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Internetspeedsandprice.jpg (JPEG Image, 1323x1486 pixels) Data Overtakes Voice in Cellphone Use. The new cellphone killer app is data.

Data Overtakes Voice in Cellphone Use

Spring Nextel boss Dan Hesse says that voice-use has dropped to less than half of cellphone network traffic. According to the CTIA, the number text message sent last year was up 50% on the year before. Add to that email, the multitasking nature of SMS and instant-messaging, and the other non-voice-based communications available on our phones today and its easy to see why people prefer to keep their mouths shut. Wired News. TechCrunch. Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device (9.7" Display, U.S. Wireless): How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write. Observatoire du haut et très haut débit sur réseaux fixes - marc. Quantum Internet May Become a Reality - PCWorld. Do you think you have slow Internet access with DSL, cable, broadband, or satellite?

Quantum Internet May Become a Reality - PCWorld

Do you have internet speeds of 3, 6, 1 2, or even 20Mbps? Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology. Thought-Control Headset Reads Your Mind. The Emotiv EPOC headset is being marketed as both a gaming device and as an aid for the disabled.

Thought-Control Headset Reads Your Mind

It has 14 EEG electrodes to monitor brain activity, a gyroscope so it knows where you noggin is in space and packs a li-ion battery for 12 hours of use. It is also wireless, and charges via USB. The headset reads brain activity related to facial movements, and uses this to infer your emotional state and intentions. This is then translated in software to control various applications, from games to photo viewers to an on-screen keyboard. New Data on Twitter’s Users and Engagement « The Metric System. [To keep up with our latest research and updates, follow us on Twitter @RJMetrics] Since my guest post on TechCrunch last fall, I’ve received frequent requests to update and expand upon my Twitter data analysis.

New Data on Twitter’s Users and Engagement « The Metric System

As the Twitter API continues to improve, our ability to profile the company from the outside-looking-in becomes even stronger. I recently conducted an updated round of analysis and will be posting my findings in a series of posts here at The Metric System in the coming weeks. Updating this analysis in RJMetrics was just a matter of a few clicks, and we could easily highlight the most interesting tidbits of new information. If you’d like that level of control of your own business’s data, you should try out our demo to learn more. Exploring the Use of Twitter Around the World. In our initial Twitter report published last June, one of the areas that looked at were the countries and cities where Twitter was being used.

Exploring the Use of Twitter Around the World

Not surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of unique users (62.1%) were located in the U.S., while the U.K. and Canada were a distant second and third. Given how Twitter has much grown over the past six months, we wanted to take a fresh look at global usage to see if there were any major changes. To gather this insight, we looked at our entire twitter repository between mid-October to mid-December, 2009.

We aimed to understand twitting activity both in terms of the country/city of origin of each twitter but also in terms of overall twitting activity (how frequently they tweet). Mobytics - web statistics on your mobile - about mobytics. The 5 Rings Of Conversion Optimization. Conversion optimization is bigger than your web site.

The 5 Rings Of Conversion Optimization

From blogs and landing pages, to official outlets on social media sites, marketers now manage a large extended web that thrives beyond the borders of the traditional web site. Great conversion optimization must leverage the dynamics of each layer—and coordinate the interaction between them. The extended web solar system.