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Les entreprises hésitent à vous laisser travailler chez vous - strategie-d-entreprise. Le développement du télétravail en France – comparaison internationale. Ah qu’il est bon d’entreprendre de chez soi ! Dessinateur de presse et illustrateur - dessin en direct : Tesson. Le social software, paradis de l’efficacité du travailleur du savoir. Aromates, une TPE qui mise sur le télétravail. Is there a telecommuting personality type? It’s coming up on the end of the year, and for eight of the past twelve months I’ve been telecommuting 2-3 days per week.

Is there a telecommuting personality type?

After establishing a secure home office environment and routine, I found myself taking to telecommuting quickly, enjoying the many benefits this non-traditional work option provides. The advantages, which include reducing carbon footprints and increasing office space, are practical and proven. [youtube= Is working from home a good idea? Last year, NPR put together a serial on the mobile-office revolution.

Is working from home a good idea?

The second of the three-part series was titled “The End of 9-to-5,” a profile of workplaces that had adopted what’s called a Results-Only Work Environment—or ROWE—which “gives everyone in a company the freedom to do their job when and where they want, as long as the work gets done.” Employees worked from their kitchen tables at midnight; they telecommuted from coffee shops; and they could manage their work lives to fit in with the daily routines of school drop-off and cooking dinner. Is there a workers’ paradise on the horizon for the cubicle dwellers of the world, or is it just another utopian vision that will join the cubicle and other office innovations as the object of ridicule in Dilbert cartoons and derision by those on the receiving end of ROWE’s good intentions?

Is the mobile office one of those rare free lunches that boost productivity and let employees lead happier lives? When to Let Employees Work from Home. Telecommuting can be a vital recruiting tool, if you plan ahead and create the right culture for your company.

When to Let Employees Work from Home

Here's how. Jim Ball of Alpine Access is making virtual a reality. Photo© John Johnston. How to:Five tips to manage an online team. Teams and the art of leadership - I recently finished reading Mike Brearley's "The Art of captaincy" (Pub 1985, ISBN-10: 0752261843).

Teams and the art of leadership -

Brearley is a former cricketer who led the England cricket team in 31 of his 39 Test matches, winning 17 and losing only 4. He was described by team mates as "having a degree in people" and now works as a leading psychoanalyst. The Art of captaincy, ostensibly about cricket captaincy, transcends sport to become a treatise on teamwork and leadership. When reading it, I realised that many aspects and issues he deals with in the book apply directly to leading a team in disciplines outside sport. Why are web workers happier? — Online Collaboration. The research is conclusive: compared to office-based colleagues, those who are free to work where they choose are happier with their jobs.

Why are web workers happier? — Online Collaboration

But why is this? The answer isn’t as clear as it might first appear to web work boosters. After all, ask non-experts for their opinion of telecommuting and you’ll likely get a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. Never Leave Home.