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Facebook Twitter - Study, Volunteer, Teach & Internships abroad. Medical & Healthcare Internships Abroad. Pre-Medical: For those contemplating a career as a doctor, interning abroad gives you an opportunity to shadow seasoned doctors, observe procedures, and participate in community outreach.

Medical & Healthcare Internships Abroad

You can be placed in a rural clinic or in a big city hospital. You biggest asset will be our knowledge of health and ability to provide health education. Nursing: You will most likely learn how to assist in medical procedures, and duties such as bandaging, taking blood pressure, and assisting staff with deliveries. Some internships will involve working with pre and post-natal women, particularly if you're interested in midwifery.

HIV/AIDS Prevention: As we continue to fight the war against HIV and AIDS, interns often find this area to be one both of interest and one they as passionate about as it effects so many young people. Internship Abroad Programs and Job Placements. Jobs / Volunteering. Volunteer - Foodbank Victoria. Thank you for considering to choose Foodbank Victoria as an organisation that you wish to support.

Volunteer - Foodbank Victoria

We rely heavily on the individuals, community and corporate groups who volunteer their time and skills to help us service the community in our food relief efforts. As demand for our service grows, your support is critical to our success. In the 2013-14 financial year, 32,760 hours of support was donated by volunteers. We simply could not operate without your support. Please have a look at the below video, made by two of our volunteers, which describes what to expect when volunteering at Foodbank Victoria. Corporate Groups. Glossary. Certification Certified copies are copies which have been formally endorsed as true copies by a person or agency recognised by the law of your country, (for example, a notary official, a Justice of the Peace) and recognised by the Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for this purpose.


Each copy of the document must be certified separately and must clearly show: The words ‘certified true copy of the original’ The signature of the certifying officer The name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer legibly printed below the signature It must be possible, from the details provided for ACWA, to contact the certifying officer if necessary.

Community worker Community work occupations Few practitioners work under the generic title of community worker their position titles often being linked to the client group with whom they work. Overseas Study, Summer Short Courses, Winter Short Courses, Study Abroad, Intern Abroad, Volunteer Abroad. Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia Ltd. Conference - Multicultural Volunteering: Empowering People, Connecting Communities - Victoria's portal for all things volunteering.

8.30am-4.30pm Tuesday 23 August, 2016 William Angliss Institute, Conference Room, Level 5, 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Volunteering Victoria’s Multicultural Volunteering Conference will highlight the vital role volunteering plays as a conduit for greater social inclusion, economic participation and integration.

Conference - Multicultural Volunteering: Empowering People, Connecting Communities - Victoria's portal for all things volunteering

This interactive one day event provides a platform for organisations to come together to explore topical issues and workshop practical solutions to strengthen Volunteer Management and build organisational capacity for inclusive and culturally aware volunteering programs as well as share ideas and resources. The conference will: Following consultation with members of Volunteering Victoria’s Multicultural Volunteering Special Interest Group, the format will consist of a Key Note presentation, panel discussions with leaders in the multicultural and volunteering space, presentations of academic research and concurrent workshops. Member $210 Non-member $260 Book Now. Untitled. Volunteering. Global Citizenship Volunteering projects are designed to introduce you to new people and places, expand your understanding of different cultures throughout the world and engage with unique communities.


These projects run for 2–3 weeks in both the inter-trimester break (June/July) and trimester 3 (Nov-Feb). Projects are open to students from all faculties and can involve credit. Read through the volunteering booklet for more information. To see what Global Citizenship Volunteering is all about check out the following video from a recent project in Fiji: MWL201 - Community Based Volunteering Unit details. Career Placement. STP341 Career Placement is a short term (112-120 hours) unpaid placement unit that aims to provide students with an opportunity to work with others in an organisation to build work ready professional capabilities.

Career Placement

The focus is on enhancing broad employability skills without a need to apply discipline/course-specific knowledge and skills. Industry based learning. Industry based learning (IBL) units encourage a hands-on approach to learning and allows you to apply generic employability skills and capabilities in the area that you are majoring in.

Industry based learning

The advantage of the IBL placement is that the longer 3, 6 or 12 month paid placement, in a full-time capacity, assists you in defining your career direction. These are high quality full-time intensive placements and you are paid approximately 80 per cent of a graduate salary. IBL is only available for new employment - NOT for students' current employment. Opportunities include places in the government and non-government sector, small to large companies and local and international companies. The program aims to: Most IBL opportunities are Faculty sourced with you applying via a competitive selection process. Faculty sourced industry based learning opportunities are advertised on the University's Unihub website. Contact Work Integrated Learning (WIL)