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Home | DGI | Digital Government Institute. Identity Theft Resource Center | A Nonprofit Organization. Information Assurance. National Security Cyber Assistance Program The National Security Agency (NSA) / Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) has established a National Security Cyber Assistance Program wherein commercial organizations can receive accreditation for cyber incident response services.

Information Assurance

This accreditation in Cyber Incident Response Assistance will validate that an organization has established processes, effective tools and knowledgeable people with the proper skill set and expertise to perform cyber incident response for national security systems. The accreditation will only be issued to organizations that meet the criteria set forth in the NSA/IAD Accreditation Instruction Manual. For more information, please see the NSCAP webpage. 2014 IAD Top Technology Challenges. OSF DataLossDB | Data Loss News, Statistics, and Research.