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How To Make Schmaltz and Gribenes - Recipe. Chopped Liver - Traditional Jewish Chopped Liver Recipe. Creamy, rich chopped liver is a traditional Jewish dishes that brings back fond food memories for many families.

Chopped Liver - Traditional Jewish Chopped Liver Recipe

The history of chopped liver goes back to Medieval Germany, where Jews bred and raised geese as the poultry of choice. The first Jewish chopped liver recipes were actually made from goose liver. Eventually Eastern European Jews began using chicken and beef livers; these recipes came across the ocean with immigrants to Ellis Island in the late 1800′s. The East Coast deli culture is closely tied to these early Eastern European Jewish immigrants.

Food52: How to Sous-Vide at Home (Without An $800 Machine) Inspired by conversations on the Food52 Hotline, we're sharing tips and tricks that make navigating all of our kitchens easier and more fun.

Food52: How to Sous-Vide at Home (Without An $800 Machine)

Today: Yes, you can sous vide at home -- and you don't need anything fancy. Like liquid nitrogen and pork belly, something cooked sous vide seems relegated to the world of restaurants, a world of industrial Cryovacs and immersion circulators and vacuum-sealers. Yes, restaurants cook sous vide for many reasons -- precision, reproducibility, hands-off cooking. The technique, which simply means cooking sealed food in a low-temperature water bath, has its benefits -- but it can cost you around $800. Potato Kugel. [Flickr: The Gifted Photographer]

Potato Kugel

Featherlight Potato Latkes. This method of blending the ingredients in a food processor or blender makes the work easy and creates extremely light, crisp latkes. Get busy, or as Wynnie Stein’s grandmother would say, “Stop lying there like a latke.” This recipe yields 15 latkes, 2 ½ inches in diameter Recipe Type: Side Dish, Main Dish Prep time: 20 mins Cook time: 15 mins Total time: 35 mins Serves: 4 Ingredients 6 medium potatoes 1 small onion, peeled and quartered 2 large eggs 1/4 cup unbleached white flour (or matzo meal) 1/2 teaspoon salt pinch of baking powder freshly ground black pepper to taste vegetable oil for frying sour cream Instructions Grate the potatoes in a food processor or on the largest grating side of a hand grater. Challah Recipes: How To Make Your Own And What To Do With Leftovers (PHOTOS) Moroccan carrot salad with Harissa recipe from Food52. Author Notes: Classic Moroccan salad, zesty and tangy.

Moroccan carrot salad with Harissa recipe from Food52

It is best when you use not too spicy home made Harissa (Moroccan chili paste) and home made preserved lemons. Gefilte Fish Loaf. New Media Publishing / Photography: Flat Art / Stylist: Abigail Donnelly total prep Baking a loaf of gefilte fish is so much simpler than poaching individual ovals, and making your own (instead of using store-bought gefilte fish) allows you to season the fish as you like.

Gefilte Fish Loaf

There are those families partial to sweet fish and those who love a more peppery version, so feel free to adjust the seasonings. Preheat oven to 325°F with rack in middle. Oil an 8 1/2- by 4 1/2-inch ovenproof glass or ceramic loaf pan.Cook carrot, celery, and onion in 2 tablespoons oil in a 10-inch heavy skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are barely tender, about 5 minutes.

Chopped Liver - What Jew Wanna Eat. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, friends!

Chopped Liver - What Jew Wanna Eat

As I have mentioned before, I love holidays. Seviche With Black Lentils Recipe Details. A Rosh Hashanah Menu from Mile End Deli. Food is at the center of traditional Rosh Hashanah celebrations, when friends and family ring in the Jewish New Year.

A Rosh Hashanah Menu from Mile End Deli

This year, our three-course holiday menu comes from Noah and Rae Bernamoff, the husband and wife duo behind Brooklyn’s Mile End Delicatessen. When we asked Noah about his favorite Rosh Hashanah traditions, he didn’t hesitate: “Eating! At Passover we have a limited menu, and Yom Kippur is all about breaking the fast. But Rosh Hashanah is a food holiday.” Keep reading for three special occasion recipes from The Mile End Cookbook, new from the Bernamoffs: Spring Chicken, Knishes and Honey Cake.

Spring Chicken Noah: The beauty of this dish is that you get not only the super-moistness of brined chicken breasts but also the snappy crunch of a high roast or sear. ½ cup fresh English peas 5 tablespoons canola oil 4 portions roasted chicken breast* 3 scallions, chopped into 1-inch lengths 2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme 4 cups coarsely chopped escarole, washed and drained.

Ten top food writers recommend their favorite local bagelsBy Paige Ross and Joanna Rothkopf Clockwise from left: Seattle's Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Café; Scott Campanozzi of Austin's Wholy Bagel; a selection from Wholy Bagel; Bagels from Miami's Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

The beloved chewy yet tender staple of the New York City breakfast has set a standard that cities across the country strive to match. In a quest to find the best bagels the United States has to offer, we enlisted the help of food writers and restaurant critics across the country. Joan Nathan's Chosen Matzo Ball Soup. Each year at Passover, Jewish communities celebrate the Israelites' emancipation from slavery in Egypt.

Joan Nathan's Chosen Matzo Ball Soup

The story goes that they fled so quickly, they didn't have time to wait for their bread to rise -- hence the prohibition of leavened food during Passover's eight days. Matzo ball soup is therefore an essential part of Passover celebrations, ladeled up during the seders that mark the holiday's first two days. Homemade Corned Beef. 1 You can either used store-bought pickling spices or you can make your own.

Homemade Corned Beef

To make your own, toast the allspice berries, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, red pepper flakes, cloves, peppercorns, and cardamom pods in a small frying pan on high heat until fragrant and you hear the mustard seeds start to pop. Remove from heat and place in a small bowl. Use a mortar and pestle to crush the spices a little (or the back of a spoon or the side of a knife on a flat surface). Add to a small bowl and stir in the crumbled bay leaves and ground ginger. Tori Avey, "The Shiksa in the Kitchen" 5@5 is a daily, food-related list from chefs, writers, political pundits, musicians, actors, and all manner of opinionated people from around the globe. We love you a latke, don't misunderstand - but seeing as it's the sixth night of Hanukkah, we think we need some space.

It's not you, it's us. Here to ease us into our potato-pancake separation is Tori Avey. She's the woman behind the popular blog, "The Shiksa in the Kitchen. " Rosh Hashanah Recipes for a Sweet New Year. How to Make the Ultimate Bagel - Project. The quintessential—and elusive—bagel has a crackly exterior and a chewy interior. Shiny and caramel-colored, it tastes yeasty, the tiniest bit sour, and an even tinier bit sweet. The contrast in texture and the subtle sweet-sour flavor, when combined, define what it is to be a bagel. The ultimate bagel doesn’t need toasting to be delicious. Recipe: Mile End’s Smoked Whitefish Salad. Kreplach (Chicken Dumplings) from The Mile End Cookbook. Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South (9780807871232): Marcie Cohen Ferris.

Epicurious Market - The Mile End Cookbook: Redefining Jewish Comfort Food from Hash to Hamantaschen. Product Description. Hamantaschen Recipe at Epicurious. Make the dough: Combine the flour, baking powder, salt, and lemon zest in a large bowl and mix them together with your hands until thoroughly combined. Borscht Recipe at Epicurious. Photo by Quentin Bacon yield Serves 6. Deli Summit: Notes from the first-ever gathering of the new guard of Jewish food.