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Physical change

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KS1 Bitesize Science - Kitchen Materials. Teachers TV- How Stuff Changes. Schools Science Clips - Characteristics of materials. BBC Bitesize - What are the states of matter? BBC Bitesize - What is a reaction? Schools Science Clips - Solids and liquids. BBC Bitesize - What is evaporation and condensation? BBC Bitesize - Heating and cooling materials. BBC Bitesize - What are freezing and melting? Changes in States of Matter - Videos - Homework Zone - Learning at Home: Science and the State of Matter. Hot Air, Cold Air Science Activity. One of the most amazing highlights of my trip to Dubai was the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon with Balloon Adventures Emirates.

Hot Air, Cold Air Science Activity

It was incredible! The hot air balloon ride is the inspiration behind The Hot Air, Cold Air Science Activity. There is so much science behind the idea of hot air balloons and I thought that sharing the photos with my children of the balloon ride would be a great opportunity to extend this learning into a science activity. This Hot Air, Cold Air Science Activity is a great experiment to watch the effects of hot air and cold air on a balloon. This activity is a great opportunity for kids to talk about what they can see and why it is happening. What you will need? You will need two containers, one filled with hot tap water and the other with ice and cold water. Please do not use boiling hot water for this activity. Let’s Play During the following steps of the activity, provide children with the opportunity to predict, ask questions and discuss ideas. Investigating Condensation and the Water Cycle.

Step-by-step Lesson and Free Printables Most kids are familiar with the terms precipitation, condensation, and evaporation, but very few of them really understand what those words mean.

Investigating Condensation and the Water Cycle

Just ask your students to name three examples of condensation in everyday life and watch their eyes glaze over. Huh?? Most kids understand that precipitation is a fancy word for different forms of water falling from the sky, like rain, snow, and sleet. Most kids also understand that evaporation is what happens when water "disappears" on a warm day, such as a puddle drying up. Condensation is a little harder to grasp. Condensation Investigation Here's a simple investigation that will help your students understand what condensation is, where it comes from, and where it happens in everyday life.

Condensation Investigation is designed for students working in teams, but it's a teacher-directed exploration rather than an independent group activity. Advance Preparation. Evaporation in the Water Cycle. Biology In Elementary Schools is a Saint Michael's College student project from a course that ran between 2007 and 2010.

Evaporation in the Water Cycle

The student-created resources have been preserved her for posterity. Link under 'toolbox' for printer-friendly versions of the exercises. Click on handouts to print full resolution versions. Please see Wikieducator's disclaimer, our safety statement, and the Creative Commons licensing in English and in legalese. Student worthiness Tried once by us and worked well. Primary biological content area covered. My egg experiment - ABC online education. At-Bristol Science Centre.