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Retour sur une campagne géociblée avec PassBook (cinéma Gaumont) En Allemagne, un internaute privé de sa connexion Internet pendant trois mois est allé en justice pour réclamer un dédommagement.

Retour sur une campagne géociblée avec PassBook (cinéma Gaumont)

Dans son verdict, la Cour fédérale a considéré que l'accès à Internet étant une commodité essentielle. L'internaute sans connexion pendant une période aussi longue doit alors être dédommagé par le FAI. L'accès à Internet doit-il être considéré comme un droit fondamental ? Avec la place toujours plus importante que prend le réseau des réseaux dans le quotidien de la population, la question n'est plus absurde. Elle fait en tout cas son chemin et s'affirme à mesure que de plus en plus d'activités personnelle ou professionnelles peuvent être réalisées avec le net. En Allemagne, la Cour fédérale a rendu un arrêt important qui va dans ce sens. Privé du net pendant 3 mois Les juges n'ont pas accédé à toutes les demandes du demandeur. Cependant, l'usage du courrier électronique dépend de l'accès à Internet. Update. How ______ are you? Croix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Foursquare moves to keep location reporting honest. Internet firms grow on concept of copy and conquer.

Foursquare Now Lets Business Owners Oust Cheating Mayors. Cheaters never prosper.

Foursquare Now Lets Business Owners Oust Cheating Mayors

Except in the realm of Foursquare, perhaps, where false checkins can sometimes garner mayorships. Well, those days are over, according to the geolocation service, which is announcing this week that business owners now have the ability to oust mayors who have come by their positions wrongly. Several months ago, Foursquare aimed to put the kibosh on cheating by using your mobile phone’s GPS location to verify your whereabouts, thereby rewarding only those that happen near the actual place in question.

That way "armchair mayors" would be foiled, and only the worthy would reap the benefits of mayordom. Sadly, however, said precautions don't prevent people from checking in near locations in question rather than in those places. Well, now Foursquare is putting the power in the hands of the business owners, who likely know their "regulars" better than your phone's GPS does. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, dlewis33. Foursquare se déploie sur les campus.

SXSW '11 : Foursquare prépare la vie après le check-in. J'ai appris hier soir que le service de géolocalisation Gowalla était une start-up originaire d'Austin.

SXSW '11 : Foursquare prépare la vie après le check-in

Pour une raison que j'ignore, c'est pourtant son concurrent, Foursquare qui tient le haut de l'affiche ici à SXSW, avec des émissaires dans diverses tables rondes et conférences. Celle qui suit est toutefois immanquable : Dennis Crowley, pdg et cofondateur de Foursquare, est soumis à la question par Pete Cashmore, fondateur et pdg de Mashable. Au programme : quelles nouvelles expériences avec les check-in ? Q&A with Foursquare's Evan Cohen on Social, Local & Mobile - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Last month we explored Foursquare's evolution into a local discovery engine -- representing a trend in mobile local search apps.

Q&A with Foursquare's Evan Cohen on Social, Local & Mobile - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

Since then, I had the chance to interview Foursquare GM Evan Cohen on stage at BIA/Kelsey's ILM East conference. We talked about Foursquare's evolution, directions, monetization, and the collision of mobile and daily deals. According to Cohen, all of these can be seen in its recently released v 3.0 iPhone App. Below is an excerpt of the interview. Mike Boland: Some successful mobile products are operating on the paradigm of local discovery and moving away from search, which ruled the desktop. New swarm badges let you commemorate all the biggest events you attend. UPDATE: Sadly, it looks like multiple swarm badges weren’t meant to be.

New swarm badges let you commemorate all the biggest events you attend

Foursquare PR Manager Erin Gleason lets us know that it was an internal-only test that was accidentally made public temporarily. It has already been rolled back. It used to be that you could only earn a Swarm badge once. It didn’t matter how many big events you attended after that, you couldn’t get the same swarm badge again. Today that policy changed when foursquare began awarding new swarm badges as a way to commemorate the big events you attend. The badges will only show up once on your profile page, but you and your friends will be able to see them in a new “Swarms” section of your badges page. You earn swarms anytime you show up to someplace with more than 50 of your closest foursquare friends. The bigger the event you attend, of course, the bigger the swarm badge you’ll receive.

LocaModa begins first national rollout of “venue safe” foursquare app. When a business starts showing foursquare tips on a screen for every customer to see, the last thing they want is a tip to pop up saying “Stay away from the cheeseburgers, they’re terrible!”

LocaModa begins first national rollout of “venue safe” foursquare app

To help alleviate those fears, LocaModa has devised a “venue safe” foursquare app that is seeing its first national rollout this week courtesy of Reach Media Group. LocaModa’s foursquare app shows checkin information, tips, specials and the current mayor. To make it “venue safe,” they’ve added filters that prevent any inappropriate, negative or spammy tips from appearing on the screens.

Foursquare expands their NFC checkin trial to Google I/O. When the Google I/O conference opens tomorrow, some foursquare users will have a new way to check in — using the NFC chip in their smartphones.

Foursquare expands their NFC checkin trial to Google I/O

Foursquare announced tonight that they’ve partnered with Google to launch a larger-scale test of NFC checkins that will allow users to simply tap their phones on foursquare posters around the conference to check in. And to encourage people to start tapping, they’re launching a Google I/O badge for the event. NFC (or near-field communications) chips are still relatively scarce in the mobile phone market, but newer Android phones — especially the Nexus S — tend to have them. They’re expected to become much more common in the market soon, with Blackberry promising most of their new phones this year will carry the chips and Apple rumors pointing to their addition to the iPhone line either this year or next. NFC checkins are still in the early testing phases, but they’re likely to figure heavily into foursquare’s future.