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OutlookSpy - the Ultimate Outlook Developer Tool. Enumerate all CommandBars. Batch Print PDF Attachments in Outlook. This article was written by Sean Tsai, a data warehousing expert and good friend of the How-To Geek Have you ever wanted to print every attachment you receive in your Outlook email box?

Batch Print PDF Attachments in Outlook

Let’s say you subscribed to a free fax to PDF email service and you want them to be printed out automatically just like an old fashioned fax machine. Here is a quick way to achieve that if you are comfortable with a little bit of VB (macro) programming. What we showing here is to create a rule in Outlook and move the incoming fax emails into a separate subfolder. Using VB code we create a macro for you to run a print job against every email in that subfolder so you don’t have to open up the email and print the attachments one by one. Using Command lines.