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The Internet of Things Plan To Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer. Two large banners greet patrons when they walk into Orlando Public Library.

The Internet of Things Plan To Make Libraries and Museums Awesomer

Amid posters about the library’s family-friendly services and upcoming programming, the banners urge patrons to do something a bit uncharacteristic for a nearly 100-year-old institution: download an iBeacon app. In November, the library implemented BluuBeam, an Orlando-based service that uses iBeacon technology to send location-triggered information to patrons. Visitors who download the app get an alert about library offers and events. So, for example, if you’re searching the third floor stacks for a Julia Child cookbook, you’ll receive a message about the library’s Cuisine Corner program that features cooking demos by local chefs. Debbie Moss, assistant director of the Orange County Library System in Orlando, says the library wanted an innovative way to inform patrons about services that matched their interests.

Mobile in museums: design services, not websites. A number of cultural organisations are already taking a more proactive approach to understanding their audiences.

Mobile in museums: design services, not websites

Photograph: David Levene Back in June I co-wrote a piece in this very spot arguing for a greater focus on audiences in the development of mobile tools for the cultural sector. Even then, the unbridled optimism around mobile was fading. Cleveland Museum of Art. ArtLens is the Cleveland Museum of Art's app, which allows you to explore works in the permanent collection both at the museum and from home.

Cleveland Museum of Art

ArtLens allows you to personalize your experience of the museum's world-class collection and explore layers of interpretive content for artworks in Gallery One—CMA's innovative gallery that integrates art, technology, and interpretation—as well as for featured artworks throughout the museum's permanent collection and selected exhibition galleries. In the galleries, visitors can scan artworks using ArtLens to reveal additional interpretive content and select artworks to share via the award-Winning Collection Wall in Gallery One.

ArtLens on Your iPadNEW! ArtLens now available on the iPhone ArtLens is available for download to your iPad 2+ (iOS6+) and iPhone 4+ (iOS6+) for free, in the iTunes app store. Tip: Download and launch your application before visiting the museum, so you can begin immediately when you arrive. MuseumMobile Wiki. How To Create A Free Mobile App. Free iPhone and iPad offline city travel guides and discount apps. Responsive webdesign : adapter un site à toutes les résolutions[ Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)] Le Responsive Web design (conception adaptative ou réactive en français) représente un ensemble de méthodes et techniques permettant d’universaliser un site Web.

Responsive webdesign : adapter un site à toutes les résolutions[ Usaddict: Ressources sur l’ergonomie des interfaces (le blog Usabilis)]

Qu’il soit consulté sur ordinateur, tablette, e-reader ou mobile, le site ainsi conçu s’adapte automatiquement à la taille de l’écran. Cette évolution très séduisante du Web pose néanmoins certaines questions d’ergonomie et oblige à repenser la conception des sites. Nous abordons dans cet article les objectifs du responsive design, les critères qui doivent décider à le mettre en œuvre, les recommandations de conception et les considérations techniques. Objectifs du responsive webdesign Pour commencer, rien de tel qu'une démonstration. Entrons dans le vif du sujet. Les sites Web sont aujourd'hui consultés sur une multitude d'appareils ayant des résolutions différentes. Pourquoi lancer une application mobile ne sert à rien. Nous sommes maintenant en 2012, cette année est censée être celle de la consécration du mobile, et pourtant, il n’en sera rien.

Pourquoi lancer une application mobile ne sert à rien

Non pas parce que les terminaux mobiles ne présentent pas d’intérêt, mais plutôt parce que l’année du mobile c’était plutôt en 2010. Nouvelle application iPhone pour le Musée : MCQ! « Blogue MCQ. Ça y est!

Nouvelle application iPhone pour le Musée : MCQ! « Blogue MCQ

Rousing the Mobile Herd: Apps that Encourage Real Space Engagement. Matthew Fisher, USA , Jennifer Moses, USA Abstract This paper seeks to answer the question: How can mobile apps encourage and support meaningful, face-to-face social interaction in museum spaces?

Rousing the Mobile Herd: Apps that Encourage Real Space Engagement

Museums are increasingly focused on creating more engaging visitor experiences, in part by encouraging participation in dialogue and social interaction in the exhibit space. At the same time, we are embracing mobile technologies. At first glance, social interaction and mobile engagement might seem to be antithetical. Mobilité : applications natives ou HTML 5 ? 6 Museum Apps for Virtual Field Trips. You’re nearly three months into summer vacation, your kids are restless, and you’re all out of field trip ideas.

6 Museum Apps for Virtual Field Trips

Or maybe your student just needs a cultural refresher before hitting the books again this fall. Lucky for you, a smartphone or tablet could be your children's ticket to seeing historical artifacts and world-renowned art — all at the tap of an app. Whether your kids want to understand the first people to walk the earth or find out about the greatest living artists in the world, chances are there’s a museum app out there to educate and entertain them for hours. We found six museum apps for iOS and Android devices that kept our users engaged. Mobile in museums: tips and advice from the experts.

Tom Grinsted, product manger: core mobile applications,Guardian News and Media Keep it simple: For me, keeping it simple is about getting to market early and then iterating – the highest-risk projects are those when you don't have visibility of how successful your work is.

Mobile in museums: tips and advice from the experts

It means that you can't adapt to users and you can't easily evolve your product. So being simple is about getting out there, seeing how it works – then iterating. Many apps evolve over time and become better and better, as well as more complicated. There is a school of thought that says the best apps are the most simple and focused. Define what success looks like: Too many times organisations embark on projects, especially technical ones that may be outside their comfort zones, without defining what success looks like. 1. Hugh Wallace, head of digital media, National Museums Scotland Martha Henson, freelance digital producer, ME:CA. ScopifyROM - One App. Many Ways to See.