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Ornithopter Frame (Rubber Band Powered) by Bioluminescence. A first pass attempt at printing the frame of a small, toy, rubber-band powered flapping flying machine. This small ornithopter is based on the tutorials I've seen for wooden ornithopters on Instructables, most particularly on the tutorial by Captain Molo Known IssuesPlease note, this is WIP - mostly because I couldn't get it to reliably fly.

It prints - it assembles - it flaps in your hands. But when I try to fly it, it manages only a few flaps before stalling. I suspect that wobbly axles are losing me most of the rubber-band power, but it could be anything at this point. I also suspect that massive weight savings could be made on future iterations of this ornithopter - the one I've uploaded here is SOLID. Ornithopter. How About Orange. It's the last stiffened fabric project and then I'm moving on! I wanted to try an oversized, realistic fabric rose just for fun. Make a template with six petals. I traced around a dinner plate and a small bowl on the back of some ugly wrapping paper. (Tip: if the paper is too curly, iron it flat and your life will be better.) I've included my feet so you can admire my cute socks. Prepare some stiffened fabric.

See here for how I did this. Using the template, cut three flower shapes from the prepared fabric. In the first flower, cut a slit along one of the fold lines to the center. On each flower, overlap the two petals adjacent to the slit and secure with a little glue. While they're drying, curl the double-petal and single-petal cutouts. Heat the remaining flower petals one at a time with your iron and curl the edges back.

At this point I stacked the pieces to see if they looked nice. So I cut off the point. Mecha. Cam_1. 上下運動/Up and down 上のカムは1回転で20mmの動きを作ります 基本的にはカムの上にコロのついたロッド(棒)を立てればそれが上下します が、回転はロッドを上下だけではなく横へも動かそうとします ロッドが金属ならばもちますが木の場合、ねじれに弱く破損しやすいです 金属の場合でも受けが木だと、その受け部分を削っていきます The top of cam move 20mm in a turn. Basically, the rod on the cam move up and down whem it stand up. But turn is not only up and down to move side. A metal rod is no problem, but a wood rod weak of twist. When use a metal rod, a wood receiver is shaved. 私は上図のようにアームにコロをつけて使います 回転方向は決められますがカムの急な変化を拾えます、またテコの原理で動きを大きくできます ただし、コロは直線運動しません、カムの変化により受けの場所も変化します コロを付けない場合 棒を立て、楕円をまわすだけですと棒に摩擦がかかります 、上図のように腕を付けます 間接する事で無理の少ない動きになります クランクにすれば動きは大きくなりますが木という素材にはきつすぎます A rod has friction when raise the rod and turn ovaly.So I set arms top of the figure.

When use a crank movement is bigger than cam,but it is too hard for wood. このように太鼓を叩きます、これを並べカムの角度を変えればリズムマシンができます 上下運動は重力で下にもどりカムの回転は上へ押し上げます スプリングなどを使えば同じように左右前後の運動に変わります LIke this, strike thedrums. It can make rhythm machine lay cams and change the angle. The spring can move right and left. 方向が違うだけで基本は同じです. 6 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to fifth grade science class. Besides getting a wicked kick of caffeine from that 2-liter bottle of Surge, those bottles also made grade A project materials as seedling planters and tornado hourglasses. But now that we’re all adults here, craft projects may not be as cool anymore (if this is the case, finish reading this article first and then find a new group of friends). 1. Woven plastic bottle vase A project for less than $5: All you need to make this fancy-looking vase is a soda bottle and pair of scissors.

From a distance, you would never guess this vase was plastic. Difficulty level: Beginner What you’ll need: 20-ounce soda bottle, scissors, pencil (for marking) How to make it: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bonus tip: Add a touch of color by using green soda bottles. 2. This project comes from a Popular Science project that dates back to 1961. Why did we use “the”? Difficulty level: Advanced Look for bottles with minimal surface detail. 3. Difficulty level: Moderate. Crafts for home stationery and paper for birthdays, anniversaries or dinners. 3D paper stars Celebrate a shiny party creating new stars with different colors and textures of paper to have heaven on earth. Origami booklets Irresistibly adorable, do not know if we can wait for the weekend to make our collection of mini booklets! Create your own stamps Use them later on wrapping paper, cards, fabrics and everything that passes through your mind.

Free plans for a ramp-walking wooden rhino toy. Exclusive: The Automata / Automaton Blog is please to present this set of wooden toy plans! Retired civil engineer, cartoonist, automata & toy maker Roberto Lou Ma (creator of the ramp-walking robot figure) has been so generous as to create and share this set of instructions on how to make a ramp-walking rhinoceros.

The figure uses geometric figures and straight cuts, so it should be fairly easy for everyone to make. Click on each of the images below for full-sized plans and patterns. Download these to your computer or print them directly from your browser window (being sure that they are at full size). Step 1: Intro to the wooden rhino ramp walker toy Step 2: Patterns for rhino ramp walker toy Here are the rhino toy patterns in PDF format, which will allow you to print them out at full size. Step 3: Assembly instructions for the rhino ramp walker Step 4: Hinge and glue details for the ramp walker Step 5: Making the ramp for the rhino to walk upon. Wholemovement ? Weekend DIY | Flower Tutorials Roundup! Ok so this weekend I have a lil special for you.. Im helping my lil cuz with her art project this year and shes focussing on flower arranging - so i am going to help her make lots of crafty flowers because she doesn't know where to start.

I have packed paper punches, fabric, scissors, glue, beads and paper! Im reaaady!! Ive also cut a LOT of circle shapes on my Sizzix to make life a lil easier :) Today I am going to share my roundup of crafty tutorials I have used in the past and I am thinking about using!! A handy reference for many :) This little (slightly large) felt Dahlia flower tutorial comes from Megan Reardon at Holidash. As always, Martha stewart comes to our rescue! This rosette tutorial is fabulously detailed! These are so cute! Lollychops is my favourite blog of the moment!

Learn how to make these gorgeous paper flowers from an Instructables project! Learn how to make these newspaper flowers from Ruki Duki :) I am SO inlove with this colour and the fabric!!