WCAG Contrast checker :: Modules pour Firefox Permite comprobar si la combinación de color es adecuada para su percepción visual en base a los requerimientos de las WCAG 1 y WCAG 2. La extensión hace el análisis de luminosidad, contraste y brillo del color de primer plano y fondo de todos los elementos de la página web. Además, permite introducir colores, tanto en formato hexadecimal (en forma abreviada o no, y tanto con almohadilla como sin ella), como en RGB (pudiendo usar diferentes separadores entre los valores, como por ejemplo la coma o los dos puntos), y comprobar los resultados de estos. Ej: * En hexadecimal se podría poner: #FC5 ó FC5 ó FFCC55 * En RGB se podría poner: 231,28,197 ó 231:28:197 ó rgb(231,28,197) WCAG Contrast checker :: Modules pour Firefox
Bei PixelZoomer handelt es sich um eine Firefox-Erweiterung für Webentwickler, mit der es möglich ist, Websites vergrößert zu betrachten. Dabei sind verschiedene Werkzeuge integriert, mit denen sich pixelgenau Abstände messen und Farbwerte (HEX-Codes) ermitteln lassen. Der sichtbare Bereich einer Website wird von PixelZoomer durch einen Screenshot dargestellt, wodurch echte Pixel die Basis für das Betrachten bilden.Die Extension soll den Schritt über ein Bildbearbeitungsprogramm überflüssig machen, so dass bei der Entwicklung von Web-Projekten direkt im Browser Größen und Abstände analysiert werden können. PixelZoomer nutzt ein neues CSS-Attribut, um das vergrößerte Bild darzustellen. PixelZoomer :: Firefox Add-ons PixelZoomer :: Firefox Add-ons
The Relationship Between Firebug and Mozilla Developer Tools « devtools The Relationship Between Firebug and Mozilla Developer Tools « devtools As manager of Mozilla’s Developer Tools team, people keep asking me about how our work relates to the Firebug project. It has even come up in a tweet, but this is not really a 140 character kind of question. Johnathan discussed this a year ago, and what he says there still applies today. I wanted to provide some more thoughts on this topic since we’ve been ramping up our developer tools efforts and this will be very evident in coming releases. Firebug is an awesome project.
FireCSS - See CSS edits in all browsers
David Baron's weblog: Improving font size readability on Firefox for Android Web browsers on smartphones display Web pages in a way designed to handle Web pages that were designed for desktop or laptop computers. Instead of laying out the Web page at the width of the phone, smartphone browsers lay out the page on a canvas that's typically somewhere between 800 and 1000 pixels wide, then zoom that canvas out so that its width initially matches the width of the phone, and then allow the user to pan and zoom around using multitouch (and other) user interface. This means the user can't necessarily read the text when the page is initially displayed, but can zoom in to read it. David Baron's weblog: Improving font size readability on Firefox for Android
Pixel Perfect :: Modules pour Firefox Version 1.8.0 This release fixes the add overlay issue. The Add Overlay option is now located under the main Pixel Perfect Menu dropdown (see screenshots). Version 2 is still in the works and will include a new UI and a complete overhaul of the code to work with the new Firebug module framework. Pixel Perfect :: Modules pour Firefox
Firediff - incaseofstairs Firediff is a Firebug extension that tracks changes to a pages DOM and CSS. Change Tracking Change Tracking Screenshot Firediff implements a change monitor that records all of the changes made by firebug and the application itself to CSS and the DOM. This provides insight into the functionality of the application as well as provide a record of the changes that were required to debug and tweak the page’s display. Firediff - incaseofstairs