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Java. Another look at Anime. Fascinating and intriguing, Japanese animation is too often reduced to clichés, or not taken seriously.

Another look at Anime

So, for those willing to discover another face of anime, to learn easily few major things, the following panel is pure gold. Called “That Scene was Awesome: Japan’s Iron Animators (Sakuga Anime)“, it presents & explains the works of several key animators (sakuga), and why it matters. Allowing you to see details that influence your experience. The Egyptian Revolution on Twitter. This is a preliminary result of the network of retweets with the hashtag #jan25 at February 11 2011, at the time of the announcement of Mubarak’s resignation.

The Egyptian Revolution on Twitter

If you retweeted someone, or has been retweeted, it is possible that your username is one of these tinny points (or maybe a bigger one?). To collect the network data, I used the Gephi Graph Streaming plugin, connected it to a Python web server I made myself. This web server works like a bridge, it connects to the Twitter Streaming API using the statuses/filter service and converts the users and retweets to nodes and edges in a network format that can be read by the Gephi Graph Streaming plugin.

Nodes are twitter users, and links appear between the nodes A and B when B retweeted a message of A containing the hashtag #jan25.