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Social. Miramax Rewards Would-Be BitTorrent Pirate With Free Ticket | To. It's normal for BitTorrent users to be a tiny bit paranoid, since their activities aren't always popular with everyone. But imagine musing via Twitter that your favorite movie isn't on torrent sites yet and the next thing you know the studio is in direct contact with you, asking you not to pirate the movie - and giving you a free ticket in return.

Most people sharing files on the Internet are aware that at any time they could be being monitored by any number of anti-piracy companies, investigators or lobby groups. There can be little doubt that file-sharing forums and sites around the world are being watched to a greater or less extent for the purpose of keeping tabs on piracy. And you can safely bet that the RIAA, IFPI and MPAA will read this article, just as you are. But what if a throwaway comment about torrents via Twitter was enough to put a movie studio in direct contact with you in a matter of minutes?

Ugh WHY IS ADVENTURELAND NOT ON TORRENTS YET? Cmon Amanda, don’t do it. Twitter Facts: First State of the Twitosphere in France. On this blog I already published several posts with a detailed analysis of the twitosphere in a specific country. From time to time people ask me to have a closer look at their country, e.g. France. The first question in such an analysis is the number of Twitter users in France. Twitter locates 4371 Twitter users in France (Twitter users who explicitely mention France in their location), Twitdir reports 3367 Twitter users.

Based on the location info in the Twitter profiles, I was able to find 6229 Twitter users in France, still active users. History of the Twitter accounts in France The graph below shows the history of the Twitter accounts from France. Private or public 769 Twitter acounts from France or 12% have chosen to keep their updates only available to their friends. Number of following A Twitter user can choose to follow one or more other Twitter accounts, called "following". 997 Twitter accounts from France or 16% do not follow other Twitter users. OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | | How to Demo Twitter. Real-time Twitter Search - Tweet Scan.