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Desktop file specification extension. Introduction This is DES-EMA, the Extension for Menus and Actions of the freedesktop.org Desktop Entry Specification (DES).

Desktop file specification extension

This specification aims to define a common format for user actions, allowing creators to share their actions between compliant desktop environments. Patched NotifyOSD Updates: Option To Place The Notifications In Different Screen Corners, Timeout Fix. (NotifyOSD displayed in the bottom-right screen corner) You probably already know about the NotifyOSD packages patched by Leolik (Sukochev Roman) which allow you to customize the notification bubles (colors, font and so on).

Patched NotifyOSD Updates: Option To Place The Notifications In Different Screen Corners, Timeout Fix

Well, the patched NotifyOSD PPA got an update seconds ago which adds further customizations (to which Mark Shuttleworth is completely against) such as: display the notifications in different corners of the screen and also finally fixes the timeout option which was broken since... forever in Ubuntu. [How to] Never Miss an Ubuntu Notification. Have you ever missed a notification pop-up in Ubuntu?

[How to] Never Miss an Ubuntu Notification

I have, and whilst Notify OSD – the proper name for the alert delivery system used in Ubuntu – can hardly be called a ‘blink and you miss it’ affair, it is, still, possible to miss notifications whilst you’re off making coffee or tending to a harem of guinea pigs. That’s where this ‘Recent Notifications’ applet comes into play. The service it provides is simple enough: it logs all notifications that show up on your screen – whether you act on them or not.

Useful? Java. Introduction Java is a technology originally developed by Sun Microsystems, and acquired by Oracle.


The following are the prevalent implementations: OpenJDK: The OpenJDK project is an open-source implementation of the Java SE Platform. Main Page. Evolution of shells in Linux. Shells are like editors: Everyone has a favorite and vehemently defends that choice (and tells you why you should switch).

Evolution of shells in Linux

True, shells can offer different capabilities, but they all implement core ideas that were developed decades ago. My first experience with a modern shell came in the 1980s, when I was developing software on SunOS. Once I learned the capability to apply output from one program as input to another (even doing this multiple times in a chain), I had a simple and efficient way to create filters and transformations.

The core idea provided a way to build simple tools that were flexible enough to be applied with other tools in useful combinations. Forum Ubuntu-fr.org. Netbook. Secure With the Firefox web browser, you can surf safely and with the confidence that your files and data will stay protected — thanks to the built-in firewall and virus protection.


And if a potential vulnerability appears, we provide automatic updates which you can install in a single click. Fast.