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Ring Their Bells: A New Way to Deliver Bell Work. This is the most frequent challenge that I hear from educators in all grade levels (including higher education): "How do I create and sustain engagement?

Ring Their Bells: A New Way to Deliver Bell Work

" When we engage our students from the onset, we reduce negative behaviors while creating experiences that are emotion-packed, drive curiosity, and deliver brain states of anticipation and intrigue. It sounds simple, but for those of us who greet students each day or class period, we encounter a variety of personal experiences, private logics, stressors, learning profiles, and mindsets as intricate and diverse as fingerprints. During the past few years, as I've reentered K-12 classrooms in addition to my undergraduate coursework, I'm learning that how I begin the day or class sets the tone for how well the instruction will be received and the content will be remembered. This past year, I began looking at research about the primary/recency effect and how I could better engage students the minute they walked through the door each day.

Best Social Studies Websites for Teachers ... Share the List! - WeAreTeachers. Recently, a high school teacher on our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE asked readers to suggest the best social studies websites around.

Best Social Studies Websites for Teachers ... Share the List! - WeAreTeachers

As usual, our teacher friends came through in force! We’ve rounded up the links as well as the official tout from each website. Check it out and share your picks for the best social studies websites in the comments. 1. iCivics “iCivics gives students the necessary tools to learn about and participate in civic life, and teachers the materials and support to achieve this goal. 2. “Teaching Tolerance is dedicated to reducing prejudice, improving intergroup relations and supporting equitable school experiences for our nation’s children. 3.

“News, events, new content & more from the National Library of Congress & specific subject areas — from legislature to poetry, from music to science, from cataloging to copyright.” 4. “Teach with documents using our online tool. 5. “The Reading Like a Historian curriculum engages students in historical inquiry. 6. 7. 8. 5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning. Transformation requires a journey for teachers toward great educational rewards for students.

5 Apps to Transform Teaching and Personalize Learning

Knowing how to craft learning experiences that meld technology with the curriculum is key to crafting digital-age lessons. As digital tools are integrated seamlessly with sound pedagogical practice, a new classroom culture emerges. This is a culture focused on student-centered, personalized learning and shifting away from traditional teacher-centered classrooms. The digitally-rich lesson format below has evolved as technology has been infused into these lesson components: Whole-group instructionGuided practiceIndependent practiceReflection 1.

Whole-group instruction has traditionally been delivered in lecture format: the teacher stands in front of the class and presents the same lesson to everyone at the same time. Nearpod is a free presentation tool available for all computers, tablets, and phones. 2. Research shows that timely and immediate feedback has a significant impact on learning. 12 Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation. The need to gain control of students is reaching new levels of desperation.

12 Ways to Avoid Student Humiliation

An article in the Washington Post included the following: Three days a week, parents can take their misbehaving kids to A-1 Kutz in Snellville and ask for the "Benjamin Button Special," which Russell Fredrick and his team of barbers are offering -- free of charge -- to parents who want to try a novel form of discipline. The cut involves shaving hair off the child's crown until he begins to resemble a balding senior citizen, inviting that unique brand of adolescent humiliation that can only come from teasing classmates and unwanted attention. Humiliation Is Never OK My opinion about any form of humiliating students is obvious from the title of the book I co-authored in 2008: Discipline With Dignity. Last month, however, I was guilty of humiliating a student seriously enough for her to later tell me that it had been the worst moment of her college life. Pedagog Göteborg - Pedagog Göteborg är en redaktionell webbplats för pedagoger och skolledare i Göteborgs Stad.

Språk är centralt i alla ämnen.

Pedagog Göteborg - Pedagog Göteborg är en redaktionell webbplats för pedagoger och skolledare i Göteborgs Stad

Med Reading to Learn lär sig eleverna att läsa och skriva texter i olika genrer. Metoden ökar måluppfyllelsen och minskar kunskapsklyftan mellan elever. Det är dagens sista lektion för eleverna på Barn- och fritidsprogrammet på Burgården. Det är samhällskunskap och idag ska det handla om nationalekonomi. För att fånga gruppens fokus söker läraren Henning Setterberg ögonkontakt med var och en av dem och frågar om allt är bra. – För att klara den här lektionen behöver ni bara papper, penna och markeringspenna.

Modelltexter. IKT i praktiken.

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