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Pathology & Disease course. Miasm_List. All Remedies that are given without a mark are taken from the tables of Rajan Sankaran´s books "An Insight into Plants, Vol. 1-3" or from Vital Quest.


The following marks are used to note suggestions given in seminars or personal conversation by the authors named. If you see any obvious mistakes or if you have proved or disproved a certain allocation or if you want to make any comments, please send a mail to Joerg Wichmann <>. Thank you. We are interested in any well documented suggestion to develop this approach. ( ?) INHÉH - école homeo Montréal. H4H Homeopathy 4 Health - Homeopathics - Level 2. DrLuc. Part One: The Potency Selection (how strong?)


, the greatest confusion among homeopaths When it comes to potency selection of the remedy, the homeopathic society never agreed much about this issue, not in the past and certainly not now! There always has been a division between two camps: the high and low potency prescribers.


Ebola. Les pathologies - Homéopathes Sans Frontières - France.  Varicelle et Zona La vari­celle est une mala­die éruptive fré­quente, très conta­gieuse, cor­res­pon­dant à la primo-infec­tion par le virus vari­celle-zona ou VZV qui appar­tient à la famille des herpès virus.

Les pathologies - Homéopathes Sans Frontières - France

Dans plus de 90 % des cas elle sur­vient chez l’enfant entre 1 et 15 ans. Sa période d’incu­ba­tion est de 14 jours en moyenne (de 10 à 21 jours). Bénigne chez l’enfant bien por­tant, elle peut être redou­ta­ble et mor­telle chez l’adulte non immu­nisé, chez l’enfant immu­no­dé­primé (hémo­pa­thies mali­gnes, trai­te­ment par cor­ti­coï­des ou immu­no­sup­pres­seurs), la femme enceinte et le nou­veau né. Dans les pays tem­pé­rés, 90% des adul­tes ont eu la vari­celle entre 1 et 9 ans, elle sur­vient sou­vent plus tard dans les pays tro­pi­caux.

Cliniquement cela se tra­duit par une éruption cuta­née qui suit le trajet ana­to­mi­que d’un nerf qui pourra varier selon le gan­glion où était loca­lisé le VZV (zona oph­tal­mi­que, tho­ra­ci­que, lom­baire…). En:ahr:start [Legatum Homeopathicum] In the spring of 1858, there was dissatisfaction expressed by a large number of homeopathic physicians in the US that the North American Journal of Homoeopathy (the only professional homeopathic periodical at the time, in the US) was approving and publishing contributions which were not in line with the idea of homeopathy as taught by Hahnemann.

en:ahr:start [Legatum Homeopathicum]

The situation was remedied by the foundation of the American Homeopathic Review whose editors proposed to “issuing one that should advocate a strict adherence to the homoeopathic law, although acknowledging the right of every physician to prescribe the remedies in such quantities as his experience or judgment dictated.” In October 1858, the first number of the Review appeared under the auspices of R. G. Perkins and H.

M. The articles in the original journal were often published in several parts, sometimes spanning through several numbers of the journal – these parts were joined into a single article. American Medical College of Homeopathy.


Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM. Homeopathic biotherapic whose active principle is the venom from the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus, an endemic Cuban species.

Grupo Empresarial LABIOFAM

This homeopathic medication has improved the quality of life and survival of cancer patients, providing pain relief in addition to improving their symptoms. The use of Vidatox 30CH prevents the undesirable symptoms produced by the cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiations to which cancer patients are usually subjected. The venom from the Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus has been shown to have antitumoral and antimetastatic activity on solid tumors. It, therefore, represents a potential therapeutic alternative for the treatment of neoplastic disease in humans. It is a potentially non-toxic product that is taken orally Its use does not exclude or limits other conventional measures of the oncological treatment; its simultaneous use can indeed have a synergic or potentiator effect on the anti tumoral activity. This page is making the purchase. Web:

LM-potencies-diagrams. A Dummy’s Guide to LM Potencies. What are LM potencies?

A Dummy’s Guide to LM Potencies

Психотерапия и духовно развитие. Site du Dr Robert Séror. 1.

Site du Dr Robert Séror

Traité d’homéopathie hahnemannienne – Accueil.

Materia medica

Cas clinique résolu - Quizz. DIAGNOSTIC ENERGETIQUE EN HOMOEOPATHIE - par le Dr Jean Lafeuillade. Scarabelli, Astrologue professionnel depuis 1989, Expert en Feng Shui, consulte à Paris, en Ile-de-France, dans l'Oise, en France, Belgique, Suisse, Luxembourg... La santé au naturel - SELS DE SCHUSSLER. Planete Homeo : la vitrine de l'homéopathie. Guide de l'Homéopathie - Homéopathie.Com. National Journal of Homeopathy - Cyclamen-europaeum: Terrors of Conscience.

Pulsatilla : Bibliothèque - Matière médicale. Find the Remedy Name. In this section, WholeHealthNow offers you groups of exercises to help in your study of Materia Medica.

Find the Remedy Name

Each exercise presents a description of symptoms and you uncover the associated remedy. Every answer is accompanied by: The Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) analysis of the symptoms, presented as a screenshot A list of KEYNOTES from the RADAR program A downloadable query file for EH owners, so they can duplicate the analysis with their own program.