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Geometric Toy. Tutorials. December 2010. Here are a couple of cards I made just before Christmas, but am only just getting around to showing.

December 2010

They both use images from Fairydoodler and papers from The Clipart Fairy. The first one is my entry to Fairydoodlers latest challenge, using her freebie image, her digi stamps are gorgeous, make sure you pop over and check them out. I coloured the image with water colour pencils, unfortunately I'm not brilliant at the whole colouring in thing and intend to spend some time this coming year learning how to be better, especially as Santa brought me all those Aquamarkers.

The paper and letter J came from the Rose collection on Clipart Fairy's Modern Heritage Double CD Rom, which is full of elegant papers, alphabets, inserts, ideas and tutorials. Tutorials and Patterns. Mommy McCrafty - Tutorials, Sewing Patterns, and Free Downloads. Robertsabuda. Yoojinkim-marie_antoinette.jpg (JPEG Image, 594x10184 pixels) Mechanisms & automata‬‏ Physics Toys, Tricks and Teasers. The Frugal Physicist's Demo Collection,by Donald E.

Physics Toys, Tricks and Teasers

Simanek Fun projects you can build from everyday materials at small expense. The web has many sites featuring easy-to-make physics toys, and many books of them may be purchased. In this document I feature curious and puzzling items that are not so well known, and some of my own invention. Some of these are not exactly clear-cut demos of physics principles, but are fun things to do. [May, 2004] Students best understand light spectra when they can do hands-on investigation of spectra of common light sources.

The Geissler tubes are rather expensive now, must be handled with care, and have limited useful lifetime. Direct visual observation of light sources through a diffraction grating cannot resolve fine details of the spectra, because of the angular breadth of the source. Fortunately there is an easy way around these problems. The figure shows the method. A grating, G, is placed before the observer's eye. Exposure. Secret. The reason. Designoriginals123's Channel‬‏ BeyondBracelets's Channel‬‏ Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... Maths2art: using art to teach maths ~ Using maths to create art. Form-A-Lines stitching card patterns delivered by download. Stitching Cards. Create beautiful handmade greetings cards with prick and stitch embroidery on paper patterns. How to make a Beaded Owl.‬‏ Npatroni's Channel‬‏ Upload Paginário Subscription preferences Loading...

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Working... Learn Macrame. Learn Macrame is a knot gallery of detailed instructions for tying a variety of basic as well as unique knots.

Learn Macrame

You should use scrap pieces of material and practice each of these decorative knots individually. After you have practiced, choose an easy project from the many free patterns in the other areas of this site. How to Tie a Pretzel Knot aka Carrick Bend for Hemp Jewelry‬‏ Bottle craft‬‏ Craft Blogs By Craft Category List. Craft Technique in a Minute, vol 3: Plastic Wrap Technique. By Julia Andrus, Eco Green Crafts.‬‏ Theoneminutemuse's Channel‬‏ Upload!

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Free Amigurumi Patterns. Jewellia7777's Channel‬‏ Broadcast Yourself. Enjoy Expert Village videos? Every detail counts when you're learning-- clear picture quality videos, so you dont miss the essential information. Check out the HD quality videos our friends at have on their YouTube channel. More eHow HD videos coming soon! Cool2Craft's Channel‬‏ FREE DRAW. Miandza's Channel‬‏ Upload Subscription preferences Loading...

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Do Try This at Home! Episode 9 - Toyland‬‏ 0697. 2 torial #0697: Learn 2 Make Homemade Paper The press is on! Bring the paper chase home to roost. Making your own paper is fun, easy, and a delightful project for the weekends. Sand – Creative Mixing and Sand Pictures (Weekly Unplugged Project) This week’s Unplugged Project theme of sand was inspired by the giant pile of sand that we have near our swing set.

Sand – Creative Mixing and Sand Pictures (Weekly Unplugged Project)

We had it brought it in to spread around the swing set area to soften the crash zone and also to control weeds. I thought my children would have a lovely time spreading the sand nicely throughout the area. Wrong. My children have a lovely time playing on the pile of sand and don’t want it spread out! Oh well, for now we will leave it as is. Broadcast Yourself. Enjoy Expert Village videos? Every detail counts when you're learning-- clear picture quality videos, so you dont miss the essential information.

Check out the HD quality videos our friends at have on their YouTube channel. More eHow HD videos coming soon! Enjoy Expert Village videos? Every detail counts when you're learning-- clear picture quality videos, so you dont miss the essential information. Basics. My Daily Bead Jewelry Making Ideas and Tutorials.


Uamouse's Channel‬‏ Beading education Flash video Beadanimation _ How to make Beaded 04 A Snowflower Phone starp‬‏ HOW TO DO OFF LOOM FLAT BEAD WEAVING. AuntiesBeads's Channel‬‏ Beading Tutorials. How to Make a Beaded Bead‬‏ Bead Netting - Beaded Net Part 1‬‏ Homemade Recycled Paper – “Flat” Monthly Unplugged Project. I have always wanted to try making paper so I confess, that is why I chose the theme flat for this month’s Unplugged Project (paper was already taken).

Homemade Recycled Paper – “Flat” Monthly Unplugged Project

We finally did it and it was so fun! I am also fairly proud of our efforts because we recycled not only a lot of used printer paper and newspaper, but also a picture frame which became our deckle. It is amazing what you can do with old picture frames! This paper was fairly brittle and could never be used for wrapping, however it would make nice note paper or scrapbooking paper. Also, don’t expect a smooth, fine paper. Ocean – Sandpaper Transfers (Weekly Unplugged Project) This week’s Unplugged Project theme was ocean. Not having anything in mind when I chose the theme (it was the first thing that popped into my head as I wrote last week’s post), I decided we should try an art technique that I have been wanting to experiment with for some time.

Well, my plans fell through a bit. The two oldest were invited to a sleepover tonight and the little one needed to go to bed, so I decided to go solo on this week’s Unplugged Project. I am not sure what this is called, but I call it “sandpaper transfer.” It is super easy and produces really remarkable results! All you need is sandpaper (I used a coarse grain and a fine grain to see what different results I would get), crayons (we have PLENTY of those), and an iron.

Draw a picture on the sandpaper and color it in with crayons. I drew a colorful fish on the coarsest grain of paper and a green/blue/brown artsy ocean wave scene on the finest grain. The next step is the really exciting one! Fluffy – Pom Poms for Peace (Weekly Unplugged Project) This week’s Unplugged Project theme (fluffy) was not premeditated, it just popped into my head. I wanted an adventure this week so I thought long and hard all week about what to do. Cotton balls? Ordinary. Unplug Your Kids - Part 4. Square – Picture Frame Loom (Weekly Unplugged Project) The theme for this week’s Unplugged Project was square, an unpremeditated choice on my part. While at Walmart the other day I saw $2.00, 8″ x 10″ oak picture frames, and had a random thought. Unplug Your Kids - Part 11. Mmmmm… cupcakes. Looks good, doesn’t it? HouseholdHacker's Channel‬‏ Scientific Tuesdays - Make your own Chemical Creature!‬‏ Silenced Geisha and Monkey Brains.

Artist Mozart Guerra creates sculptures with foam or polystyrene and covers each one essentially with rope. PUTTING USE TO THE UNUSED. Paper Cutting Art by Hina Aoyama: Inspiration by Karen Horton. February10 Details. Japanese tattoo stencil. Japanese Katazome Stencil Carving 1 of 3. ThreadBanger's Channel‬‏ Upload Tumblr. How To Make A Rag Rug (Toothbrush Rug) AlpacaBytes : Profit from breeding quality alpaca fiber. How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom. June 25th, 2008. Broadcast Yourself. Paper Art - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art. Non-Trashy Recycled and Trash Art. The Beauty of Paper Art - Smashing Magazine.

Elodole's Photostream. Kekremsi's Photostream. Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures, Part II. Okakuku's Channel‬‏ Barbabellaatje's Channel‬‏ Easycutpopup's Channel‬‏ Tadashimori's Channel‬‏ Latest Free Craft eBooks. FaveCraftsVideo's Channel‬‏ Braiding - WN.COM advanced search. String figure knitting. The Braid Encyclopedia - French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5 strand. Finger knitting and string figure knitting. Basics. 2 Make Bags - Gift Bags, Keepsakes, Shopping Bags Recycling Yarn. Alyssssalyn's Channel‬‏ Sashweaver's Channel‬‏ Knitting House. Broadcast Yourself. Tjw1963's Channel‬‏ Kiwua1963's Channel‬‏ Basics. How to Crochet - Part 1 - Basics for the Absolute Beginner. How to Crochet - Part 2 - Basics for the Absolute Beginner. Recycle plastic shopping bags and make another bag! Basic Finger Weaving Method.

Craftmastery's Channel‬‏ Basic Instructions to Make a Rag Rug - (1) INTRO. 3D Portraits Made of Screws. Art. FollowThePaperTrail's Channel‬‏