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How to Become Better Than You Ever Thought Possible. This is a guest post by Jeff Goins.

How to Become Better Than You Ever Thought Possible

Jeff is the author of four books including the national bestseller The Art of Work (available for $2.99 this week only). You can find him on Twitter and follow his award-winning blog. Why are some people so good at what they do whereas others struggle with the most basic of tasks? Have you ever wondered if you were capable of achieving more in your work and life? This question is what researcher Anders Ericsson has spent most of his career pondering. In his recent book, Peak, Ericsson points out the obvious fact that many people in our world appear as if they are endowed with certain genetic gifts and abilities that seem downright superhuman. Take the example of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who at the age of seven years old appeared to have “perfect pitch.” Surely, that was a gift. 7 Powerful Habits of a Self-Made Millionaire.

When I was 21, I was ready to take my life to the next level, but I felt stuck—I still lived at my parents' house, I was making $8 an hour at a side job, and I was enrolled in a never-ending MBA program.

7 Powerful Habits of a Self-Made Millionaire

Deep down inside, I knew I had to escape. But unlike I was used to doing, I wasn't going to run away from myself. This time I was determined to make a change—I wanted so bad to become successful, except I didn't know what to do or where to start. What I firmly believed, though, was that if I changed my habits, my habits would change me. So instead of fooling around with miscellaneous activities like sports and TV, I started reading books and giving speeches. Related: The 4 Powerful Ways to Change a Bad Habit And I saw positive results. Colouring. Daniel Goleman, "Focus: the Hidden Driver of Excellence" Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity. By Leo Babauta.

Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity

Productivity for the ADHD Mind. 50 Tricks to Get Things Done Faster, Better, and More Easily. How to Improve Penmanship. If You Want to Be More Productive, Get More Sleep. Up until recently, there was no such thing as information overload, but with 24 hour news cycles, blogs, social networks, viral videos and more, it’s hard not to have your mind bogged down with news, messages, trivia and the like.

Let’s discuss information overload in genera: How to Fight Information Overload. How To Learn How To Think. 5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective. To-do lists seem pretty straightforward: A list of all of the tasks you plan to accomplish during any given day or week.

5 Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective

And, really, there are few things more satisfying than drawing lines through each entry. 17 Small Productivity Habits. The Mini-Habit The idea behind mini habits is that you can get to a larger habit if you start small, create simple goals, and aim for consistency.

17 Small Productivity Habits

In his book Mini Habits: Small Habits, Bigger Results, Stephen Guise gives the example of “The One Pushup Challenge.” He was doing what a lot of us do. Feeling guilty about not working out, he tried to fit years worth of exercise into the first workout which created an all or nothing attitude (not to mention a focus on goals and not process.) Well, one day he decided to do the opposite. In Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less, author S. Stop Procrastinating by "Clearing to Neutral".

5 Routines To Clear Mental Clutter. That smartphone in your pocket?

5 Routines To Clear Mental Clutter

It’s nearly doubling the amount of time you spend working. A 2013 survey by the Center for Creative Leadership found that the typical smartphone-carrying professional interacts with work an average of 72 hours a week. Welcome to Forbes. Daily habits to be smarter. Evernote. Why Saying This Four-Letter Word Can Transform Your Productivity. Perfectionists are often reminded that "done is better than perfect.

Why Saying This Four-Letter Word Can Transform Your Productivity

" But it turns out there’s another reason we should all try to create more "done" moments in our workdays. Saying the word done can help you get more accomplished on your to-do list. "Telling ourselves that we’re done creates not only an emotional reaction but a physiological response as well," says Leslie Sherlin, a psychologist, neuroperformance specialist, and the cofounder of the brain-training company SenseLabs. According to Sherlin, when we’re concentrated on a task, the brain’s electrical activity is heightened. But the moment we say we’re done with something, the electrical activity in our brain shifts from being activated and engaged into a more relaxed state. A neurochemical shift in the brain occurs simultaneously.

A complete list of Massive Open Online Courses (free online courses) offered by the best universities and entities. Free Online Courses - Learn With ALISON. Courses. 750+ Free Online Courses From Top Universities. The search engine for online learning - edspire. Free Textbooks Online.

Introduction This is a listing of 82 sites that legally offer free textbooks and written course material.

Free Textbooks Online

The best free cultural & educational media on the web - Open Culture. Ipl2: Information You Can Trust. Old Masters at the Top of Their Game. Essay by LEWIS H.

Old Masters at the Top of Their Game

LAPHAM Oct. 23, 2014 The portraits here are of men and women in their 80s and 90s, rich in the rewards of substantial and celebrated careers, and although I know none of them except by name and reputation, I’m asked why their love’s labor is not lost but still to be found. TEL-ebook.pdf. WorkFlowy - Organize your brain.

Emotional Intelligence. Reverse Dictionary. Lessons Worth Sharing. Lifehack - Tips for Life. Edutopia. Grants NEW! New Schools Venture Fund Grant Programs Deadline: Depends on grant type (August 29, September 16, and November) The New Schools Venture Fund is offering a trio of grants designed to expand the reach of innovative educational models and empower educators and students. Currently, funds are available that support preK-12 public schools that will launch in the next 1-3 years (November), the development of advanced learning technology that supports students (August 29), and cultivating diversity in education leadership (September 16). Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming app - SpiderScribe.

Coaching4Everyone. - Workers Assistance Program. 50 Great Coaching Questions. 50 Great Coaching Questions Guest Post by Darren Poke One of the key skills to being an effective coach is learning how to ask the right questions. As a Life Coach with over ten years experience, I have been able to build up a sizable number of coaching questions that I’ve used effectively and I thought that I would try to catalog some of my favorites for this post.

I was trained in the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward) Model, so I’ll be listing these questions under the relevant section. Goal: What must you accomplish in the next 12 months?

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Success. Visual Thinking. Future Achievement International. Success Magazine.