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What can the new Revolution phone offer to you Freedom Open standards, code, business models... Revolution is all about letting your creativity flow on its own. Say 'hola' to the future - Geeksphone Say 'hola' to the future - Geeksphone
Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves

Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves

John C. Reid, None of these solutions offer the security from certain pests as this simple hack does. It is a fact that if you live in certain parts of certain countries, you will have roaches. This protects from them in ways no twist tie, knot, or anything else I've seen can. And Aamadis, when was the last time you got a food item, that wasn't a bread product, that came with a twist tie?
vol1-orange - Keel's Simple Diary™ Loading pages... Simple Diary™ offers structurefor those who don’t have timeto wonder, making it easy torecord life’s moments. It givesthe pleasure of a quick responseand the sense that no matterwhat’s wrong, more is right. vol1-orange - Keel's Simple Diary™

8-bit popup cards

By Kate on April 30, 2012 Hello! Remember that pixel heart card I made a while back? Well it has been one of my most popular tutorials to date so I thought I would add another few designs to the collection. Meet ‘space-invader popup’ and ‘skull popup’: Like the heart card, they are really minimal (which I just love) and easy to make once you have got the hang of it. 8-bit popup cards
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Comment redonner une seconde vie à un télégraphe utilisant le code Morse pour en faire un appareil utilisable d’une façon moderne ? Le convertir en une machine à Twitter pardi ^^ C’est le projet un peu fou que je vais vous présenter ici : En utilisant un vieux télégraphe comme base de son projet, Martin Kaltenbrunner a intégré un Arduino qui récupère les impulsions saisies avec le télégraphe et qui les convertit en texte en utilisant l’alphabet Morse. Puis il utilise l’API de Twitter pour envoyer ses messages sur le célèbre réseau social. Le télégraphe Twitter Le télégraphe Twitter
Curvy in HTML5 Curvy is a HTML5 puzzle game using the canvas element. Just rotate the tiles so that like colors connect. Modernizr tells me you don't have canvas support in your browser. Sadly, this game uses technology that's only in browsers with HTML5 support. We've tested Chrome 12, Firefox 4 and Opera 11. Presented to you by FlamingLunchbox is a puzzle, originally for Android phones, using a simple idea. Curvy in HTML5


The heatmap shows the places people like, based on the number of panoramio photos at each place in the world. The dark areas have few photos, the red areas have more and the yellow areas have a large number of photos geotagged. The hottest places have markers linking photos, streetview, wikipedia, wikivoyage, foursquare and google plus articles about the site. The place names are selected by the wikipedia readership numbers and foursquare checkins. Area populations are based on the geonames database. Street level heatmaps are available for top 15000 places in the world, sorted by the number of photos in an area of a size of a few square kilometers around the place center. Sightsmap
Split Infinitives You may have heard a rule that you shouldn't split infinitives, but I'm here to tell you it's not a real rule, and the idea itself is based on a shaky foundation. What Are Infinitives? To understand split infinitives, we first have to clearly define the word “infinitive.” Wikipedia defines “infinitive” as the unmarked form of a verb (1), but you really need examples to understand what that means.

Split Infinitives

Like anything else involving stringent rules and regulations, grammar harbors a hefty share of obsessive fanboys and fangirls who enjoy debating its ins, outs, and other various quirks. So of course controversies break out in academia, the media, and even intimate conversations between friends. After all, you don’t have to have an English degree to get steamed up when someone uses poor grammar. Here are a few of the ones that churn stomachs and angry up the blood, in no particular order. The 20 Most Controversial Rules in the Grammar World The 20 Most Controversial Rules in the Grammar World
Montre World Time Sport White chez Phosphor watches Plus d'infos De la technologie, de la technologie, de la technologie... Oui, mais de la technologie sportive qui sait s'envelopper d'un design tout en courbes ! Montre World Time Sport White chez Phosphor watches
L’ouverture du site data.gouv.fr le 5 décembre 2011, aussitôt suivie d’autres initiatives , a marqué une accélération du mouvement Open Data en France. Nous avons voulu apporter notre pierre à l’édifice, en réalisant une démonstration qui met en avant le grand intérêt qu’il y a à pouvoir mailler des données issues de différentes sources grâce aux standards du web sémantique , et la capacité de notre solution Antidot Information Factory à le faire rapidement et simplement, dans une approche industrielle. Et parce que la France est la première destination touristique mondiale et que nos territoires regorgent de trésors architecturaux et patrimoniaux, nous avons choisi de réaliser une application de recherche qui vous permet de partir à la découverte près de 44.000 monuments historiques français ! >> En savoir plus

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