas la réelle identité, continue de se refuser – par conviction et pour éviter les poursuites – à signer et à authentifier ses œuvres. © Banksy, Berlin.

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