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Australia's Deakin University announces 30% In-Country Bursary. NEW DELHI: Deakin University, Australia, has announced a 'Deakin In-Country Bursary' of 30% for students enrolling for studies online in Trimester 3 commencing in November 2020, and Trimester 1 commencing in February 2021.

Australia's Deakin University announces 30% In-Country Bursary

Deakin offers premium quality and continuity for those aspiring to an international education during the pandemic. Based on the latest advice from the Australian government, on-campus classes are expected to commence in July 2021. When announcing the Bursary, ProfessorIain Martin, Vice Chancellor of Deakin University, said, "The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the dreams and decisions of many Indian students who planned to study abroad this year. We understand the uncertainty, as well as the economic and safety concerns of students and parents.

Deakin University flags redundancies due to coronavirus, lashes Federal Government for casting 'international students adrift' - ABC News. Updated about 2 hours agoTue 21 Apr 2020, 9:38am The vice-chancellor of Deakin University has emailed staff saying the university expects to lose $250–$300 million by the end of next year because of the impacts of coronavirus travel restrictions and disruptions, with redundancies inevitable.

Deakin University flags redundancies due to coronavirus, lashes Federal Government for casting 'international students adrift' - ABC News

Key points: Vice-chancellor Iain Martin accused the Federal Government of choosing to "cast international students adrift"He said all tiers of government who had benefited in the "good times" from international students should be supporting them nowHe says the projected loss of income could reach 22 per cent by the end of 2021 In the lengthy email, Iain Martin was highly critical of the Federal Government's coronavirus relief package for the higher education sector, saying it would make "very little difference for Deakin" as the university would already meet the cap on domestic students. Deakin eSolutions. Key Resources - Advanced Search Health - LibGuides at Deakin University. Results key. About Deakin. Deakin University. Learning, Teaching & Skills - Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability.

This category recognises achievement in the development of academic courses, skills and capabilities relevant to sustainability.

Learning, Teaching & Skills - Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

Winner: Sustainability Consortium for Learning StandardsBuilding national consensus for essential learning in tertiary sustainability education The key output form this project is a set of inspiring yet workable standards for tertiary sustainability education that articulate what constitutes essential learning for sustainability in tertiary education. The process of crafting the standards was highly collaborative and participatory, leading to a consensus amongst stakeholders in sustainability education about what knowledge, understanding and skills are essential for graduates from tertiary programs in sustainability.

What the judges said: This is an excellent initiative with impacts across the whole sector and the potential to be implemented across a broad range of topics. Deakin Policy Library - View Policies A-Z. View Current < Document < Deakin Policy Library. This is the current version of this document.

View Current < Document < Deakin Policy Library

To view historic versions, click the link in the document's navigation bar. (1) This Procedure is effective from 12 February 2018. (2) This Procedure is pursuant to Regulation 5.3(1) — Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses and incorporates the following schedules: Top of Page. Deakin Curriculum Framework. LIVE the future: Agenda 2020, launched July 2012, encapsulates Deakin University's plan to bring the opportunities of the digital age into the real world of Learning, Ideas, Value and Experience (LIVE).

Deakin Curriculum Framework

These four important and interconnecting elements make up the Deakin Promise. As a worldly university, informed by its Australian context and engaged with the communities it serves, Deakin promises to advance: Policy framework and guide. Assignments. Submitting your assignment You should follow assignment submission instructions as they are outlined in your Unit Guide and CloudDeakin.


If unsure check with your Unit Chair or Faculty course adviser. Should you do need to submit a hard copy at a campus and you are permitted to do so, see table below for locations. Career Education. Your career starts on the first day of your degree.

Career Education

Getting to your desired job is a journey that requires planning and acquiring skills through a series of strategic activities during your degree. Job Search Essentials provides many excellent resources to help you search for jobs, promote yourself effectively to employers and begin your career journey with confidence. To access CloudDeakin and register for the Job Search Essential resources: login to DeakinSync;click on Self Registration (as shown); choose Job Search Essentials from the Site Offerings list (as shown).

Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes. Deakin’s Graduate Learning Outcomes describe the knowledge and capabilities graduates have acquired and are able to demonstrate at the completion of their course.

Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes

Deakin's courses ensure that students develop systematic knowledge and understanding of their discipline appropriate to their level of study. Outcomes are specified at the course level, mapped to course components and are assessed. In professionally-accredited courses, learning outcomes are aligned to the relevant professional body. Deakin - Bachelor of Health Sciences. Click here for the international course option.

Deakin - Bachelor of Health Sciences

Psychology Careers. Harvard. An important purpose of the reference list is to enable readers to locate sources.


Therefore details must be correct and complete. It is important that each in-text citation and the related reference list entry are identical in spelling and year. Barikin, A 2012, Parallel presents: the art of Pierre Huyghe, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. The Cancer Council Australia 2007, National cancer prevention policy 2007–09, The Cancer Council Australia, retrieved 26 August 2010, < Clarke, DB, Doel, MA, Merrin, W & Smith, RG (eds) 2009, Jean Baudrillard: fatal theories, Taylor & Francis, retrieved 23 September 2013, Ebook Library database. Cotterall, S & Cohen, R 2003, 'Scaffolding for second language writers: producing an academic essay', ELT Journal, vol. 57, no. 2, pp. 158–66.

Deakin Learning Centres. Instead of travelling long distances to study, imagine if you could learn where you live. Welcome to Deakin Learning Centres. What are Deakin Learning Centres? Study Skills HDR resources. Study Skills is your partner in your HDR journey. We provide a range of services, resources and programs to support you at all stages of your research. For personalised support enrolled students can log in to DeakinSync. HDR cloud site Meet peers and access resources to support all stages of your candidature. Topics covered include; academic writing, staying motivated and lots more. Digital literacy tutorials. Digital literacy is one of eight Deakin University Graduate Learning Outcomes, and is defined as using technologies to find, use and disseminate information. Watch the following video.

Find Determine the key concepts Using key concepts is the best way to start your search. Develop a search strategy Once you've identified keywords and concepts, you can begin to develop a search strategy. Use Know the formats of information Information can come in many different formats. Evaluate information critically There is so much information available today. Research methods - Research Methods and Literature Review - Library Resource Guides at Deakin University. Powering up energy research. TeachAssist – Leading Courses. Deakin sets business challenge - bring us your sustainability-related problems, WOFIE will supply the brains to solve them. 21 July 2011 Deakin University is calling on the Donald Trumps and Alan Sugars of industry to challenge its post graduate students with their best business, but sustainability- related problems. Head of the Deakin Graduate School of Business, Professor Ross Chapman said the problems would be used as part of an Apprentice-style Workshop for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (WOFIE).

"It won't be for the faint-hearted," he said. "The workshop, which is being run by the university for the first time, will take place over five consecutive days (Oct 31 to Nov 4 inclusive) and involve interdisciplinary teams of postgraduate students working on the real problems set by business. "Over the five days the students will attend presentations given by futurists, business leaders and other speakers who all specialise in one way or another in innovation or entrepreneurship. " "We have decided that the theme this year will be Sustainability in Action," he said. "But crisis leads to innovative thinking.

Wofie. Australia Myanmar Institute. India - Project HOPE. Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the prevalence of NCDs and their risk factors in India. Project HOPE is contributing to India's national goal of reducing mortality from NCDs (diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease) through several programs, including the India Project UDAAN: United Dialogue & Action Against NCDs, which began in 2015.

In 2015, HOPE also began working on Innovations India: Positive Deviance for Diabetes. The Positive Deviance (PD) approach, improves health outcomes by capitalizing on existing knowledge and good practices in the community. In 2014 HOPE began working on India’s NCD Training for Maharashtra Government Officials, training health workers to develop their capacity in management of diabetes, hypertension and cancer. In 2012, HOPE began working on the India Project UDAY: The Lilly-NCD Partnership. A collection of stories, experiences, reflections and adventures of a Deakin University research team in Cambodia. HOME. Bachelor of Health Sciences Major Sequence Major Sequences. Bachelor of Health Sciences Major Sequence Major Sequences. HPS207 - Preparing for Employment Unit details.

Return to previous page Content. HPS328 - Transitioning to Work Unit details. HSE312 - Exercise and Sports Science Practicum Unit details. HSE321 - Sport Coaching and Development Practicum Unit details. HSH303 - Public Health and Health Promotion Practicum Unit details. HSH322 - Health Sciences Practicum Unit details. Content. HSN227 - Volunteering in Food and Nutrition Unit details. Return to previous page. HSN311 - Food and Nutrition Practicum Unit details. HSO304 - Work Integrated Learning A Unit details. Return to previous page Content. HSO405 - Work Integrated Learning B Unit details. HSW415 - Social Work Field Education B Unit details. HSW314 - Social Work Field Education A Unit details.

Current Students. MWL201 - Community Based Volunteering Unit details. MWL702 - Business Practicum Unit details. Contact Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Industry based learning. Career Placement. ACR303 - Criminology Practicum Unit details. HSH212 - Professional Practice Unit details.