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TRANSPARENCY AND THE FUTURE OF WORK – by Terri Griffith. Transparency is at the heart of modern work and organizations.


Tom Malone, in his book, The Future of Work, talks of a shift to more decentralized organizations where there is “participation of people in making the decisions that matter to them” [emphasis in the original]. FinTech powerlist: These are the most influential people in FinTech on Twitter and social media. FNO Mobile. Supply chain finace speciaslts Taulia raises $27m. Taulia, the market-leading provider for supplier financing, announced today that it has raised $27 million in Series D funding.

Supply chain finace speciaslts Taulia raises $27m

This follows the announcement in October 2012 by Prime Minister David Cameron of his Supply Chain Finance scheme, which underscores the growing need for small businesses to have affordable access to funding. EH Intelligence by Sidetrade. Text of the news Associés dans une démarche innovante, Euler Hermes, n°1 mondial de l’assurance-crédit et Sidetrade, leader européen de la relation financière clients, vous proposent une solution exclusive de pilotage de vos risques sur l’ensemble du cycle de vente.

EH Intelligence by Sidetrade

> Contactez-nous pour obtenir une démonstration gratuite de l'outil Maîtrisez voTre cycle "business-to-cash" Tout au long du cycle « business-to-cash », EH Intelligence by Sidetrade vous assure des gains de productivité, sécurise la gestion de vos encours et améliore votre visibilité sur les risques liés au poste client. Une gestion du poste client optimisée 1 - Développez votre performance commerciale : 2 - Optimisez votre couverture du risque : Comparaison et surveillance des encours et des limites de créditsProposition de couverture optimale de vos encours en combinant garanties primaires et complémentaires, selon les caractéristiques de votre contratAlertes BODACC.

Kusiri Wins ‘3D FinTech Challenge 2013’ Start me up: I'm fintech. Andy Davis says opportunities are increasing for financial technology entrepreneurs seeking to showcase their businesses to investors.

Start me up: I'm fintech

Fintech Innovation Lab lands in Hong Kong. Accenture has teamed up with some of the world's biggest banks to bring its Fintech Innovation Lab to Asia Pacific.

Fintech Innovation Lab lands in Hong Kong

Already well-established in New York and London, the Fintech Innovation Lab offers startups the chance to participate in a 12 week programme designed to help them accelerate their product development and gain exposure to industry bigwigs. Next Bank Asia 2014 – Singapore » Nektarios Liolios, Startupbootcamp Fintech. European e-invoicing shows solid growth. 840 million electronic invoices were processed and delivered to invoice receivers in 2013 by members of the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), based on a set of survey results completed in June 2014.

European e-invoicing shows solid growth

This represented a significant growth of 19 per cent over 2012 volumes of 706 million. EESPA commissioned this first annual survey among its members as part of a continuing commitment to supporting the rapid market growth of e-invoicing and to play its part in monitoring take-up. The survey was carried out through a trusted third party on the basis of actual transaction volumes, collected on a confidential basis from individual EESPA members for the calendar years 2012 and 2013. EU Directive on e-Invoicing. The BII workshop welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement (European Commission Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic invoicing in public procurement.

EU Directive on e-Invoicing

COM(2013) 449 final. Brussels, 26.6.2013), and supports the objective of the Directive to remove market access barriers in cross border public procurement. As one of its key measures to increase the uptake of electronic invoicing in the European market, the proposed directive calls for the establishment of a European Standard (EN) for a Semantic Data Model for a European Core Invoice. NEXT BANK EUROPE. NEXT BANK EUROPE is a collaborative conference that covers innovation, transformation and startup-driven disruption in financial services in Europe.


NEXT BANK EUROPE recognizes that the new competitive environment resulting from exponential growth of new technologies, the rapid change in customer behavior and new business models presents a unique opportunity for players inside and outside the industry in an environment which is uncertain and volatile. NEXT BANK EUROPE is an event for Europe where traditional players like banks, consultancies and technology vendors will share the stage with alternative players like startups, digital ecosystems and players from other industries.

Next Bank Conferences. Events Calendar May 14 & 15 – Next Bank Asia, SingaporeJune 11/12 – Next Bank USA, BostonAugust – Next Bank ShanghaiSeptember 4/5 – Next Bank BogotaSeptember 18/19 – Next Bank EuropeOctober 15/16 - Next Bank Americas, Mexico CityNovember – Next Bank SydneyDecember – Next Bank Sao Paulo We run large diverse events for the financial services industry.

Next Bank Conferences

About Fintech. Fintech is a leading ISO 9001.2008 certified enterprise information technology solutions and services provider with 5 operations across Africa; Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Uganda and Zimbabwe and has over 20 years’ experience in providing cutting edge solutions and services in various sectors and mainly the financial services industry (FSI) in both presence and non-presence countries across Africa such as; Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, Libya, The Gambia, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Mauritius, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tunisia.

About Fintech

EDF2012 Simon Redfern - Open Bank Project. Where the FinTech Industry Party Is. If you asked me two weeks ago where should a FinTech professional (vendors, bankers, analysts, system integrators, the lot) go to listen to the thought leaders real feelings about the industry beyond mere wooden language reports and podcasts I would have said “Twitter” without blinking. In all honesty, I would have likely augmented it by a “DUH” most days, that is how evident it is that the real conversation, the rare moments of honest, raw opinion moments only happen on Twitter in the virtual world for our industry. There are LinkedIn Groups but for some reason they never took off, there are blogs and the snarky-er ones (ahem!)

With all that said, a few days ago something happened that shook my belief in how Twitter is the one and only engagement channel. An industry Facebook page got a total of 92 comments on a seemingly innocuous question: “NextBankers what’s your definition of “digital” in banking?”. Two Fintech Startups Tackle Small-Business Problem: Slow Payers. Large companies can be willfully lazy about paying their bills on time, sometimes keeping their suppliers waiting for 60, 90 even 120 days. But those suppliers — many of which are small businesses — have bills to pay, too, and they often can't wait two to four months to get paid. That's where technology startups Payplant and Tradeshift come in. In what might be described as a modern, Internet-based equivalent of factoring, the firms offer cash advances to small companies that can't afford to wait for invoices to be paid.

When the invoices are finally paid, the lenders are paid back. Simon Redfern "The Open Banking Project" 7 Questions with Simon Redfern, Founder of the Open Bank Project. New trade body to put British fintech on the map. The Top 10 Big Scientific Advances of 2025. What's life going to look like in 2025? Well, the folks in Thomson Reuters' IP and Science group have come up with an ingenious method of building a crystal ball. They looked at recently-published patents and scientific papers to try to devine which emerging technologies could gain widespread traction by 2025. The papers were deemed more influential if they'd been cited a large number of times; patent classifications were ranked by the number of recent patents in that particular category. The core assumption seems to be that if the scientific and entrepreneurial communities are putting particular effort into something today, they'll make some good progress within the 10 years.

NEXT BANK EUROPE. Banking disrupter teams up with Fiserv to boost new challengers. The man behind Metro Bank and Atom Bank is working with banking software maker Fiserv to create a retail banking IT platform for entrants in the sector. The software as a service (SaaS) IT platform, known as Agiliti, is an attempt to reduce the costs and risks associated with the heaving regulated retail banking sector. Customers will build the platform in a modular fashion and banks will only pay for what they use. The software and infrastructure offering is dedicated solely to the UK banking market. Santander launches $100m London fintech fund. Santander is creating a $100m venture capital fund in London for financial technology (fintech) suppliers.

The fund, based in London, will invest worldwide and provide finance to emerging fintech companies, allowing Santander to gain access to the latest innovations in banking. Disrupt Europe Tour: London, Prague, Berlin & More.