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How To Find A Job You Love in 90 Days. Fighting Factions: How Startups Can Scale Without Mutiny. David Loftesness and Alexander Grosse know a thing or two about hypergrowth.

Fighting Factions: How Startups Can Scale Without Mutiny

You might say they wrote the book on it. Between them, they’ve held engineering leadership roles at Twitter, SoundCloud, Amazon/A9, issuu and Nokia — in many cases, during periods when hot products demanded that those companies stretch in new ways, and fast. Now Grosse, Director of Engineering for BCG Digital Ventures, and Loftesness, the Head of Platform at eero, have lived through both the brilliant and bleak moments of scaling teams. Throughout their careers, they’ve noted one problem that can be particularly damaging to a fast-growing company: factions.

Because if you’re going to launch the proverbial rocket ship, you need everyone focused on the same destination—not wrestling over the controls. In this exclusive interview, Loftesness and Grosse look at five areas where startups can either take action to deactivate destructive factionalism or even prevent them from forming in the first place.

The Digital Industrial Revolution : TED Radio Hour. Multilingual people make better employees because their brains are structured differently — Quartz. Speaking a different language—whether it’s your grandparents’ tongue or high-school Spanish—fundamentally changes the structure of your brain.

Multilingual people make better employees because their brains are structured differently — Quartz

Put a bunch of these malleable minds together in a company, and you create the potential for some truly original thinking. We already know that businesses thrive on the diversity of ideas created by a multicultural workforce. Multicultural awareness is an essential soft skill in work as well as life, and it goes beyond office culture to economic benefits: According to a recent survey by the Economist, two-thirds of 572 international company executives say that their teams’ multicultural nature increases their organization’s innovation. But the languages these diverse teams speak might be just as significant as their cultural offerings. Free Seminars in New York City & Online.

Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere. Adam Grant. Adam Grant On Interviewing to Hire Trailblazers, Nonconformists and Originals. Bestselling author and Wharton professor Adam Grant has spent years researching and interviewing originals.

Adam Grant On Interviewing to Hire Trailblazers, Nonconformists and Originals

There’s the seasoned chief executive who cusses freely and challenges candidates to apply for jobs by tweeting at her. Or the author who tackles weighty topics like artificial intelligence and virtual reality with stick figure illustrations. And the former spy who founded an airline and is betting on Utah as the next big tech hub. In Originals, Grant shows how to identify, foster and nurture nonconformists — here he expounds on how to recognize and recruit them in a startup setting.

As a former magician and Junior Olympic springboard diver, Grant is in the company of the curious, versatile brethren he’s profiled. In this interview, Grant explains why it’s imperative for early-stage companies to hire originals. The Case to Hire Originals at Startups The initial act of founding a company is an expression of nonconformity.

“It’s true that every leader needs followers. Unsung heroes. 5 questions pour s'orienter dans sa vie professionnelle. Cliquez, écoutez cet article en podcast : Alors que les sombres nuages du chômage continuent d’encourager les peurs, comment faire pour s’orienter professionnellement, surtout quand le projet n’apparait pas clairement ?

5 questions pour s'orienter dans sa vie professionnelle

Dans un récent échange avec une jeune diplômée, ingénieure (ouhaou, c’est un sacré beau bagage), je retrouvai dans ses questionnements les mêmes que j’avais à son âge. Certaines personnes grandissent avec une passion qui les dévorent, ils deviennent acteurs, pâtissiers, docteurs, menuisiers car ils en ont toujours rêvé. Chouette pour eux, ils poursuivent une forme de prédestination qui leur permet de s’accomplir. Jabord.

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Elaee : Chasseurs de têtes, communication, digital et marketing. Julie Carle - CV - Chef de Projet / Consultante Marketing. - Jeunes diplômés - Accueil - Recrutement, offres d'emploi cadres et offres de stage. Accueil - Home - Careers International. Rédiger un CV en langues étrangères. La recherche d’un stage à l’étranger est toujours une étape difficile pour un étudiant.

Rédiger un CV en langues étrangères

Certains organismes faisant parti de l’Unosel peuvent vous aider à trouver des stages à l’étranger, mais vous devrez vous y prendre longtemps à l’avance pour avoir le temps de vous occuper des formalités administratives (visa, vaccins…), mais vous devrez également disposer d’un CV vendeur dans la langue du pays et avec ses règles d’écriture. Rédiger un CV en anglais Etat Civil Dans les pays Anglo-saxon la législation sur la discrimination est très stricte. Votre état civil doit se limiter à des informations très basiques, il faut bannir toute information privée. Nom/prénomAdresse(pays)E-mailTéléphone (+33 pour la France en enlevant le premier zéro) Par principe d’égalité des chances, n’indiquez jamais votre âge, situation familiale et sexe.

Objectif de carrière Cette rubrique correspond à un résumé de curriculum vitae français. Expérience Formation Langues Divers (centres d’intérêts) 1. Etat civil.