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Oliver Pietsch. The Art of the Title Sequence - "Charlie Chaplin" RANDOM. Film « Open Government Data. A big thank you to the following people for their help in translating the film: Albanian James Michael DuPont Arabic Mehdi Lamloum (Personal Site) Bulgarian Gergana Tomova, Fulbright scholar, M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management (Fordham University) Catalan Adrià Mercader (Personal website)Ignasi Labastida i Juan Chinese (Simplified) Chang Weitze (Whisky) (Youth Synergy Taiwan Foundation) Chinese (Traditional) Czech Jindřich Mynarz Dutch Sander van der Waal (OSS Watch) Finnish Antti Poikola, HILA Open Oy, (Personal website)Antti Eskola French Pierre Chrzanowski (Science and Technology Departement, French Embassy in UK)Julien Baillergeau (Parlorama)Edouard Meier (Parlorama)Flavien Deltort (Parlorama)Claire Gallon (LiberTIC) German Greek Thodoris Papadopoulos, Member of the Greek Government, (Personal site)Nikolaos Konstantinou (Athens Information Technology)Spiros Athanasiou Hebrew Eyal Levin (Public Knowledge Workshop) Hungarian Italian Lithuanian Macedonian Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazilian) Romanian.

Film « Open Government Data

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10 Brilliant Complete Movies Online - The List Universe

I have selected 10 of the best and have embedded them below. 1. M 1931, Fritz Lang Someone is murdering children in a German city. 2. The sufferings of a martyr, Jeanne D’Arc (1412-1431). 3. An unauthorized production of Bram Stoker’s work (The legal heirs didn’t give their permission), so the names had to be changed. 4. Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed on a lark by the spineless governor of his state. 5. Rebellious socialite Ellie Andrews marries King Wesley but her wealthy father has it annulled. 6. Union solders have stolen The General, a Confederate train manned by Johnnie Gray, who was unable to enlist in the Confederate army because he is needed as an engineer. 7. God disembowels himself with a straight razor. 8. A lone prospector ventures into Alaska looking for gold. 9. 10. Bonus: 1984 1984, Michael Radford Technorati Tags: movies.