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Originals. O~0~o~0~o Hello everyone!

Originals : Originals. Scene Thirteen – Happy Holiday It started on Christmas Eve.

Ip captain popinjay ch 7 navy in future earth mm captain finds special plant and is captured by pirate former navy Ip omega testing ch 8 hacker tries for prize against company caught and given life time of slavery mm Complete blindsided single mom and son move, new neighbor seems to make pass at mother son tells him off and backfires mm Ip the debt ch 6 gangster uses a fathers daughter as leverage and punishment mf Dara and the selfish dragon of the east nyr Mm dragon – jrheller3410
Annie's stories sylf stories of mini humanoids continue ch 6 – jrheller3410
Ip ch 3- a demon's fall to grace. – jrheller3410
Ch 11 Needs of a Sorcerer mm The King's sorcerer with magical problems has needs he must satisfy, so he aquires a pet to hold him over till he finds a cure. The wild pet has other ideas! Language, Yaoi – jrheller3410

Well, no. : Originals

It started before then. It started the morning Knight gave him a blow job without realizing what he was doing. Or perhaps it started the day Knight saved him from getting his face beaten in by a bully, planting the seeds of a great affection that grew to so much more. Stories - Gay Authors - Page 3.

The alliance book 1 (complete) the bond book 2 (IP) 3 countries at war 1 cruel and blood thirsty the son of a general meets a new slave and develop an unlikely alliance. slaves, prostitution, assassination, poison – jrheller3410
Pony boy mm races in UK elite racing club paying guys to race college boy enters race. Napping with little sis com. Mf – jrheller3410
Lit erotica website useage. Kherson and brom complete mm cross dresses for play dwarf is smitten dating and truth mm muffluff Dragon's desire ch 4 mm furman move into valley and leader goes to greet the dragon in peace dragon is intrigued with fox man IP Silia and the Dragon Ch 4 MF wife rejected/hurt by husband sent to dragon Father doesn't know mm fathers odd sleep habits IP ch 5 Countdown complete mf twins apart for many years and try to make peace for their brithday Father and Son MM trooper and college student home for break misses each other one shot complete Father and Son Inc. mm son is caught m father makes example (2 parts) I thought we were friends mmmm oil rig and new college graduate visit friends for movie night Who has been breedin my ass ch 2 ip dad goes to doctor and discovers interesting secret, sets up video security to catch trespasser Why him mm comp. college and HS student become step bros. bad parenting hist. Confidant and bully – jrheller3410

Now See Here! Chapter 1: Don't Look, a romance fiction. A/N: Big thank you to TheCookieMonster who is my beta for this story!

Office worker catches eye of CFO, doesn't notice because he is blind. m/m reliable friend from childhood too. – jrheller3410

An extra note will follow at the end of this chapter.

Now See Here! Chapter 1: Don't Look, a romance fiction

Now See Here! Chapter 1: Don't Look Mark Sanders was pretty happy with his life. Sure, one of his neighbors sometimes randomly decided to play death metal at three in the morning, as loud as his system allowed, and the office had recently switched to a coffee brand that tasted like charcoaled shit, but, all in all… "Hey, cutie pie, time for a break! " Mark turned from his computer and grimaced. What business entails Chapter 12, a romance fiction. Author's note-short and sweet.

What business entails Chapter 12, a romance fiction

Hi everybody :D I hope you enjoy this chapter. Please review it makes me happy on the inside :D Make sure you guys thank my beat reader :D She makes it less crappy :D Merci pour lecture, Orchidfur~~~ Quinton's Point of View. We barely made it to the bell, we had been fooling around so much. From the Ashes Chapter 1: Extraction, a romance fiction.

Welcome to my new WIP, marking my first return to a contemporary novel since Close Protection!

From the Ashes Chapter 1: Extraction, a romance fiction

As always, I'll be updating weekly on Saturdays. If you've read my previous works, you should be fine with this one, content-wise; the only real trigger warning I would advise people to watch out for is the stalking. From the Ashes will be quite fast-paced, and so far, the chapters are coming out pretty short (less than 4,000 words). I'm posting the first two chapters together today to get the ball rolling!

Quick disclaimer – I've done a lot of research into the ATF, Mexican cartels, gunrunning, etc. for this novel, but there are instances in which I've prioritized storytelling over exact accuracy. "All right, comm check," Jade said, her honey-sweet voice coming clear and strong through Charles' earpiece. "Online," said Eva. "Copy that. Tears Of The Neko, chapter 7, by craftingmom - Gay Authors. This chapter and the next are totally new ones...

Neko shorts: sequal blood of a Neko: same author new story: evening plans overheard – jrheller3410

(previous chapters had added scenes, but here is where the original and update diverge).

Tears Of The Neko, chapter 7, by craftingmom - Gay Authors

So from here out, reviews older than 10/11/14 will not match up to their current chapter. Sorry, that is one of the downsides to updating the chapters, instead of deleting the story and having to repost it a chapter or two a day. Kayden slunk into the master bedroom from his tiny room the next morning. Compainion Ayato sidhe stand alone story tamed sidhe adopting a human compainion. When my cat took ill and I realized how severe it was, up popped this story. Compainion Ayato sidhe stand alone story tamed sidhe adopting a human compainion

It's based in the Two Lovers world but I'm going to try very hard to write it so that you don't have to read any of the others to understand it. Yes, he's smoking marijuana. For those new readers, he is humanoid but not human. Control Chapter 1: Mission Accomplished, a romance fiction. Welcome to my new WIP!

Mission to break into facility ends up becoming the 'master' to a slave that would have died if they did not have a master. (anguish, mind control) completed: – jrheller3410

Like my previous stories, Control will be updated every Saturday, barring occasional RL conflicts.

Control Chapter 1: Mission Accomplished, a romance fiction

A few words before we begin: Warnings for this story include sexual slavery and all attendant consent issues, D/s, erotic humiliation, bondage, corporal discipline, and non-sexual violence and gore. This is a work of erotica. That means there will be explicit sex, and plenty of it. : : 11 October 2015*UPDATE*The site has $0.00 stored for funding, budgeted October expenses are already paid.

Waiting for update last 2010, the god father weres and godfather find them mates. start ch 6 – jrheller3410

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It helps to keep the site up by assisting with the hosting bills. Secondly, we ask that you send a minimum of $5, so that the donation does not end up negative because of paypal processing fees.October's needs are met! If this changes, I will of course let everyone know what the exact amount I would need for whatever additional expenses come up.When sending a donation, please send via Paypal, to At that time, if you would also indicate whether or not you'd like your name (pen name) and donation amount published to the supporters page, do let us know that as well. Ayato cuddle 10, bondmate 5, sidhe series, stray (update) : Members Area : TakahashiAlice black glass. : Members Area : Neko the end of all stories. Author: MetalBikiniExtraLarge Prison, puppy, overlords. Birthdate Verification Page Stray sehid and humans war family farm. Adult-fanfiction.orgAuthor: R-E-D-xX the Flightless (dropped story) Get more out of your experience at our Forum!

adult-fanfiction.orgAuthor: R-E-D-xX the Flightless (dropped story)

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