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Open university: Joi Ito plans a radical reinvention of MIT's Media Lab. This article was taken from the November 2012 issue of Wired magazine.

Open university: Joi Ito plans a radical reinvention of MIT's Media Lab

Be the first to read Wired's articles in print before they're posted online, and get your hands on loads of additional content by subscribing online. Joi Ito, 46-year-old director of MIT's Media Lab since last September, has just selected the faculty's newest outpost: the troubled streets of downtown Detroit.

"I was in a rough neighbourhood there yesterday, where there are miles and miles of bombed out buildings, and it just blows your mind to see a bunch of kids building urban farms," he says back in his office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "They have no streetlights. If you connect a streetlight to the grid, it gets controlled by the city and regulated. "Being open, you're much less likely to have someone competitive emerge and you're also much more likely to find somebody who wants to come to work with you. And that will come from pursuing distinctly unconventional research goals.

About Stanford Online. Stanford Online offers a variety of professional education opportunities in conjunction with many of the University’s schools and departments.

About Stanford Online

We also offer an array of free online courses taught by Stanford faculty to lifelong learners worldwide. Sharing as we innovate: Stanford Online is a university-wide initiative coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning (VPOL). VPOL advances faculty-driven online learning initiatives and research, providing exceptional educational opportunities to Stanford students by transforming the way learning is organized in our classrooms and far beyond them. We provide support to Stanford faculty and staff for course design and production, including instructional design services, content production, and online delivery.

We foster collaboration with other education organizations by sharing course material, data-driven research, and source code for enhancements to our open-source platform Stanford OpenEdX. 10 pro tips for creatively leading a design project. Whatever your design discipline and whatever the size of your company, there are certain fundamentals that apply to creatively leading a design project.

10 pro tips for creatively leading a design project

Here is a snapshot of a set of evolving principles I have been developing in conjunction with my team at Fjord. Follow them, internalise them, keep checking back to see whether you're fulfilling them - and you shouldn't go far wrong... Looking for a new career challenge? Check out our jobs board! 01. Understanding the people we are designing for is the bedrock of what we do - but is easier said than done. 02. When you're given a project brief by a client, that's the start of the process of understanding what they want and need - not the end. 03.

When deciding how best to fulfil the client's brief, don't just go for your first idea. 04. Every design project will have a set of constraints. 05. Establishing a baseline set of principles, needs and requirements, and getting them signed off by your client and stakeholders, is vital. 06. 07. Where I Work: Creative Serendipity. How Facebook Survived 34 Intense Days Of "Lockdown" To Build Graph Search.

It’s been merely two weeks since Facebook launched its Graph Search tool in limited beta, but already Loren Cheng has had his hands full.

How Facebook Survived 34 Intense Days Of "Lockdown" To Build Graph Search

Cheng is a product manager on Facebook’s Graph Search team; Cheng’s team-within-the-team specifically worked on natural language problems: that is, ensuring that when people type ordinary English into the search bar, Graph Search is smart enough to return the proper results. “One of the difficulties,” Cheng tells Fast Company, “is the ambiguity of the English.” Say you have a user who enters the query “photos of engineers in Mumbai.” Is that engineers who live in Mumbai, or engineers who happened to be in Mumbai at the moment a photograph was taken? Graph Search is smart enough to make the educated guess that you want the first set, but at the top of the screen it will nonetheless offer you the second option, with clarifying language. Cheng and his team will wait with bated breath, on the other side of the window.