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12 Amazing Light Lamps And Chandeliers Created Using Daily Life Objects. Since very long time artist have been trying to create incredible thing by the using recycled material.

12 Amazing Light Lamps And Chandeliers Created Using Daily Life Objects

DIY home improvement products that uses these kind of miscellaneous objects too are getting more and more popular with people all over the globe because they yield us a tangible, real way to draw a little deviation in our waste imprint as a species. There are lots of DIY light fixture projects out there to select from if you’re interested – these are some of our findings. Although not ALL of these ideas are recycling related, but these DIY lamp and chandelier projects will prevent your home beautifully lit and your wallet fat. 1. Paper Starburst Pendant Light Image credits: Gabrielle Guy | 2.

Image credits: How to DIY Easy Mini Gift Box. Here is a nice tutorial to make an easy-to-fold mini gift box.

How to DIY Easy Mini Gift Box

Isn’t it cute? You can pack it with snacks, candies, stationery and any other small gifts for your family and friends’ kids. If you have school-age kids, there are many occasions for distributing small gifts in goody bags to every kid at school, such as Valentine’s Day and birthday. Then these cute mini gift boxes would come in handy. These Adorable Color Block Crayon Candles Can Be Made At Home!Stylish Board.

A candle which represents beauty and love is adored by all women.

These Adorable Color Block Crayon Candles Can Be Made At Home!Stylish Board

Any kind of candle that makes a soft burning light gets our attention and it is even more is we face any designed candles. Though there are different types of candles with their size, fragrance and type; all types are not liked by everybody. Some adores the fragrance of the candles and other may look for the cute colors. Via: Brit Speaking of colors, when we look for some colored candles; it might have happened that we did not get the color we have been expecting to get. DIY Rope Basket. Today's project is one of those, "Ooooh, I have a great idea!

DIY Rope Basket

" and "I am going to save so much money! " and "This will be SO easy! " Packing Tape Image Transfers. I love image transfers.

Packing Tape Image Transfers

It’s something I’m always using in my journals but there are so many other fun uses for them. All you need to make a transfer is a photocopy of an image or words and packing tape. You can also use printouts from a laser printer or magazine pages. Inkjets will not work because they are not heat based toner. Rolled paper flowers {tutorial}

Welcome to flower week – five days of simple and delightful flower projects.

rolled paper flowers {tutorial}

I could probably do three weeks of flowers because there are so many different ways to create them, but I’ve limited it to five of my current favorites. Before we get started, let me make a few disclaimers: 1. I find inspiration for projects all over the place {online, in shops, in magazines}, then figure out how to re-create them on my own. Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition ^_^

By Kate on August 8, 2012 I noticed that the woven gift-topper I made last year was doing the rounds again on Pinterest so I thought I would make an updated pastel version (pastels seem to be the new neon at the moment).

Woven gift-wrap // pastel edition ^_^

I bought some quilling strips (0.5cm) to use this time which reduces the labour by about half (I’ve also been working on some more intricate woven ‘things’ for another project…more to come soon). Anyway check out the previous post if you want full instructions. Above: Mischevious hands – the unseen backdrop in all my photo’s ^_^ While I took photos today my boys were making their own presents by wrapping boxes in newspaper. This Woven Braid Around Ponytail is Simply Amazing.

How to make Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters. Time: 2 Hours including dry time Materials: Ceramic tiles, alcohol ink (try Adirondack!)

How to make Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters

, alcohol, sealer, paintbrush, paint, rubber pads for the bottom I am pleased to have Aly from Artisan des Arts as a guest blogger this week to show you how to make alcohol ink dyed coasters! Instructions: 1. Begin by coating your tile with regular drugstore alcohol. 2. 30 of the Best Wedding Save the Dates Around! Posted by Azure on December 25th, 2013 Think of your save-the-date as a first impression for your wedding.

30 of the Best Wedding Save the Dates Around!

You'll want to set the right tone, get guests excited, and send them straight to their calendars to block out your special day. So what style of save-the-date is right for you and your groom? 25 Creative and Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas. The decor of your home is an insight of yourself.

25 Creative and Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas

But often, decorating your home can be a very complicated and expensive process, especially if you are in need of wall art to post on your walls. And you do need wall art because an empty wall is a waste of space. DIY Bleach Tie Dye. Last summer, we were obsessed with shibori indigo tie dying. No, really . . . we just about dyed anything white in sight. So when Free People asked us to include a DIY in their guest blogger series, we knew a new tie dye project was absolutely in order. And as the weather is beginning to warm up, what better time than now to start experimenting with reverse tie dye using bleach! Black tees and tops: watch out! To make a grid-like pattern, fold the shirt like an accordion and bind it between two pieces of wood or other flat shaped objects. Before you start bleaching, make sure you are wearing gloves and working outdoors or in a well ventilated area.

Silk-Dyed Eggs {aka TIE-Dyed!} I posted this tutorial a few years ago and it has become somewhat of a tradition to bring it back every year! One of our family Easter traditions is dying eggs with pieces of silk. I saw a cute lady show Martha how to do it a few years ago and I ran upstairs right then to steal a tie! It’s way cooler than those cups of neon liquid that end up all over your clothes, your furniture and your hands plus it gives you an excuse to rid a man’s closet of ugly ties.

Here’s the run-down: How to Make Painted Bottle Vases - DIY & Crafts. My cellar is cluttered with empty bottles and jars of different sizes and shapes that I have been storing for a long time. I knew, that one day they will make a wonderful base for my next D.I.Y. project. Despite this, I always hated ornamented bottles or those with yarn wrapped around. While writing this post, I am planning to use a chalkboard paint next time. This time it will be regular, watercolor and the effect will be amazing. That’s what I needed! My source site is in Spanish, so I hope my entire post will help all of you who speaks just English.