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12 Epic Of Photos New Zealand, Home Of "Middle-Earth" Long roads of New Zealand.

12 Epic Of Photos New Zealand, Home Of "Middle-Earth"

No part of the country is more than 128km (79 miles) from the sea. Photo by: Trey Ratcliff Colorful sunrise over Tunnel beach. About one third of the country is protected national park. Photo by: James McGregor Sphere Rocks also known as Moeraki Boulders is a phenomenon, a formations created by hardening sea sediment – that have been exposed through sea erosion. Lake Tekapo is the second-largest of three roughly parallel lakes of the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. Wanaka river from above. Windswept Trees in the Brute Slope Point, New Zealand. Mermaid Pools at Matapouri Bay, perfect for safe swimming and family exploring.

City of Queenstown has a resident population of about 18,000 and welcomes more than 100 times that number (1.89 million) visitors per year. “The Wolves at The Hills”, sculptures around Queenstown. Home Of Adventures, Hobbiton. Sculpture that looks like a cartoon, New Zealand. Apprendre la photo, le blog.

DIY: Leather Dual Camera Harness for $70. I think the Holdfast Moneymaker is pretty awesome.

DIY: Leather Dual Camera Harness for $70

Not just because it’s made of durable materials, but because it’s an elegant solution to the problem of weilding two cameras without looking like a Navy Seal. My jaw did drop when I saw the $200~300 price tag though, since it’s basically TWO BELTS. The portrait sliders are extra, and will set you back another $50… if you want to be able to shoot vertically, that is. I’m sure the Moneymaker is well made and worth every penny, but it looked too easy to make. I’ve never worked with leather before, but I’ve done plenty of other projects, and punching a few holes didn’t seem beyond my skill level, so I set forth learning a few basic leather making skills. Tools: Leather Hole Punch(Probably the only tool you need to buy!) Materials: ***Note: I used 13 large snaps and NO rivets on this project. I started off with the buckle ends. Step 1: Make your buckle ends. Step 2: Set your snaps/rivets. Step 4: Test fit & cut! Step 10: Put her together! Ikea Hack: Warm Up LED Accent Lighting.

Installing new LED accent lighting or replacing your old energy wasting halogen under-cabinet lighting with new LED accent lights?

Ikea Hack: Warm Up LED Accent Lighting

Notice that even the “warm white” LED lights are just a touch too white or a touch too harsh compared to the warm glow of the halogen lights you’re used to seeing? Click the link for a simple way to warm up the look of LED accent lighting for less than $10 in less than two minutes by using photography gels. This Ikea hack is not just for Ikea LED accent lighting – the same method can be used for any brand of LED accent lighting. However, don’t try this with other types of under-cabinet lighting. Halogen and even fluorescent bulbs get very hot. In case you’re not a photographer, photography gels are thin sheets of colored plastic film that photographers use to color a light source. (If you are a photographer – please excuse the Photography 101). In the case of lighting in your home – most people are used to seeing tungsten / halogen light (ie.

Les clichés les plus forts du 58ème World Press Photo. Le palmarès du 58ème World Press Photo a été dévoilé ce jeudi 12 février.

Les clichés les plus forts du 58ème World Press Photo

La photo gagnante montre un couple homosexuel russe, un beau message de tolérance. En compétition avec plus de 5 000 photographes, c’est le Danois Mads Missen qui remporte le prix de la photo de l’année au 58ème World Press Photo. Son magnifique cliché montre Jon et Alex, un jeune couple homosexuel de Saint-Pétersbourg, dans un moment intime. Ce prix fait passer un beau message de tolérance puisqu’on sait que la situation de la population LGBT en Russie est très difficile.

Le photographe a d’ailleurs réalisé cette image dans le cadre d’un reportage intitulé “Homophobie en Russie“. Aujourd’hui, les terroristes utilisent des images pour faire de la propagande. Jon and Alex © Mads Missen Le World Press Photo a également récompensé d’autres clichés dans des catégories comme le sport, la nature et les portraits.

Catégorie “Portraits”, 3ème prix : “Cadets” © Paolo Verzone Catégorie “Sports”, 1er prix :