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Quels sont les poissons compatibles avec les guppys : Dans un aquarium, on ne trouve pas toujours uniquement que des guppys.

Quels sont les poissons compatibles avec les guppys :

C’est pourquoi il est important de connaître les espèces de poissons qui peuvent cohabiter entre elle. Pour savoir si un poisson est compatible ou non avec le guppy il faut regarder trois critères: Les paramètres de l’eau : Il faut tenir compte des besoins de chaque espèce en terme de paramètre d’eau ( température, GH, PH)L’agressivité et la vivacité de l’espèce : Certaines espèces de poissons peuvent se montrer trop agressives avec les guppys et ils pourraient les blesser. D’autres comme le Danio peuvent se montrer trop vives par rapport aux guppys, ce qui n’est pas très esthétique dans un aquarium d’ornement.Le régime alimentaire: Ne pas prendre des espèces prédateurs qui pourraient tout simplement dévorer vos guppys. Le Platy. Mise en place d un aquarium en photo. Cet article s’adresse aux débutants qui s’apprêtent à mettre en eau leur aquarium, en leur présentant le déroulement illustré par des photos.

Mise en place d un aquarium en photo

Au préalable je vous conseille de lire cet article du forum de discussion. Vous pouvez également consulter notre. The Lion's Family : les algues dans l'aquarium. Trinidad guppy. Guppy Blog. Breeding And Guppy Fish Care. An article submitted by Exotic Aquariums Guppies or Poecilia reticulate belong to the family Poecilidae.

Breeding And Guppy Fish Care

They are some of the most colorfully decorated freshwater fish available on the market. Robert John Lechmere is accredited with "discovering" this tiny fish in Trinidad in 1866. Guppies are native to Barbados, Brazil, Guyana, Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Venezuela. Just like goldfish and betta fish, guppies have been selectively bred to increase their coloration and exaggerated their dorsal fins. Guppy fish care Guppies are docile fish and make the perfect addition to community tanks. The guppy thrives in neutral water with a temperature range between 72-83 °F (22-28°C). Tropical Fish - The ultimate UK fish keeping resource for all types of tropical and marine fish, including fish books, articles, fish shops, fish clubs and more. In common with other Hemiancistrus this species is generally easy to maintain provided water quality is excellent.

Tropical Fish - The ultimate UK fish keeping resource for all types of tropical and marine fish, including fish books, articles, fish shops, fish clubs and more.

It is extremely sensitive to pollution and cannot be kept in immature aquaria. High nitrate concentrations must be avoided as well (ideally keep the nitrate level below 20 mg/l). The aquarium needs to be robustly filtered and provided with plenty of water flow and not too much heat. One of the omnivorous plecs, this Hemiancistrus feeds on algae, soft vegetables such as courgette, bloodworms, catfish pellets and so on. Snowflake Bristlenose Care And Profile - Baryancistrus Niveatus. Food and feeding Supply plenty of vegetable matter in their diet.

Snowflake Bristlenose Care And Profile - Baryancistrus Niveatus

Use quality pellets or algae wafers along with treats of blood worms and brine shrimp. The addition of zucchini or cucumber will be readily accepted. Origin South America; Snowflake bristlenose's are found in the lower Amazonian River Basins of Brazil. Sexing There are no visible differences between the sexes. Breeding As of yet, there are no reported cases of Snowflake bristlenose breeding in the aquarium. Lifespan The expected life span for Baryancistrus niveatus is 8-12 years. Hillstream Loaches - The Specialists at Life In The Fast Lane — Loaches Online. Article on the physiological adaptations of the Balitoridae (Hillstream Loaches), and how these impact upon keeping them healthy in home aquaria.

Hillstream Loaches - The Specialists at Life In The Fast Lane — Loaches Online

Introduction Fish seem to be able to adapt to live in just about any environment that they choose. Over millions of years different families have adapted themselves to fill ecological niches that often require quite extreme measures in order to ensure survival of the species within the chosen environment. Sometimes these very adaptations can present the Aquarist with some dilemmas when he/she wants to keep these fish in their aquarium. In this article I have attempted to include as much as possible in order that anyone contemplating the keeping of the Balitoridae family of fish, often called Hillstream Loaches can better understand their requirements and my own solution to keeping them successfully. Orange Spot Pleco Care And Profile - Panaque Albomaculatus. Food and feeding Sinking catfish pellets and algae wafers should be given to this fish as the staple diet.

Orange Spot Pleco Care And Profile - Panaque Albomaculatus

Also supply them with live or frozen meaty foods like blood worms, brine shrimp or white worms. Bog wood must also be included in the tank as this plec will gnaw on it to aid its digestion. Origin South America; Orange spot pleco's are found in the waterways of Ecuador. Panda Garra - Garra Flavatra. Corydoras Catfish - Detailed Guide With Forum. Pictures of Corydoras panda Brief description This page is introduction to Corydoras species and points at most popular cory's.

Corydoras Catfish - Detailed Guide With Forum

We'd love to hear about your Corydoras at the bottom of this page! Reticulated Hillstream Loach, Sewellia lineolata. Overview The Reticulated Hillstream Loach is a curious fish of extraordinary beauty.

Reticulated Hillstream Loach, Sewellia lineolata

The unique physical features of the Reticulated Hillstream Loach reflect life adapted to fast-flowing streams. The flattened body is a special adaptation that gives the Reticulated Hillstream Loach an extremely hydrodynamic shape. This streamlined body shape helps the Reticulated Hillstream Loach navigate (or stay put) in very strong currents with minimal effort. In addition, this very practical and specialized body shape helps accentuate the gorgeous wing-like finnage of the Butterfly Hillstream Loach. Catfish I Own. Title.