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Victoria's Secret changes course on 'Perfect Body' ads. Image copyright Twitter #IAmPerfect was the response to an ad campaign titled The Perfect Body featuring a line-up of Victoria's Secret models. Three British students took issue with the campaign, resulting in the online advert being retracted, but not an apology from the lingerie giant. The ad, for a bra called Body, perpetuated low self-esteem among women who did not fit into a narrow standard of beauty, argued Leeds students Frances Black, Gabriella Kountourides and Laura Ferris.

Using a petition, the women said Victoria's Secret should take responsibility for the message it sent to women, rather than promoting "unhealthy and unrealistic standards of beauty". According to the campaigners, the advert failed "to celebrate the amazing diversity of women's bodies by choosing to call only one body type 'perfect'. " Image copyright other For their part, consumers armed with social media hold a different power than in the days of writing a letter to headquarters. Medical borderlands: engineering the body with plastic surgery and hormonal therapies in Brazil. Birmingham City University - Sign In. Medical borderlands: engineering the body with plastic surgery and hormonal therapies in Brazil. Plástica & Beleza | Essencial para mulheres modernas que estão em busca de saúde, beleza e bem-estar, e que desejam acima de tudo se manter atualizadas sobre novidades e tendências nacionais e internacionais.

2014%20ISAPS%20Global%20Stat%20Results.pdf. Charles White (physician) Charles White FRS (4 October 1728 – 20 February 1813) was an English physician and a co-founder of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, along with local industrialist Joseph Bancroft. White was an able and innovative surgeon who made significant contributions in the field of obstetrics. White kept the mummified body of one of his female patients in a room of his house in Sale for 55 years, probably at least partly because she had a morbid fear of being mistakenly buried alive. From the 1750s onwards, White became increasingly recognised as an able and innovative surgeon. He presented a paper to the Royal Society in 1760 describing his successful treatment of a fractured arm by reuniting the ends of the broken bone. In 1762, the year he became a fellow of the society, he presented another paper, on the use of sponges to stop bleeding.

He became a member of the Company of Surgeons that same year.[1] White was also highly regarded in the field of obstetrics. Notes Bibliography. 5 things to love about Brazilian beauty. From bronzers and blow-dries to butt lifts and beyond, we bring you our top five favourite things about Brazilian beauty If you thought the World Cup was all about beer bellies and face paint, it’s time to think again. Birthplace of the blow-dry and the Brazilian butt lift, this football season we’re celebrating everything that makes Brazil the unrivalled beauty capital of the world. Listen up ladies, here’s why we love it… The Look If samba, sands and sunny skies aren’t enough to turn you green with envy, then Brazil’s ability to produce bronzed beauties with factory-like precision probably is. 21 of the catwalks' hottest names hail from the South American country, with the gorgeous Gisele Bündchen by far the most successful. Hot on her tail (or tail feathers, as is the Victoria’s Secret way) are Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.

They’ve made Havaianas fashionable and have even inspired an ‘Itsy Bitsy Bikini’ range, if you’re daring enough to bare it like a Brazilian that is. Woman sends her photograph to be photoshopped around the world to prov. The face you can see is 24-year-old Esther Honig, a radio journalist from Kansas City, Missouri. But, it has been photoshopped over 25 times by graphic designers around the world based on what is considered 'beautiful' in their country. The idea for the project called 'Before & After' came to Honig while she was working with internationally based graphic designers for her job.

"In the U.S. Photoshop has become a symbol of our society's unobtainable standards for beauty," said the journalist on her website. She wanted to examine "how these standards vary across cultures on a global level. " Honig contacted 40 individuals - some being experts in their field, while others were purely amateur - from more than 25 countries from the UK to the Philippines. She asked them to 'make her beautiful' and when artists were confused by the request, Honig would ask them to make her look like a woman in one of their country's fashion magazines. She plans to keep going with the project as long as she can. Female Breadwinners: How the Rise in Working Women is Influencing Spending Patterns. With females graduating in greater numbers than ever and delaying family life to establish high-flying careers, traditional gender roles are becoming a thing of the past.

As male-orientated jobs are hit by recession and more women become the household’s main breadwinner, they are responsible for a greater share of purchasing decisions. The new report examines the global impact of high earning females on consumer markets and the ways in which marketing strategy will adapt to changing demand. What this report includes Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets Consumer insight Impact across all relevant consumer markets Unique graphics and case studies Key market snapshots Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings Why buy this report Delivery format PDF/Word Downloadable from MyPages Table of Contents Factors affecting female employment Women’s employment and income Chart 1 Female Employment Rate by Leading Country 2010 Outlook Brazil. Brits v Brazilians - World Cup 2014 - Kantar looks at how British and Brazilian consumers measure up? - Kantar. As we get ready for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Kantar has been looking at the differences and similarities between the British and Brazilian consumers.

Kantar Media TGI research seems to confirm the national stereotypes. The image of a pert, tanned Brazilian in a bikini or pair of budgie smugglers is borne out by our data, 63% of Brazilians say it is important to keep young looking, compared to 34% of Brits. And it looks like the stereotype about British people having bad teeth might exist for a reason!

The Brazilians are much more concerned about dental hygiene, with 67% of them buying dental floss compared to 26% of Brits. Camilla Guimard, from Kantar's Added Value says beauty is high on the agenda: "Brazilians strongly believe in a natural self where exterior beauty (skin, nails, hair) is first and foremost a proof of good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. So what do we have in common? Breaking into the BRIC nations at in-cosmetics 2014. 20-Feb-2014 Europe | SPC There’s little doubt that Brazil is one of the most beautiful nations in the world. After all, it is home to the world’s highest paid supermodel – Gisele Bundchen – and even boasts an eponymous hair care procedure, the Brazilian blow-dry. But its annual expenditure on cosmetics would take even the most devoted aficionado by surprise.

Before any company looks to enter Brazil with a new cosmetic product, it is essential that it has a clear understanding of the regulatory rules and legal requirements that govern the country’s beauty industry. Designed for product developers and formulators, foreign marketing executives, cosmetic companies and ingredient suppliers looking at Brazil for expansion and growth, the workshop entitled How to break into the Brazilian personal care market, will give an overview of the sector in four specific sessions. However, it is not just Brazil that presents great opportunities for international manufacturers. Made in Brazil: How Brazil Is Emerging As a Dynamic New Beauty Force. Right now, there’s an obsession with blonde hair in Brazil. In a country of natural brunettes, it’s the blonde who stands out from the crowd. “Having light hair epitomises glamour,” adds Rayol. One of São Paulo’s most sought-after hairstylists Julio Crepaldi is known for his signature buttery highlights.

“Golden shades are popular with the lower and middle classes. Whereas beige blonde and caramel shades – like Gisele’s – are still the most popular with the wealthy,” reveals Crepaldi. And it’s garnered quite a following here too, with salons such as Jo Hansford and John Frieda offering bespoke blonding techniques which mirror the tones popular in Brazil “Because Brazilians like to colour and chemically straighten their hair, they moisturise it at home with argan and coconut oils, but with more product choices now, hair masks are very well-liked,” Crepaldi adds. A nation of sun-worshippers, Brazilians like their skin golden, but are aware of the damaging effects of UV exposure. Consumer goods: Looks good. Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty. Waymer20.pdf. One White Covers Three Ugliness’s: Uncovering Chinese Beauty Consumption Practices in a Multicultural Environment | Dobson | Journal of Promotional Communications. Ahern, K.J. 1999. Ten tips for reflexive bracketing.

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Rokka, J. Racial socializaion, Black Identity Transactions and Skin Bleaching. PsycNET - Display Record. Casting Call: Black Models with White Parts Need Only Apply - Coco & Creme. Renee Thompson puts in work. But “work” has not always reciprocated. She’s been modeling around the world for the past 10 years and is still searching for her big break. “I want to be the new girl who kills fashion week!” She chimes. The mini- documentary, “Colour of Beauty,” (directed by Elizabeth St. Coco & Creme caught up with the Toronto-native between shoots to chat about the documentary, racism in the beauty industry, and the holy matrimony between Black booty and newsstands. C+C: How long have u been modeling? C+C: What models initially inspired your pursuits? C+C: As stated in your documentary the Black models who receive most work are the ones who appear to be White girls “dipped in chocolate.”

C+C: And by “overcompensate” you mean, having something extraordinarily unique? C+C: So is there a future for just plain old pretty Black girls—the ones without the standard “Euro look” or the exaggerated “Afro-centric” look? C+C: Sounds pretty defeating; how do you deal with it? Documentary - Racism In The Fashion Industry. Secrets of South America | Series 1 - 1. Extreme Beauty Queens: Secrets of South America. Radio Times Review by: Ellie Austin If you think Britons are obsessed by physical perfection, prepare to be appalled by this behind-the-scenes look at the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. From the eight-year-old girls attending Saturday “beauty school” to the waifish contestants sewing mesh onto their tongues to prevent the consumption of solid food, the competition is a vulgar misdirection of energy, ambition and resources in a country where millions of people live in filthy, food-deprived slums.

As well as spending time with the insecurity-ridden contestants, presenter Billie JD Porter meets pageant judge and national hero Osmel Sousa, a vile man who believes that beauty is a 23-inch waist and feminists are bitter “ugly Betties”. Absurd and horrifying in equal measure. 1/3. Cast Presenter Billie JD Porter Crew Executive Producer Gian Quaglieni Producer Claire McFall. BBC Three - Secrets of South America, Extreme Beauty Queens.