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Kelzmer music

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The Klezmatics's profile. Klezmer Music from The Klezmatics, New York Klezmer Band. KLEZMER MUSIC. Klezmer music originated in the 'shtetl' (villages) and the ghettos of Eastern Europe, where itinerant Jewish troubadours, known as 'klezmorim', performed at joyful events ('simkhes'), particularly weddings, since the early middle age till the Nazi and Stalinian prosecutions. It was inspired by secular melodies, popular dances, 'khazones' (khazanut, Jewish liturgy) as well as by the 'nigunim', the simple and often wordless melodies, intended by the 'Hasidim' (orthodox Jews) for approaching God in a kind of ecstatic communion. In (mutual) contact with Slavic, Greek, Ottoman (Turkish), Gypsy and -later- American jazz musicians, using typical scales, tempo and rhythm changes, slight dissonance and a touch of improvisation, the 'klezmorim' acquired the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions, through a very diversified music. back home "Klezmer: it's not just music - it's a way of life!

" (Hankus Netsky) A klezmer kapelye (~1910) Attention, please: Pronounce 'kleZmer' and not 'kleTzmer'! Feidman. What is Klezmer Music? What is Klezmer Music? By Becky Weitzman Klezmer (klez´mær) n. 1 pl. klez´mor·im´ (-mæ reem´) a) [Historical] an itinerant musician who performed at Jewish weddings and holiday celebrations in Eastern Europe b) a musician who performs instrumental Jewish folk music derived from Eastern European folk songs, Hebrew melodies, etc. 2 this instrumental folk musicfrom Webster's NewWorld Dictionary When my non-Jewish friends ask me what is Klezmer, my typical answer is always, "You know - the music from Fiddler on the Roof.

Beyond that, I had never really thought about it - Klezmer music and Klezmer bands just seemed like an obvious part of my experience of being Jewish, like lighting the Shabbos candles or going to a Bar Mitzvah. The Yiddish word Klezmer is derived from the Hebrew words, klay (instrument) and zemer (music). When the Jews of Eastern Europe began immigrating to North America, they brought Klezmer music with them.

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