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DITA and The Return of the Editorial Process [NF2] A note from Noz: Hi-di-ho, Readerinos!

DITA and The Return of the Editorial Process [NF2]

With the holiday season and some intense projects I’ve not posted in quite a while. In a way I’m still not, in that today’s post comes from my new colleague and peer in the DITA community Keith Schengili-Roberts. I did an interview post prior to the Congility conference on Keith’s well received blog, and I asked Keith to reciprocate. The resulting post below was actually inspired by one of our discussions while working together on some recent client work. Enjoy! PS – Here’s a reminder of what “NF2” means, if you needed one. It used to be that editors were much more common in the technical writing business. When asked, one of the aspects of DITA that most technical writers will agree is important to them is the ability to reuse content.

Legacy Conversion Can Equal a First Edit Pass to Old Content Image licensing - Reused Content Becomes Improved Content As a consultant I am now seeing similar situations at other organisations. Get it?


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