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Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website from Scratch. In the last article we’ve seen the basic rules to create a simple layout for a website.

Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website from Scratch

After concentrating on the pc-desktop version, in this fifth part of the series, we’ll see which are the rules to apply to make the layout responsive. So, the final result will become pleasant for both tablets and smartphones, as we’ll see in the final part. Remember that a responsive design isn’t a mere matter of a technique applied to pat yourself on the back, but it’s a way to enhance the experience of the user in using the website. As I introduced in the fourth article of the series, for the sake of clarity, we’ll use two stylesheets for our website to keep different concepts separated; in relation with this topic, it’s good to remember that in production, you should use one of the available tools to minimize and merge the various CSS stylesheets into a unique file to improve performances.

First of all, we’ve to set the chosen breakpoints in our document. Zoom always triggers hasLayout. (21) Kevin Suttle's answer to User Interfaces: Who started the trend of using the hamburger icon (☰) as a menu button. Making Embedded Content Work In Responsive Design. A few HTML elements don’t play nice with responsive layouts.

Making Embedded Content Work In Responsive Design

One of these is the good ol’ iframe, which you may need to use when embedding content from external sources such as YouTube. In this article, we’ll show you how to make embedded content responsive using CSS, so that content such as video and calendars resize with the browser’s viewport. Gallery of Responsive Sites. Screen Sizes. Responsive Typography: The Basics. By Oliver Reichenstein When we built websites we usually started by defining the body text.

Responsive Typography: The Basics

The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest used to follow almost by itself. Used to. Until recently, screen resolution was more or less homogenous. Today we deal with a variation of screen sizes and resolutions. Adaptive vs. Responsive, what’s the difference? Posted on 23 February 2012 There seems to be some confusion about these terms and what they mean, so here’s my thoughts on the subject and few links to back them up.

Adaptive vs. Responsive, what’s the difference?

I’m usually not very keen when it comes to debating over what something is called, but this time I wanted to make it clear, as I hear this question quite often. Responsive Design. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. ON 25 MAY 2010, when Ethan Marcotte coined the phrase “responsive web design,” he defined it as using fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries to deliver elegant visual experiences (e.g. layouts and type treatments) that accommodate the reality of our post-iPhone, post-Android, post-iPad digital landscape: Rather than tailoring disconnected designs to each of an ever-increasing number of web devices, we can treat them as facets of the same experience.

Responsive Design. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

We can design for an optimal viewing experience, but embed standards-based technologies into our designs to make them not only more flexible, but more adaptive to the media that renders them. Proportional scaling of responsive boxes using just CSS - We made you look. Having fluid width squares or rectangles (any kind of “box” you like actually) has always been a problem with responsive or fluid width sites.

Proportional scaling of responsive boxes using just CSS - We made you look

How do you specifiy the height of an element as a percentage of the width of the very same element without using javascript wizardry? Here’s an example of what result we want, and the result most people are used to without resorting to using javascript: The reason this actually works is that padding in percent IS based on the elements width. So it turns out you actually CAN set the height of an element relative to its own width. For a simple working example with four ultra-cute placekittens, see this basic fiddle.

And yes, the only reason for the different image sizes in the fiddle is to get an unique ultra-mega-cute kitten for each image. Techniques for Responsive Typography. When it comes to responsive type on the web, there's more to do than just resizing the text's container and having the text reflow inside of it.

Techniques for Responsive Typography

This in-depth article covers various techniques for making text responsive. One of the most important aspects of responsive web design is responsive typography. When it comes to responsive type on the web, there’s more to do than just resizing the text’s container and having the text reflow inside of it. From choosing a font type and color, to achieving legible font sizes, line heights, and line lengths on different screen sizes, there are several ways to go about achieving fluid and truly responsive text on the web.

Responsive Email

Ish. yet another viewport resizer. Web Design, Speaking, Consulting, Music and Art. I Have No Idea What I'm Doing with Responsive Web Design. Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of spending some quality time with some of the web’s most talented designers.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing with Responsive Web Design

Whether over Skype, on the Happy Monday podcast, or on the upcoming Treehouse Chat show, I’ve been listening hard to the different angles and strategies revolving around Responsive Design. I’d like to share some of those insights with you now. We’re All Figuring This Thing Out I’m fortunate enough to co-host a podcast with the lovely and talented, Sarah Parmenter. Last week she was telling me about her experience at the annual Responsive Day Out conference that she had attended that day with the likes of Elliot Jay Stocks, Laura Kalbag, Mark Boulton, Jeremy Keith and more. 4 Common Responsive Web Design Pitfalls. There are now more smartphone or tablet internet users than those surfing via desktop PCs.

4 Common Responsive Web Design Pitfalls

This has led many savvy marketers to opt for a separate mobile-based platform where they could promote their brand and avail the traffic coming from portable gadgets. However, this practice requires additional expense as it involves designing and maintaining mobile websites along with the desktop ones. Fortunately, these practices have now become almost obsolete thanks to the responsive web design that emerged with the advent of HTML5 and CSS3. Responsive web design purges the need for having a separate mobile website as it empowers the webmaster to present a website that can resize or fit itself to the screen size of any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Frameworks - grids The new rules of the responsive web. Responsive web design has become a near ubiquitous buzzword on the web.

The new rules of the responsive web

Try searching for #rwd on Twitter to find equal parts content and Twitter spam. This is a common phase in the maturing of a new idea. I remember when AJAX was all the rage; the term got driven into the ground. Now, few people talk about AJAX but libraries like jQuery are fully embraced in a developer’s workflow. Binary / Image File to Base64 Encoder / Translator. Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript - enquire.js. The Lowdown What is it? Enquire.js is a lightweight, pure JavaScript library for responding to CSS media queries.

JavaScript callbacks for media queries matching and unmatching. Clean & intuitive API Absolutely tiny - around 0.8kb minified & gzipped! Small, Painful Buttons: Why Social Media Buttons Might be Killing Your Mobile Site by ZURB. You build sites for mobile devices, right? Then you might've noticed the one pesky issue with responsive sites is the loading speed, especially when there's a slow cell connection. What you may not know is that there is a likely culprit for at least part of your problem — the ever-present social media buttons.

On small devices, such as mobile phones, bandwidth and latency are at a premium. The response time from the server can compound over a cell connection and cause some serious delays. How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices. Advertisement A recent study (PDF) found that more than 80% of people are disappointed with the experience of browsing Web on mobile devices and would use their smartphones more if the browsing experience improved. This isn’t surprising when 64% of smartphone users expect websites to load in 4 seconds or less, while the average website takes more than twice that amount, at 9 seconds. Off Canvas. This version of the Off Canvas pattern works by using negative margins and changing class names with JavaScript. Transition effects are accomplished using css3 transitions. I'll go over the basic style concepts below. A Responsible Start. Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website From Scratch: IntroductionBuildMobile.

In the last series (“Understanding Responsive Web Design“), I defined the basic features of this new and important responsive approach to mobile-friendly, device-agnostic design. Now, let’s set the stage for a more concrete work. We’ve seen that there are many aspects to take into consideration throughout the responsive design process: screen size, operating platform, user behavior, and so on. We have explored the various measurement options for fonts in a website, and we’ve covered the best way to approach typography in terms of responsive web design. We’ve explored the characteristics of four different layout types and their respective fields of implementation. We’ve covered some common problems that a web designer may encounter when managing responsive images (and pointed out potential solutions).

Seamless Responsive Photo Grid. Let's say you have a bunch of images you want to display, and the goal is to get them edge-to-edge on the browser window with no gaps. Just because you think that would be cool. They are of all different sizes. 50 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools For Designers. For the past few days, we have showed you some of the best WordPress and Joomla responsive themes you can download and use on your site.

Testing lab

Building A Better Responsive Website. Your Media Queries are Wrong. Fix them with Viewport Genie and mqGenie - Web Standards - Firewoiks: Extensions, resources & tutorials for Fireworks, Dreamweaver & HTML5/CSS3. Media Query width and vertical scrollbars. Responsive Web Design Resources. Everything you always wanted to know about touch icons. “Touch icons” are the favicons of mobile devices and tablets. Adding them to your web page is easy, and I’m sure you already know how this works using HTML: Hide the Address Bar within Mobile Safari. With both iOS and Android-driven devices using WebKit as their browser's rendering engine, web developers have many advantages:

Styling buttons in iOS WebKit and -webkit-appearance:none. I just recently ran into an issue when styling buttons that had me pulling my hair for a while. I had my buttons looking the way they were supposed to look in desktop browsers, but when I went to have a look in Safari for iOS, much of my CSS wasn’t applied. Retinajs/src/retina.js at master · imulus/retinajs. Grids Documentation. Which CSS Grid Framework Should You Use for Web Design? A Look at Responsive CSS Frameworks. CSS frameworks have gone responsive, squeezing content into a spectrum of desktop and mobile browsers with varying degrees of success. While any CSS solution for layout is preferable to nested tables, no single solution fits every website. But that hasn’t stopped them from trying. An Expert Roundtable Discussion on Responsive Grids. Responsive Web Design in the Browser Part 2: The Tools. Style Tiles. Responsive Layouts, Responsively Wireframed.

PhoneGap. Windows Phone Emulator. Installing the Windows Phone SDK. Responsive? Building A Responsive Layout With Skeleton. A simple CSS framework. Building Responsive Layouts presentation at Responsive Web Design Summit. Developing Responsive Designs With Opera Mobile Emulator. 50 fantastic tools for responsive web design. Responsive Images Test Page. A thing from

Gridpak - The Responsive grid generator. Goldilocks and the Three Device Pixel Ratios [Legends of the Sun Pig - Martin Sutherland's Blog] Creating Intrinsic Ratios for Video. Responsive embeds – Anders M. Andersen. Responsive? Pixel Aspect Ratio Calculator. Dive into Responsive Prototyping with Foundation. Foundation: Rapid Prototyping and Building Framework from ZURB. Code example of Responsive web design using CSS3 Media Queries (design @ IBM developerWorks) Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts And Optimal Form Field Labels. Better background images for responsive web design. Picking A Mobile Support Strategy For Your Website. Media Queries for Standard Devices. The Responsive Designer.

Essential considerations for crafting quality media queries. Danny Chambers - Interface Developer. Gridset. Enquire.js - Media Query Callbacks in JavaScript. Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff without Mockups.