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Global issues. Forecasts for the Next 25 Years. The Single Most Critical Skill for the 21st Century 7 Ways to Spot Tomorrow’s Trends Today How to Succeed in an Age of Hyper-Change How Foresight Built a Fortune Forecast #1: Electric cars powered by fuel cells earn extra cash for their owners—Your next car may help pay for itself by selling its excess electricity back to the power company.

Forecasts for the Next 25 Years

Researchers in the Netherlands have developed electric cars using fuel cells that convert biogas or hydrogen into electricity. Then, while the car is parked, it generates extra electricity that you can sell to the power company for extra cash. Forecast #2: Open-source robot blueprints cut the cost of robots by 90%—Robot development may soon dramatically accelerate thanks to new open-source hardware-sharing systems. Similar to open-source software for computers, this new robot-development platform allows participants to share their designs so that other developers can adapt or improve on them. 3-D Printing Revolutionizes Manufacturing Dear Reader, Home. CIFP - Country Indicators for Foreign Policy. Standard & Poor's. Prospects for the Global Economy.

Global Insight: Country & Industry Forecasting. World - GDP - real growth rate - Historical Data Graphs per Year. Index forecasts weaker growth. The index predicts future real GDP growth (gross domestic product, adjusted for inflation) based on 11 leading economic and financial indicators.

Index forecasts weaker growth

Four of the 11 indicators were positive in July, up from three in June. Positive indicators include hours worked, real capital goods orders, the real money supply and light-vehicle sales, all of which increased. Negative indicators include declines in building permits, stock prices, ISM export orders and the yield curve. Also negative were increases in the AAA corporate bond spread, seasonally adjusted crude oil prices and the real federal funds rate.

This model assumes it can take 12 to 15 months for changes in the real federal funds rate to affect economic activity, so it uses the November 2011 — January 2012 rolling average to forecast real GDP in December 2012. About the USA TODAY/IHS Global Insight Economic Outlook Index The index predicts future gross domestic product (GDP) growth. The interactive graphic How this index differs from others. Morgan Stanley - Global Economic Forum. Top Economic Reports March 05, 2014 By The Global Economics Team | ​Asia Pacific Economics: Asia Insight: Asia’s Debt Indulgence: AXJ’s leverage levels have picked up sharply over the past six years...

Morgan Stanley - Global Economic Forum

Leverage in AXJ is relatively over-extended when evaluated in the context of the region’s per capita incomes. Chetan K Ahya. Oxford Economics. Global Economic Outlook. Slow Global Growth to See a Rebound in 2014 Faster Increase in Public and Private Investment and Policy Reform to Drive Productivity Can Counter Long Term Slowdown Main results: Global growth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), adjusted for inflation, will rebound from 2.9 percent in 2013 to 3.5 percent in 2014 – a slight upward revision from our projection of 3.1 percent, last November.

Global Economic Outlook

Across mature economies, the 2014 growth outlook has improved significantly to 2.2 percent growth in 2014, compared to 1.3 percent in 2013. The uptick is primarily due to the United States, which is expected to increase its growth by more than 1 percent, from 1.9 percent in 2013 to 3 percent in 2014. Global Outlook for Growth of Gross Domestic Product, 2014-2025 Global Outlook for Growth of Gross Domestic Product, 2013-2025 Distribution of World GDP in 2000, 2012 and 2025 Note: GDP shares are converted to U.S. dollars using purchasing power parities. About The Conference Board Global Economic Outlook. CESifo Group: Ifo Institute, Center for Economic Studies (CES), CESifo GmbH.

Consensus Economics - Economic Forecasts and Indicators.