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Small list of strains. N Neon Super Skunk (Subcool) Super Skunk X Black Russian Nepal Baba (Dr.

small list of strains

Atomic) [Landraces; Nepal X Northern Lights] X Northern Lights Nepalese Grizzly (Kootenay Mountain) [Dutch Treat x Nepali] X Chemo Nepalese Jam (Ace) Nepalese Kathmandu Sativa X Jamaican Blue Mountain1984 Nepali (BlueHemp) Landraces; Nepal, Baglung Neville’s Haze (Green House) Pure Haze X Northern Lights Neville’s Haze Hybrid (Female Seeds) Neville’s Haze X Jack Herer New Killer Queen (Juan Moore) Airborne G13 X Cinderella 99 New Purple Cross (Mr.

O Oasis (Dutch Passion) an advancement of Northern Lights #2 Odin’s Hammer (Reeferman) Kodiak Gold X Acapulco Gold Oké 47 (Sensi) Afghani X ?? P Pakalolo (Sativa Seed Bank) Landraces; Hawaii, Maui X Skunk #1 Pakistani (BlueHemp) Landraces, Pakistan Panama (A.C.E.) [Panama 1974 X Panama] X Panama; Canary Island Panama Powerhouse (Dman) Panama Red X AK-47 Panama Punch (Cannabis Pros) Panama Green X Neville’s Haze Papaya (Nirvana) Citral #13 X Ice #2 Passion Queen (??) Germinating marijuana seeds picture gallery. There are several methods of germinating marijuana seeds.

germinating marijuana seeds picture gallery

The most popular include the use of cotton wool (cotton buds) or rockwool. Like any other seed, marijuana seeds require water to germinate. Growers will usually pre-soak the seeds in cotton wool or in a damp environment, often in the dark, making sure they keep the seeds moist but not totally wet inside the cotton wool or rockwool. The seeds will usually take a few days or a week to begin to germinate. Growers then carefully transplant the seed after the tip of the root becomes visible. Below are some examples of marijuana seeds germinating or small seedlings that have just germinated. Marijuana cooking. We show you how to cook up cannabis. Marijuana is… [pic] Easy breezy water hash - The Garden's Cure. Cheap, EASY!

Easy breezy water hash - The Garden's Cure

Water Extraction EASY BREEZY! PICS! Lots of detail any one can do this! OK Step #1 Get some frosty trich covered materials stems, leaves, buds, etc. Step #2 Get 3 5 gal buckets atleast one exceptionaly clean one(please do not use a dirty old buckets). Enjoy! Funny simple how to grow marijuana seeds to flowers instruction. Get Started Get some marijuana seeds.

Funny simple how to grow marijuana seeds to flowers instruction

If you haven't started now get too it. Lots of people save their marijuana seeds on a tray they stole from a cafeteria or a frisbee of course. No need to pay them for them. Tell them they are for a friend. Pot Seeds. Cannabis Photo Gallery.