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Miniatures by Tracy Topps on Pinterest. The Badger's Den by Zaboo. The Badger’s Den « Zaboobadidoo. Renown throughout Aarklash, “The Badger’s Den” is a frequented stop on the road to Cadwallon.

The Badger’s Den « Zaboobadidoo

Nestled in the roots and trunk of a giant Quithayran tree, the inn is a frequented stop for Free Companies as they travel to and from Cadwallon. The inn is made of foamcore as a superstructure, with balsa strips for the timbers, and sculptamold for the daub. The shingles are made of cereal card. The windows were constructed by photocopying a grid onto transparency, then cutting it to shape, and gluing balsa around the edges for the frame. The tree started as a Quaker Oats tube. Once the buildings were finished, they were attached to the base and tree. Pinecone shingles. Pinterest. Een nieuw huis gemaakt.Hier woont een vissertje alleen met zijn hond. (lovely cottage by Melissa Sipma) Spinner's End Miniature Doll House - Etsy One of a Kind by artist Christina "Bogie" Bougas - pic 1 of 5. Precious Dollhouse.. Amazing Detail by R Michael Palan. OSHIRO modelterrain - Gallery. OSHIRO modelterrain sur Twitter : "And a few more. When it gets played on again I'll take some close up of the cliffs...

Inspiration: Amazingly detailed miniature Victorian farm house. Miniature medieval village - amazing detail... My Tiny Obsession. Bridge, Buildings, Dave Graffam, Daves Games, House, Inventors, Papercraft, Terrain. 1/12 Tutoriales. Flickr - Partage de photos ! Doll houses on Pinterest. Pierce Dollhouse by minis on the edge, via Flickr. Mossy Stones Dollhouse Tracy Topps by minis on the edge, via Flickr, good inspiration! Mossy Stones Dollhouse Tracy Topps by minis on the edge, via Flickr.

Pole_poppenspaeler. Miniature Building Authority Tudor Inn and New Double Townhouse. Tudor (Miniature) Faery Cottage by Rik Pierce. Rik Pierce Wonderful Work. Noel & Pat Thomas Miniatures. Noel & Pat Thomas Miniatures. Noel & Pat Thomas Miniatures. 17th Creatin Contest. Presenting The Winners of Our 17th Annual Creatin' Contest!

17th Creatin Contest

It is with great pride that we announce this year's Creatin' Contest Winners! As I looked though the entries, I was reminded of just how powerful the creative mind is. Each entry is unique and incredible in its own way. I was so inspired by the comments and photos that my own creative juices really started flowing! To everyone who participated, I say, "Thank you—great job! " Note: Roy Simpson, originally voted Third Place winner, has asked that his entry be withdrawn. Please click on the images below to enlarge. Grand Prize: $1000 Gift Certificate Cottage at Boulder CoveCheryl Kleppan, Dewey, AZ Cheryl created the “Cottage at Boulder Cove,” an environmentally friendly lake home built on pilings over the water and expanded to include a kitchen, dining and living rooms in addition to the bedroom and sleeping loft she created within the original kit. The Haunted Heritage - Exterior details. While this won't be the last post ever on The Haunted Heritage, the build has come to the 99.9% completion mark...the only realistic benchmark a miniature house can ever reach.

The Haunted Heritage - Exterior details

This whole project started with the purchase of The Chair, a wonderful miniature made by Kris of 1 Inch Minis. I had no home for it, but that has since been remedied. :D. Wizards Retreat Part 1 – Making the base, foundations, and ground floor walls. Pins from on Pinterest. Cinderella Moments: Search results for dollhouse. Here's my new favorite dollhouse!

Cinderella Moments: Search results for dollhouse

And this one will be featured in a local magazine! Reverie Cottage is a custom dollhouse. I absolutely love theses shades of gray, cream and the bright green of the moss together. The siding is corrugated cardboard. The vines are from Hobby Lobby. I made the window boxes out of scraps of wood with hot glue for the 3D design. The wreath is moss hot glued on some wire. Side view. I painted the ceiling of the porch robin egg blue. The light switch and battery are inside the chimney. Pin by Tonya Sproles on why didn't I think of that. Mini measurements. Victorian doll house. Witches Cottage - Dollhouse - 1:12 Scale. Handmade Bespoke Tudor 12th Scale Doll House. Pins from on Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. Untitled.

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Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. </p></div><br /> Sorry, you don't have permission for that! We're sorry, but you need to be logged in to download files. Need Help? Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: Greenleaf Doll House Kits Copyright © 2008 - Greenleaf DollhousesAll posts by Members and the Greenleaf Miniature Community Staff are the opinions of the original author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Greenleaf Dollhouses. Tracy Topps (@minisontheedge) Pin by Ricolina on Miniaturen 3. Flourish & Botts building. Mighty Lists: 15 incredible toothpick sculptures. 1/24th Houses - Small Time Miniatures. The Scrooge House.

1/24th Houses - Small Time Miniatures

Pins from on Pinterest. Browsing Architectural Models on DeviantArt. Dolls House Gallery. My wife always wanted to build a Tudor House, and this seemed a fairly simple one to start with, and apart from the roof beams, which were a little tricky, the rest of it was fairly easy.

Dolls House Gallery

It would be good to move on to something more challenging, like perhaps the ‘Ye Olde Coach House’ but it will be necessary to ensure we have enough real house space first! Tudor style houses are more difficult than say a Victorian or 1930′s style house, the building itself must be as authentic as possible, but to bear in mind that it would be lived in today by a more modern family or run as a shop. It’s a mistake to furnish it like a museum! The house was bought from Maple Street in kit form.

The instructions were very clear and there were quite a few useful tips as well. Maquettes, Miniatures. on Pinterest. Maquette on Pinterest. Dollhouses - Triggerpond Dollhouses. 20 Beautiful Matchstick Sculptures. 223 Flares Twitter 81 Facebook 55 Google+ 13 StumbleUpon 74 Pin It Share 0 223 Flares × The world is full of creative and imaginative people, emerging as artists, designer, sculptors and other experts.

20 Beautiful Matchstick Sculptures

Their creativity is worth watching, these artists have created amazingly beautiful art pieces out of tiny things and even waste materials to inspire us. Matchstick art can be utilized to create models and artworks, though it requires painstaking attention to complete the detailing part. However, the end results are worth showing patience. Kevin Shutterbug at Matchstick Marvels. Sorry, but this post has been deleted because it is a part of our new book called Napkin Dreams!

Kevin Shutterbug at Matchstick Marvels

Kevin Shutterbug was so impressed with the matchstick marvels he had to show you his pics and his attempts at the unusual art form! Art - Toothpick, Matchstick on Pinterest. Child's Play - math and science. DIY family. This craft came about because one of my students made a balloon paper măché shade in an art class.

DIY family

She made it so well I thought I would design a lamp stand for her, and this is what I came up with. We both made a lamp stand from popsicle sticks and I made the electrical fittings for a 15W bulb. When she switched it on she was amazed at her work. The pictures here are my lamp shade I made, I painted it yellow and red for a lovely warm glow. My wife did a waldorf colour scheme. a quick and simple lamp for students to make the complete popsicle stick stand.

Toothpick Sculptures on Pinterest. Night-light. Need a Toothpick? on Pinterest. Matchstick Modeling Art : Art, Design. Art - Toothpick, Matchstick on Pinterest. Toothpicks/Matchsticks on Pinterest. Basketcase Miniatures.