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Associated with Name Tapes and Labels who provides name tags, sewing labels, name tapes, woven name labels & tags for clothes.

Rainbow Woven Clothing Labels in 100% Egyptian Cotton. Order confirmation An order confirmation is automatically sent to the e-mail you entered in your customer information.

Rainbow Woven Clothing Labels in 100% Egyptian Cotton.

It can be a good idea to save it for any possible contact with customer support. Shipping and handlingProduction time depends of the combination of tape color and text color. Polyester and bright cotton tapes and produced within a week, while dark colors could take up to two weeks. Shipping depends on which country we ship to but it should never take more than 7 working days (Australia). Postage We apply free shipping, worldwide Payments use PayPal to provide the highest level of security for payments processed through this store.

ComplaintsIf you receive an item that is defective or faulty upon delivery we will replace it with a new one free of charge. Woven Clothing Labels- Appropriate for Every Fabric. Have you knitted a sweater for your near and dear one?

Woven Clothing Labels- Appropriate for Every Fabric

Or, did you design a garment for your clothing store? Whatever the case maybe, the fact cannot be held for denial that a personalized clothing label is the one that enhances the unique finishing touch. And what can be better than using a woven label blended with a professional feel and fine characteristics? As a matter of fact, it’s one of the various types of names tapes and labels you would find in the market. Would you not like to familiarize yourself with the benefits provided by woven name labels for your clothing? Well, some of them are mentioned below. 1.Highly Durable. Why Name Tapes and Tags for Clothes Play a Crucial Role? It's true that a lot of mothers have been greatly relying on the use of name tags for clothes so that their children do not face any problems in identifying their stuff.

Why Name Tapes and Tags for Clothes Play a Crucial Role?

It can be a kid's books, water bottle, clothes and the list does not come to a close. As per your convenience, these tags can be sewn, stuck, or iron on. So you can choose the method for the purpose of attaching these labeling items on your child's belongings. And moreover, you would have to face any problem when it comes to searching for them as there are several online shops catering to diverse needs of the customers looking for name tags for clothes in different sizes, designs and styles. Woven Labels & Tags – To Add a Personalized Touch to Your Clothes. If you want to give your clothes collection a personalized touch, you can choose woven labels where you can choose any color, design and font for your personal name tags.

Woven Labels & Tags – To Add a Personalized Touch to Your Clothes

This is the best ever way of pampering your kids beautifully using the woven technique. If you have children at your home, you can’t imagine the height of their excitement when they receive a jacket with a tag of their name. It becomes the most favorable choice of parents for their kids to give their clothes collection a personalized touch of love. Creating a brand by their name would be the best gift you can give them just to see that exciting smile on their faces. Use Personalized Quality Name Tapes for Your Kid’s Stuff. Does your kid go to school?

Use Personalized Quality Name Tapes for Your Kid’s Stuff

If he does, you must ensure that you should name tapes for his personal belongings. We understand the fact that when our kids go to school, they may certain problems and as parents, it’s our responsibility to make our feel good by letting them handle those problems with effectiveness. Kids’ minds are sensitive and they may leave their personal things at a certain place and forget to pick them up. This situation can create certain problems, so you have to make sure that your kid does not face this problem. If we talk about personal possessions such as school bags, water bottles, lunch boxes, handkerchiefs, and other items. Name tapes have, without a doubt, been gaining an immense popularity in almost every corner of the world among parents, as they have been relying on their use. Name tags for clothes can work very well with your kid’s clothes, notebooks, backpacks, but you would require different types of labels for these items.

Woven Labels, Woven Clothing Name Labels and Tags. Give Special Personal Touch to Your Clothes with Woven Name Tags. You must have brought expensive dresses and other accessories for your kids.

Give Special Personal Touch to Your Clothes with Woven Name Tags

You would have spent a lot just to make your children smile every time they try such branded clothing. However, do you realize the importance of having a dress with a tag of your kid’s name? Would you expect a roar in excitement when you gift your children a whole collection of clothes and accessories with their name tag. Choose impeccable color combination, different fonts and tag designs to attach with a cap, dress, jacket, shoe or even bags. You won’t realize the height of happiness when a kid has their own personalized wardrobe. Having a collection of personalized products would make them feel like a “queen” or “king”. You must have already explored the options available in the market, but go with the one ensures for the quality of threads, sustainability and uniqueness of personalized dress labels. Like this: Like Loading... Name Tapes and Labels - Get Woven Clothing Labels. Buy Name Tags, Tapes, Sewing Labels for Clothes.