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Support » qtranslate language selector on header. Well, there is no much help activity here ...

Support » qtranslate language selector on header

I really need to put the language selector on the header, because my blog have no sidebar, and if I put the language selector widget in the footer, possible readers will left before they know that it is written in a language they know. As I'm not been able to put the language selector inside the banner image, I have decided to put it under the banner, just before the main menu. I think that the resulting look is quite good.

You can check it here: Photographie Pierimage. L'alphabet Inuktitut. Inuktitut. Inuktitut Tusaalanga. Nunavut Living Dictionary. Inuktitut Linguistics for Technocrats. By Mick Mallon Ittukuluuk Language Programs.

Inuktitut Linguistics for Technocrats

Inuktitut Transcoder. Produits pour le maintien, la préservation et la revitalisation des langues. Linguasoft - Official Website.