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Glow In Dark Mountain Dew Bottle - Video - StumbleUpon. Scaring the s*** out of the kids. 15 Different Ways To Tie Your Sneakers Pictures - - StumbleUpon. Little tips to keep opened snack. & Coolest Photo - StumbleUpon. Moss graffiti making tips - StumbleUpon. Fake Toilet Paper Roll. Is there anything worse than going to the bathroom only to find you forgot to check if there was any toilet paper?

There is Now! I made a fake roll of toilet paper out of cardboard, and inserted a removable prank message for that moment of truth when your victim realizes that no salvation will come from that little white roll. I can't wait to get my little brothers with this guy! Happy Pranking! Worlds Largest Monopoly Game - StumbleUpon. How to make skittles vodka - StumbleUpon. Application for a night out - hisnhers. Rate My Valid Stop Signs - StumbleUpon.