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Build and test your web idea without programming. 10 free & freemium online tools to bootstrap your startup - LaunchBit. Phil Libin - "So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?", by Founder Institute. Grooveshark’s Interview. Grooveshark CTO Tags: programmer, cofounder search, undergrad founder, hiring, VC funded, school worker, undergrad dropout, design-focused, major league player (Top 50 ranked site, Alexa top 1,000) Overview: Grooveshark started in 2006 with the goal of competing with piracy and becoming the #1 destination for listening to music online.

Grooveshark’s Interview

Entrepreneur & Startup Expert Q&A, Resources and News. Quora. Hacker News. A VC. Soaring on a Pig with Bread Wings - I'm a startup guy in Brooklyn who wants to make the world suck less; I create things, startups, communities, and cute logos. This is a collection of things I upvote. HumbledMBA - Jason Freedman's lessons learned...and relearned.