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Subdividing Voronoi Cells. Put voronoi 3d into a irregular shape. Constraining a Voronoi skeleton inside a Brep. Help-Voronoi-organic structure. Skeletal mesh. In response to this discussion: I am posting my definition for generating an open foam mesh.

Skeletal mesh

(I didn't post back at the time because there were some troubles with weaverbird back then and I was having to use some ugly workarounds, but now that is all fixed) To sum up the approach - take a random cloud of points. Voronoi on multi curved surface. Procedural Voronoi panels. Hi everyone, I've been cracking my head for a while trying to figure out a way to draw a grid of voronoi panels over a façade, a bit like Marinus van Hall posted here: But where the density varies throughout the different parts of each panel according to a diagram I've drawn based on the amount of sun each part of the façade gets throughout the day: Ideally I'd be able to vary the panel size as well as point density.

Procedural Voronoi panels

I've tried a few different approaches, including this one, one that feature a world map and also another one that featured a projector (can't find it anymore), but I can't get from there to the panels. Introducing 'Exoskeleton' - A wireframe thickening tool. A collaborative effort by David Stasiuk and Daniel Piker, Exoskeleton brings simple wireframe thickening to Grasshopper.

Introducing 'Exoskeleton' - A wireframe thickening tool

You input a network of lines, and it turns them into a solid (without the heavy calculation of a Boolean intersection of many pipes and spheres). The input line networks can have any topology, and need not form closed polygons or volumes, so could come from algorithms such as DLA, leaf venation, or Woolly threads. The resulting meshes are ideal for 3d printing and further processing, such as subdivision with WeaverBird and relaxation with Kangaroo. There are settings for the thickness of the struts, node sizes, and whether to leave openings at nodes with only one connected line.